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  1. Just another trade Mtl will end up regretting. Galchenyuk is yet another good player they drove to the edge. The whole media mafia here in Montreal likes to target a player or two (usually the only good ones on the team) and rip them apart in a truly unrivaled moronic way and demand for months on end that they get traded until eventually the GM actually does it (what happened with PK). Come January they will turn around as if nothing happened in the last months and absolutely rip Bergevin a new one for ''trading a good player''. This team, the media around it and a good chunk of its fanb
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  2. I think Zacha is and will be a big disappointment, but he has more value in a trade since there are GMs out there that probably still like his upside. So I don’t feel bad about missing out on either of these guys. And I’m actually very happy we got Vatanen for Henrique rather than the rumored Galchenyuk deal.
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  3. All i can say is watching MTL collapse like this is a beautiful beautiful thing.
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  4. Could not have said this any better. As someone who lives in Quebec, I am around Habs fans daily, and they are without a doubt the most delusional and hypocritical fans in the league. sh!tting on a player constantly and then going at the GM when he trades him. I love it cause I hate the Habs, but it’s truly sad.
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  5. It’s sounding a lot like Zadina is gonna fall to that 4 spot, and as much as I like Zadina, you can’t risk giving up Jack Hughes next year who by my judgement is probably on the same level as Auston Matthews and Jack Eichel. I agree Ottawa should just wash their hands of this and give the #4 to Colorado
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  6. If you're so inclined, I just released my Draft Book for this year, 44 pages of content including scouting reports for the Top 100 Prospects https://ridingpinehockey.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/rp_2018draftbook4.pdf
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  7. Wonder if Sarge applies for the job here? I can see how they stick with Ryan Close to orchestrate PP/PK? They need someone to do what G. Ward did. Special teams guy! I think Adam Oates is a special assignments guy in Fla. I know Parise thought he was great as PP guy. (I just don't think Oates is head coach material) best as an asst.
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  8. Greene for the #12 pick in the 2018 draft. Make it happen Lou! You know you want to.
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  9. Andy Greene, my man, Andy Greene!! Come and get him!!!
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