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    I like to tell people I’m an architect, Art Vandeley.
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    I’m an importer/exporter, myself.
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    What I’ve learned from this thread is that if I ever need to build something, I can just log on to NJDevs. [emoji14] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SInce I was a kid, I loved FLW and wanted to be an architect. Became a cop instead. Little different, lol
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    Very prominent high-end residential office, in New York City. I graduated 2015. I was top of my class with 2 full years working experience at a very well-known firm, LEED accredited and a letter of rec from the Dean of my school, and had 12 offers from career fair to bounce off of. TLDR I was a nerd. If you're working for less than $60k in NYC you've gotta get that portfolio out there dog.
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    God damnit I thought we inked him to a big extension and got so excited.
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    My friends and I are big Seinfeld fans and Im just leaving the shipping industry where I was in imports/exports. Was the joke for a while lol.
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    Must be something in the water outside of New York City. Over here, going rate still seems to be $35-45K for kids out of school, $60-80K for project manager level (big swing there for if you've been a PM for 2 years vs. 10+). I know there are a lot of jobs out there, but haven't gotten a sense (here in NYC) that pay is significantly up in this field.
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    I'm an architect too haha wow 3 of us on this board, eh? How the HELL did you get $73K out of school, and when the hell did you get that job? I started right after the recession was cooling down and had to negotiate $36K out of a $29K offer, and that was the only thing available at the time (but yeah, it was Bush's recession, so probably the worst time in decades to enter the field, lucky me, right?)...
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    Overtime, dude! 5 years at architecture school has it ingrained in all of our heads that we're about to be working 70 hours a week at whatever office. If that place offered me the same salary plus time/half overtime, I would have accepted on the spot What type of architecture do you do?
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