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    Alright folks, we are officially in the dog days of summer, so I thought this was an interesting topic. Who had the best single season as a Devil? Justify your answer! Below, I'll write a quick blurb of the options: Taylor Hall's 17-18 Season: 39g, 54a, 93pts- In a season where NJ had no business making the playoffs, Taylor Hall willed the Devils to the postseason. Scoring 41 more points than second place Nico Hischier, Hall captured the first Hart Trophy in Devils history. Zach Parise's 08-09 Season: 45g, 49a, 94pts- Parise finished just three goals shy of Gionta's single season record and two points shy of Elias' points record. He was the driver of one of the best lines in hockey that year and played a complete, two-way game. Martin Brodeur's 06-07 Season: 48 wins, 2.28gaa, .922sv%- I was debating between this season and 96-97 (his stats were sick that year). But I have to give the nod to the season where he set the NHL single season wins record, won the Vezina and was a Hart finalist. Brian Gionta's 05-06 Season: 48g, 41a, 89pts- Gionta set the franchise record in goals in the year after the lockout. It was the year of the PP, but that shouldn't diminish Gionta's record setting season. His breakout was a major reason NJ had that late surge and made the playoffs. Scott Niedermayer's 03-04 Season: 14g, 40a, 54pts- Losing Scott Stevens to injury midway thru the year, Niedermayer played an absurd 26 minutes per game. He won the franchise's first and only Norris Trophy before leaving for Anaheim. Patrik Elias' 00-01 Season: 40g, 56a, 96pts- Setting the franchise record in points, Elias finished third in league scoring , sixth in Hart voting, and eighth in Selke voting. He was the catalyst of the Devils' best line. Scott Stevens' 93-94 Season: 18g, 60a, 78pts- I was too young to watch Stevens this year and process anything, but from a statistical standpoint, any time a defenseman approaches ppg, it's a special season, regardless of era.
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    I hate to say it but to be brutally honest I think you have some foundation stones in Gesicki and Fitzpatrick.
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    As I have less interest in the team or the NFL than at any time that I can remember, this will probably be a good year for the Dolphins.
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    It's funny cause at first i actually typed something mocking the Rangers... but KNEW someone would love to bring it up so i left it out lol
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    Someone beat me to it, but the Rangers must have missed the board haha
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    True but our best player coming off of a 94-point season played 18:11 that game (for 6th overall on the team) at home, with the last change. That shouldn't happen. Eric Staal was third on Carolina in that game with over 23 minutes.
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    That sh!t wouldn't have happened if I were in charge. Nobody named Matteau should have ever worn a Devils jersey. I was pissed enough about Mike Mottau, just because it was close.
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    Should we go back to 1994 when we drafted some dude named Elias in the second round (51st overall) and laugh at all the people who passed on him? A list that includes our own team, who picked Vadim Sharifijanov in the first round (25th overall). Second guessing is ridiculous. Everybody knows that whatever position you draft, the guy may not live up to his potential or he may exceed it. Just because you pick #10 doesn't mean that he'll be the 10th best guy that year. In fact, even true of #1.
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    Sure - Kowalsky was a great two way player at the ECHL level. Early on he got some time in the AHL. Having a family he choose to pass on any short term call-ups that came his way over the last 5 or so years of his career. He dominated at times in Trenton and was clearly the leader on and off the ice. In 04-05 the year they won the championship, Rick went down with a groin injury in Jan-feb and was told his season was over. The team tanked and at one point was a handful of points out of the playoffs. He wasn't going to let that happen so he came back, basically on one leg. You could see him cringe with every movement. After returning the Titans went on a tear and the rest was history, it truly was a storybook run. Haviland was a star at the ECHL level having won the cup with AC the year before. He had a long running relationship with the Berman's who owned the titans, he was an assistant years prior. He was the definition of a players coach who treated his players like family but demanded every player leave it all on the ice every night, every shift. Kowalsky had planned on retiring after the 03-04 season down in VA, however one phone call from Haviland was all it took to change his mind to uproot his family and come to the Titans. Haviland dangled the carrot of a coaching role after the season. The team made a DVD that covered all the playoff series but what I found more interesting than the on ice footage was the behind the scenes locker room stuff. Although I got to say the trash talk on the ice and bench was pretty damn good! Haviland must of said protect the cage 5 times before each game and between each period. Followed by a what are we gonna do out there..... Kowalsky would stand up and call guys out without hesitation. There were a couple of tough periods through the series where they struggled and Haviland either had them sit on the bench for the first five minutes of the intermissions or he ripped them for two mins and walked out leaving Rick to take over. The league was stacked that year because of the lockout, so some of the guys he hammered were Flyers contracted guys everybody was fair game. It was all about accountability at both ends of the ice. Sorry for the length of the post here, the Titans were a huge part of my hockey life.
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    I like it better than their boring black jerseys with a duck foot on them.
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    Watching Parise’s season unfold in 2009 from my season seats in 230, I told my dad “I guarantee #9 will be retired”. i was right.
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    Hall squeaks in just ahead of Parise in 08/09 for me. Halls numbers speak for themselves. While Parise did have more helps than Hall, it’s easy to forget that was the year Marty got hurt and there was an enormous sense of impending doom. Maybe I was young and dumb, but I thought and still think that was one of the best teams ever to be iced in NJ. If Sutter didn’t have an absolute hard on for matching Pando-Madden-Shanny on Staal, I’d like to think that team could’ve went a lot deeper. fvckin Sutter
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    Hall is my choice. Marty's 2006-2007 season was also very impressive. Also worth noting that 1/4 of his wins that season were shutouts (12), which is a pretty nice stat.
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    I think it's gotta be Hall's 2017-18, but many worthy choices here. One that's up there for me is Elias' 2003-04. In some ways, that might've been Elias' most impressive season...much Iike Hall, he was damn near stubborn about finding a way to produce.
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    I know it's easy to pick Hall because he's the flavor of the month - but he carried this team which without him wouldn't of been nearly as good nor entertaining imo. all the others were great too.
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