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    Ok, here's mine. Back about 6 years ago, my son and several teammates were ball boys at a Princeton/Johns Hopkins Lacrosse game. I was on the sidelines, decent crowd. Over in the corner with his GF, was Bill Belichick. At the end of the 3rd quarter, no game going, and my son and 1 other player and I were near him so I told the boys to go over and I quietly asked for a picture of him with the boys. Not me, 12 year olds....... He waved us away. (This would not have started a picture taking storm either, it was in a secluded spot) Douche
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    Was really impressed with Zetterlund during Sweden's games, kid seems like an athletic freak and the way he play reminds me a ton of Patric Hornqvist, we might not have as many kids in the WJC this year but I think the ones we do are going to be real good ones. We honestly have the potential of having three captains at the World Juniors this year in Talvitie, Zetterlund, and Smith. The latter two wore C's for their teams at the Showcase last week, Smith has worn the C for Canada at the U18's.
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    I'm jumping in here late to the autograph talk but I actually went to one of the previous Rico signings at SMU. My wife bought me "the photo" for Christmas one year and bought the non-auto version and was mad at herself because she wanted to get me the signed copy. I came across an ad for a signing at SMU the following week and decided to go. My wife loves Rico but was working. When I got there it was pouring rain and the line was around the building and up stairs. It was nuts. There must have been 100 people or more ahead of me. Maybe way more.All standing out in the pouring cold rain. It was hard to tell. Anyway I finally get up to meet him and he was the nicest dude. Asked him for a quick photo and told him my wife was going to be so jealous. He signed the photo as if he were signing the very first. Nice and clear and even asked me which color marker I'd prefer, making a recommendation on which he thinks looked best. He's exactly the kind of guy you come to expect from hockey players. Down to earth, loving life, and recognizes how lucky he is to be playing. He was also great with all the kids there to meet him that were so nervous they could hardly look at him. I'm not a huge auto hound but I'm glad I went that day. When my wife got home that night and saw the photo where I left it, only this time it was signed, she did a double take. When I showed her the photo his assistant took I didnt know if she was going to cry for missing meeting Rico or be happy I got it signed. $25 well spent. Thinking back on the few times I've had getting autos or meeting players most have been cool - Salvador, Ron Hextall, Bernie Parent, Grant Marshall. All those Devils alumni ambassadors have been great. One guy that wasn't the nicest was John Vanbiesbrouck. Kind of an ass. But everyone has off days so maybe I caught him on one,
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    Rumors were that George young called him the most miserable person he ever knew... FYI, Bill was capt of his college lacrosse team. Wesleyan.
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    There is no way the Devils had that in mind when it came to the single stripe at the bottom. No f$%^(*ing way. I am 100% convinced that the explanation came after the fact as a way to somehow explain away the removal of the traditional stripe. To say that single stripe is an homage to the Bulldogs jersey, which had many black stripes and is a team that 99% of the fans never even heard of is a huge stretch.
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    I think he was directing that to the people who were over-the-top with their dislike of the new uniforms. I've mentioned this before, but when the new ones came out I was alright with them. I wasn't in love with them, but I was willing to give them a chance. When I saw them for the first time in action in person, I got used to them within about a period. What's funny is that I have gotten so used to them that the old uniforms look weird to me now. I can't stop staring at the Santa Claus belt that the old uniforms have with their bottom striping.
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    That really sucks. I've gotten a lot of baseball autographs in the past too, most were nice, but there were definitely more jerks there compared to hockey. Football has been hit or miss based on my experience. Guys like Mike Alstott, Derrick Brooks, generally really good people. Warren Sapp on the other hand? Major a$$hole. Doesn't sign for kids, and is basically all around rude. However, last year I went to two different Bucs training camp events (when they were on TV with Hard Knocks), and a TON of the players stayed after practice to sign autographs. Despite the fact that he seems like an a$$hole with some of the recent things he's done, a guy like Jameis Winston actually stayed for a solid 30-45 minutes signing for probably no less than 200 people - I was quite impressed. Ha, no worries, it was well timed lol.
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    NHL.com's opinion/write up of the 10 best players at the World Junior Summer Showcase (alphabetically): https://www.nhl.com/news/top-10-players-at-world-junior-summer-showcase/c-299676098
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    If the owners were smart, they'd release them asap. We know what giant babies the fanbase is when it comes to jerseys. The sooner they come out, the more time for the bitching to get out of the way.
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    That was just a very solid uniform. It had vibrant color and it represented the state. Lou was against it though for whatever reason he had to be dragged kicking and screaming to use it as a throwback As a standalone uniform it would be top 10 in the league if brought back today. Loved how the road uni had red helmets too
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    Yes, this is it. I love this idea. If it has to be something, I think this works, especially with the new jerseys being so much different than these now. It's a different enough look, especially with the red helmets, and something new for ownership to sell.
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    This mock up of the retro jersey with black would be pretty sweet. Unfortunately I can't imagine it would ever happen.
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    Maroon took less money and term to go to STL to be near his kid. Nothing the Devils could do there, and the rest of the FA market that made it to July 1 (outside of Tavares) was garbage that got severely overpaid. Shero is giving the kids a chance to step up here. Let's hope 1 or 2 does.
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