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    I’m sick of your social justice warrior fvcking bullsh!t. Newark is a sh!thole. It has one of the highest murder rates in the country, has public schools that no one wants to go to and that have failing grades despite being well funded, and no appreciable tax base as evidenced by the fact that the rest of Essex county and the state has to pay its bills. That is all a product of the people that live there and businesses that can’t operate there, not tragic dirt, structural racism, toxic maculinty, redlining or whatever moronic buzzwords you learned in your critical race studies classes or by reading nonsense from your pseudo intellectual guru Mr. Coates. If Newark is ever going to change, it needs at the very least, enough residents who pay taxes, don’t commit violent crime and more importantly don’t tolerate violent crime, among other things. As I said, an arena, some restaurants and bars aren't going to change it. And there is one thing I’ve learned in the past couple of years. Arguing with someone over whether anything in particular is “racist” is a waste of valuable time on this earth that you never get back. So maybe take it up with your antifa pals.
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    I just want to say that it's so nice that I don't have to argue this particular subject anymore with the vigor that I did years ago. The arena has brought about enough change among enough people to where even if there are still a lot of people who maintain the old views about Newark, there are people who otherwise would never have had reason to take an interest in this subject that are noticing the changes and willing to comment in the positive. Beware TL:DR ahead: As far as gentrification and displacement is concerned, the only reason that is an issue is because of the flight of middle and upper class families out of urban areas in the first place. As far as Newark being a drain on the rest of the state and Essex County, Newark also takes on an awful lot of NIMBY-type important infrastructure and service to the state and county that, by virtue of the home-rule obsession of this state, people in the rest of the county and state use but don't have to deal with having within their municipal boundaries. The airport, seaport, prisons, rail hubs, government buildings, universities, museums, interstate highways, etc. are all used by everyone throughout the state, but aren't paying taxes to Newark's coffers (yes, I know the PANYNJ paid Newark for the usage of their land and the city used it to pay for the Prudential Center, but the details of that transaction highlight the fact that Newark is actually leveraging one for the good of the region NIMBY to bring in yet another one). In reality, home-rule has redlined cities like Newark on a socio-economic level. It allows the people of the suburbs to simultaneously use all the services housed in those cities and look down their noses at how terribly mismanaged those cities are--all the while not understanding that without those cities and the services they provide, their land values would be considerably lower and their taxes would be considerably higher. By segregating our municipal government boundaries on the basis of land values and trying to perfect the blend of children eligible for the very greatest school district, you're creating a system of enormous imbalances in services and opportunity. Mind you, this isn't on its face a racist issue, but it absolutely can and has manifested itself that way in many instances. Consolidation of municipalities like those that make up Essex County and other very dense areas of the state so that a broader spread of the socio-economic spectrum are all forced to coexist and share both the burdens and the advantages of the services offered by the area is the solution. Essex County was laid out as a single city, not 22. The vast majority of the major roads in the county run into downtown Newark. The county is the 14th densest in the country. It should all be one city.
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    If the league lets the Red Wings get away with a bullsh!t IR for Zetterberg, the Devils really need to look seriously at some kind of grievance to get some draft consideration back for the Kovalchuk penalty, maybe like a sandwich pick sometime in the middle of the first round or perhaps they get to move up a few spots. Without fail, every single time one of these guys on a long term front loaded deal is at the stage when the contract is worth virtually nothing, there's a nonsense injury. I thought Hossa's skin allergy couldn't be topped, but now it looks like we're getting into the territory of "I don't feel as good as I did when I was in my mid 20s" so I can't play anymore. I don't know how much more blatant a team can get with cap circumvention, yet somehow the Devils are the only team that gets any real punishment for it. Original Six brah!
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    While we are at it, what the fvck is with West New York, New Jersey? There ain’t no East New Jersey, New York!!!!
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    I don't want to quote the text again, but this is a great summary of the issues involved. Anyone who upvoted the screed above should also take some time to read this post by ND5.
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    Understatement of the century (Hey, we have new emojis)
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    The league does not want to popular teams like the Blackhawks or Detroit to be at a disadvantage if it can at all help it. The arbitrator in the Kovalchuk case explicitly gave the league all the ammunition it needed to go after at least Chicago for Hossa and Philly for Pronger and the league did absolutely nothing. The bottom line is that Detroit invented the front loaded long term deal. It is faced with a situation with a player that is not hurt entering the diving part of the deal going on LTIR so they don’t have to face the consequences of dealing a good asset. Give us back a fvcking draft pick Bettman.
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    The league applies a different standard for popular teams. Whether it’s a “conspiracy” is semantics. If the league were serious about things like cap circumvention when the team doesn’t involve the Devils, it would have to get an opinion from a independent doctor that the player cannot play hockey at any professional level. And even then, the GM that made the deal, the agent and the player should be interviewed under oath to determine whether it was contemplated that the player didn’t intend to play at a certain point.
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    Exactly. Now a player like Madden or Gio otoh I would still proudly wear if I owned either of their jerseys.
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    As someone who works out pretty religiously, I can tell you that 415 on deadlifts really isn't that much. You'd be surprised how many people can do that, and for more than a couple of reps. Not knocking Zacha in any way (and his form is perfect), just pointing that out. I'll readily point out that deadlifts are not my strength...after I hurt my back for the third time doing them, I had to eliminate them from my routine. Sucks in that they're a terrific "bang for the buck" exercise.
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    I still don't understand people being upset when a player they have a jersey of leaves. It's a part of the team history, why does the player have to be on the roster or in the rafters for it to be worn and valued?
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    oh lordy it is DEFINITELY the offseason. I cant wait til hockey.
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