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    Apparently he is close to Blake Coleman. Coleman provided this quote to Corey Masisak in The Athletic that made me hopeful that the mindset is there for Zacha: "I thought he took the news as well as he could,” Coleman said. “He seemed like he was focused on just making a difference down there and getting his confidence back. He wasn’t pouting or anything like that. I think it will be good if he can go down there and get his confidence. We’re going to need him up here.” https://theathletic.com/632546/2018/11/04/what-to-make-of-the-devils-demotion-of-center-pavel-zacha-and-where-his-career-can-go-from-here/
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    Yeah, we need a victory. I want a victory. Do you want a victory? WHO WANTS A VICTORY??? LGD.
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    McLeod getting back on track in the AHL would be great and would dampen the blow of Zacha trending down. Similar numbers in the OHL. Would obviously be ideal if they both become NHL caliber players, but if one of them can be the future 2C it would make the failure of the other more palatable.
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    10 ES points for Boqvist, he's been great.
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    Is anyone making the trip up to Toronto next weekend? My brother and I will be flying up Friday morning and staying til Tuesday! There are obviously some cool things going on all weekend, I thought it'd be a good idea to list them and compare notes (some cool non-Devils stuff too). Friday 11/9 New Jersey Devils at Toronto Maple Leafs @ Scotiabank Arena Saturday 11/10 HOF Inductee Q&A Fan Forum New York Knicks at Toronto Raptors @ Scotiabank Arena (cool if you like the Knicks and can't afford MSG prices to see them, seeing some tickets on StubHub in the $50 range) Sunday 11/11 HOF Legends Classic @ Scotiabank Arena (Brodeur, Niedermayer, Stevens, Daneyko, Roenick, Wendel Clark, Belfour, Fuhr, Gilmour, Lindros, Andreychuk, Larionov, Martin St. Louis, and Shane Doan are all playing) Monday 11/12 HOF Induction Ceremony We're also squeezing in a couple concerts (Thievery Corporation on Sunday) and shows in between here and there, but figured I'd keep the list simple. I've been to Toronto twice, but only for short, usually a day or less. Really looking forward to enjoying the city over the course of 4 days. Who else is going? Anything cool that you're checking out?
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    I'll take a stab a GDT. Tough test tonight and everyone needs to get back on their game. No more mistakes. Wanna see the boys earn the fvcking win tonight.
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    No, I was thinking the same thing. I figured he’d be back by now, but I’m no doctor, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
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    Anyone else feel like Bratt's been out an awful long time with a jaw fracture that didn't need surgery? Or is it that he needs to be more careful because its not wired in place? I feel like guys come back with the full cage much quicker usually.
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    Not sure which Devils team is going to show up tonight, the team of young talent that is hungry and aggressive and plays with an edge, or the inexperienced and outmatched team missing an identity. I hope the former. Let's Go Devils.
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    Taylor Hall is on Spittin Chiclets today. It's awesome. Go listen.
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    We've also got Boqvist in the pipeline as a C, hopefully.
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    I think one of the things that bothers me about the Zacha thing is that his agent is Patrick Stefan. And not in a joking way. I truly feel if anyone should be able to relate to the high pressure of being an early pick and the distraction that comes with it, it would be him. He has to have learned from his experiences and id hope he could pass some of that hindsight to Pavel.
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    Sounds like Tannehill could be back after the bye week (from what I've seen online).
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    Be that as it may, I can't see the Dolphins losing either game to the Bills...that team is just dreadful right now. That's 7 wins. Then it's a question of can the Dolphins win three out of five of these games: @Green Bay, @Indy, home vs NE, @Minnesota, home vs Jacksonville. It's not that farfetched to think that they could...Green Bay just seems like they're off yet again, Pats have dropped four of their last five games played in Miami, Jacksonville is imploding, and you never know what you're getting from Indy or Minnesota. So I think five out of seven is a possibility for the Dolphins.
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    From South Florida today (and not after that dopey game in Miami that set football back twenty years):
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    To me it's insane that Shero is called out for not making the team good enough. When he took over the team here's what he had to work with. Jagr Zajac Cammalleri Ruutu Elias Havlat Clowe Henrique Ryder Brunner Zubrus Boucher Greene Larsson Severson Zidlicky Merrill Gelinas With no assets at all in the pipeline cause Lou ran that team to the ground and Conte drafted with blindfolds on or something. Slowest, oldest team in the league. Within a few years, we made the playoffs, added some top talent (who ended up winning the Hart trophy) through smart trading and drafted some good talent. Many coaches said we were the fastest team in the league and announcers kept saying how entertaining we are to watch. We should still be on our fvcking knees thanking him for taking over and giving us hope or at least make the team "trending up" instead of crashing down like it was.
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    in a heartbeat I'd have him here. If possible. But the idiocy of Bowles is now officially over Baltimore is an intelligent franchise though so walking away from Harbaugh would be strange
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    Sadly, after the Devils didn't convert on their first two PP opportunities, it felt like that was going to be enough to sink them...they're just in one of those funks where it seems like every break is going against them (exacerbated by the fact that they're not playing well of course). At least the 4-0 start afforded them the opportunity to withstand this slump without digging themselves a massive hole. But obviously gotta start getting some points soon. If this continues for a while (say to the point where the Devils have a point% a bit below .500 25-30 games into the year), you wonder if Hynes' seat starts feeling kinda warm. I still think Shero had legitimate reasons for not making big moves this offseason (and as others have noted, guys simply not wanting to come here could've been a factor out of Shero's control), but I still see him as being active and aggressive and not afraid to make a bold move if he feels that his team needs one. As much as I felt this was a year for Shero to evaluate what he had and then act accordingly, that probably applies to his HC as well. Sometimes GMs conclude after a body of work that his current HC can only take a team so far...or that even if it's unfair, that he believes in his team just enough that the coach takes the fall for less-than-expected results. Like I said, I don't think we're there yet, and I think Shero will try roster shake-ups before he'd consider something so drastic as to replace Hynes. It's more wondering aloud how long it would be before he's no longer untouchable...because to this point, I think he's been every bit that since Shero hired him.
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    Seriously, looks like he borrowed his dad’s shoulder pads.
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    I went through all the teams leading in penalties and unless im missing a team, we are the team with the most penalties per game played. averaging at least 5 penalties per game. It's fvcking ridiculous
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    I like what Hynes said a lot. I defend Zacha plenty and while he's still young, the truth is if he played every game like he did in the home opener he wouldn't be in this position. I hope he understands how important this season is for his future.
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    He’s pretty damn good, but teams need to start knocking him on his ass and stop being in awe of him. A kid that slight you need to punish. Of course there are people already saying Pettersson would go #1 in a re-draft after 8 games and an unsustainably high shooting percentage, but that doesn’t surprise me, given how stupid people are.
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    Probably should have posted this sooner but Bingo's game is on a free Facebook feed tonight. Currently 2-0 Bing over baby flyers, end of 1st period. Lack is in net. Gignac & Schmelzer scored. ETA: Bingo won in OT, 4-3. McLeod scored after my initial post, as did Colton White (see beaut 2 posts down - it deserved it's own post!). McLeod's goal (he's looking more comfy as the season goes along):
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    Stormy Daniels was a bargain compared to that
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    My first thought was “At least this Kane does it consensually”.
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    Buffalo Bills fans have a suggestion:
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    Two things about KK: he rebounded from an awful start last year to be terrific when his team really needed him to be, and for the most part, he seems like a guy who isn't one to let a rough game eat at him...he seems like the kind of guy who just lets things roll off him. And he might be kinda goofy/borderline flaky, but he's smart enough to know that the Six Million Dollar Man was going to get a look eventually (and I still think Cory has good goaltending left in him). What KK's done the past year or so is make himself a more viable go-to option if Cory's struggling...he's done enough that the organization probably sees him as more of a 1A, than a firm backup. So kudos to KK for not only having done that, but having done that when many of us (me included) were clamoring for the Devils to upgrade over him. We're no longer going to be terrified at the thought of KK getting a string of starts.
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    Ty Smith's stat line currently sits at 21 points in 13 games, which as a defenseman is just so exciting. I think we got something real special here guys, I think Smith is gonna be that player when people look back at the 2018 Draft they say, "How the hell did he fall all the way down to 17th?" His skating, offensive instincts, and decision making are all top notch, still maintain he was a top 10 talent in last year's draft and I'm just so stoked this kid is a Devil.
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