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    Agreed, and I'm not a fan of the yo-yo style of pulling players in and out of the lineup. I don't see the point of sitting Mueller down for just one game and giving Yakolev a few minutes of ice time. I've said it before but I'll say it again, if you're gonna give someone an opportunity, give it to them. This wishy washy bullsh!t of shuffling guys in and out after one game is maddening.
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    Bratt is as valuable as Nylander. He has almost 2 years left on his ELC. The Devils should be not even be thinking about trading him and if he had been a first round pick none of you guys would be thinking about it either.
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    I don't think Butcher is slow at all. He might not be a Niedermayer, but he can move the puck.
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    Here is Marty’s speech. It was excellent. Fitting that he is welcomed into the Hall by the two HOF pillars of our blue line.
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    Those all seem like Devils-related items to me.
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    Just a friendly reminder if you could use the Amazon referral link when shopping on Amazon. Amazon had ended their Advertising program for small businesses, so I had to switch to the Verizon Ad platform which hasn't paid as well as the Google or Amazon platforms. We aren't hurting yet, but a nice drop into the NJDevs account from sales would help. Amazon Sales As always, thanks!
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    Please just win this one...or try to look a lot more competitive. Will be there tonight with a bud, also going on Saturday with my wife and daughter. LGD!
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    Zacha with the hat trick and we win 4-3 on an OT winner by Noesen. Assisted by Zacha.
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    Well at least it's day to day. Still this is not a time we can afford guys out of the lineup
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    Because Nico is hurt and Lappin isn’t a center.
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    They also put him on that pairing to set him up to have more offensive opportunity by not having to play against top lines. Yea, he isn't ready to take on the other team's top talent shift for shift yet, however it isn't like there isn't some strategy in putting him on that paring either.
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    Really glad I didn't bother watching this last night. I didn't know the score but I wasn't expecting a good outcome and I didn't want to come down from the high of being at the Red Bulls win last night that advanced them to the Eastern Conference Finals to face Atlanta so I saved the game for tonight and just finished it. Just feel bad for Cory at this point, it feels like he's never going to get a win. I have been to a lot of sporting events in my life and last night is easily in the top 10 craziest crowds I've ever been in. The crowd was absolutely rabid and I loved it and I'm so happy I didn't watch this mess of a game last night and have it dampen my mood. I'll be in Atlanta for the first leg, just haven't figured out if I'm flying or driving but probably going to sell or use a buyback for the Islanders game on the Friday before because this team certainly isn't worth missing an extra day in Atlanta at this point. Check it out...
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    Great read. http://www.sportingnews.com/us/nhl/news/spanning-career-2018-hockey-hall-of-fame-inductee-martin-brodeur-nhl-news-new-jersey-devils/cvxn5ipssi3n1xtvwfgmpsx4t
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    Butcher scored a point every other game in his rookie season and is young and raw yet people want to cast him off already after a slump in which blown coverages mainly from our forwards are killing our defensive record...man oh man. Mind you we don’t have defensemen growing on trees we can just replace him with. Also Nylander isn’t the answer to our problems. Even with Matthews he’s not a ppg player.
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    Getting back a player like Nylander who scores 20 goals and 60 points a season is not “kicking Butcher to the curb.”
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    Please don't get me subpeonaed.
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    I wasn't talking about anything you said and everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion on who they'd rather send the other way. I know you don't get valuable assets without giving something else up in return. I just don't think there is any indication that Butcher's "serious limitations" are anything that can't be figured out as he gets more time playing at the NHL level. The negativity is just a result of his recent play being in the forefront of everyone's minds, but it is unfair to hold him 100% to that when the entire team is struggling. It isn't like he's alone right now.
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    Up until last night, I was on board with Cory and KK splitting time. As of now, I am totally ok with giving KK the starting role and making Cory his backup, even if he's a $6 million backup. I feel like a $6m backup goalie is better than a $6m starter fvcking up all of our games. You have to pay him either way, let him get paid for not fvcking up games.
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    Maybe not yet, but he's got some great vision out there and really the only offensive bright spot outside of the first line. His pass to Greene in the preseason in Winnipeg and his pass to Seney last night for example. I'd just be careful giving away a 20 year old that is already showing more than anyone else that age in our pipeline.
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    Butcher/Bratt and a 1st 2020 is a huge deal for us. Butcher is a bonafide offensive defenseman, young. He's got a ton of value.

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