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    Well her position was the only thing we upgraded in the off season lol
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    Erika is literally the only good thing about this season.
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    Not a big fan of selective accountability myself.
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    Actually waking up with the morning sun illuminating my bedsheets while Erika asks me if I'd like my eggs scrambled or fried would be a most welcome pick me up right about now...
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    All I'm gonna say is after the fun of last season, man does it blow to be shoved right back into the suckbox. Dammit.
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    This fvcktard benches Hall but other idiots (Greene) remain unscathed?! fvck Hynes
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    I like how the cameraman always zooms in on Hynes's expressionless face after every goal against.
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    As a teen of the 90's, I vote for the Seattle Grunge.
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    Hall was bad no doubt. He's earned a pass for carrying the team on his back last season though imo. This season I think he's trying too hard to help out our mediocre defence. Why Greene hasn't spent time in the press box though is beyond me. I thought the team had been making progress under Hynes but his adoption of the Pete DeBoer selective accountability method of coaching really p1sses me off.
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    Andy, on some levels, I have a lot of respect for you. You went undrafted, yet you've managed to play over 800 NHL games...and for a while, you willed yourself into being a solid, durable, mostly dependable defenseman...and you were a good soldier during many lean years. But I'm sorry, you sound damned near as delusional as Marty did towards the end of his career...it's not entirely your fault, as it's obvious that for some reason, the accountability stick that Hynes selectively wields never seems to make contact with YOU, so maybe you think somehow that you're not part of the problem. But please, for the love of God, for all of us, for those of us who want to hang onto some good memories of you as we're forced to watch Hynes keep throwing you back out there as though you somehow don't royally suck massive balls:
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    Just the fact that our core is young... is something, and shows that there's potential to be trending up. We're obviously not trending up as fast as we would all want... but again... do i need to bring up our roster from 2015? That roster was screaming NO FUTURE. There was not a single encouraging thing about that team.
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    I rarely bitch and moan about coaches but this really soured me on him tonight. I'm all aboard the fire Hynes bandwagon.
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    It's official. NHL BOG approved unanimously to award Seattle an expansion franchise. They will start play in the 2021-22 season. Congrats to Seattle.
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    You don't get better by trading one player. Moreover, you don't get a good deal when you're trading players on an underachieving team. That jelly jar gets brought up all the time, but what doesn't get brought up is that the Devils lost that series in 5 games. Yelling and screaming isn't going to get these players out of this - I'm sure they're doing a lot of it.
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    Were they as important to Seattle as the Bullfrogs were to NJ? If so you have to pay them proper homage.
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    Mrs. Met still covers the Devils? I mean I unfollowed her but I figured she was wrapped up in the Cano trade or something... I agree the coach has lost the team, based solely on the compete level and the atrocities he calls decisions, but to say the GM lost them is a major stretch. Ray's in a brutal spot right now, but I'm more than willing to give him more time and another coach to get out of it. I'm not ready to toss away the coach who has built us into an organization that has something resembling a feeder system. Its not where we want it to be, by any stretch, but we're also not nearly as bad as when he started.
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    It’s 9:45 and Shero hasn’t emerged. Emerge motherfvcker.
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    Firing Shero would be beyond stupid.
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    Amanda works for the team. Only so far she can really go.... it’s on the beat writers like Chris Ryan and Abby Mastracco to ask those questions.
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    “That’s how you create accountability and culture,” Devils captain Andy Greene said. “Obviously (Hall’s) going to bounce back. He’s going to be fine next game. It’s important and doesn’t matter who it is, honestly. That’s the part where we need to hold each other accountable and make sure we’re ready and making sure we’re making the right plays.” How the hell did he say this with a straight face??
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    I tried, I really did. I endured his asinine decisions with the defense, his unrelenting support for a failure in Nasradine, and his emotionless self game after game, but this is fvcking it. You bench the guy you want to be your franchise superstar for having a rough night?! Meanwhile Greene gets game after game, and top pairing minutes or damn close to it?! Take your bald headed ass back down to the minors and figure out how to be an effective coach whose message doesn’t fall on deaf ears after just a few years.
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    I was thinking the same thing. He is like the drunk at the urinal having a conversation with himself and you can't wait to get away.
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    They should have a special mute button in the truck for when Dano rambles.
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    Absolutely Charmin ultra soft goal by Kinkaid
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    As long as Shero can build through the draft and do it well, that'll be enough for me....coupled with avoiding stupid contracts on mediocre players. We spent the last 15 years drafting complete garbage and laying out NTC contracts like they were candy on bad players. Enough of that stupidity. I'm going with the mindset that Ray knows what he needs to do. It ain't gonna happen overnight unfortunately.
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    C'mon, so after less than half a season after the Devils made the playoffs due to a number of Shero acquisitions, they'd be calling for Shero's head? No they wouldn't. Unless you think Shero's a complete dope, do you really think he's not aware of the situation? What do you think he's going to say that will make you feel better? He went into the season with a plan, and so far it hasn't worked out. The Flyers chose to spend big on JVR...how's that working out for them so far? LA spend a nice coin on Kovy...ditto. SJ made a big deal for Karlsson...he's not exactly lighting it up for them. Point being that because you don't like the particular path Shero chose this time, it doesn't necessarily mean another one would've paid off immediately either.
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    Sets up nice for when the Coyotes move to Houston:
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    Shero bet pretty hard that Cory would bounce back (his play in the playoffs probably bolstered that idea), and that KK could be a solid-to-above average starter (if need be) capable of another big run. And with Cory's salary and offseason surgery, not like Shero really had much choice...he wasn't going to bring in another goalie. He also bet that a lot of the young guys would build upon last year. Hasn't really happened yet, and in some cases, we've seen some regression to boot...and on that note, he probably thought that MoJo could have a bounceback year, which also hasn't happened yet. Speaking of MoJo, that deal made perfect sense at the time. And if he hadn't dealt for Maroon and Grabner, there would've been plenty of bitching about how Shero stood pat with a playoff berth on the line. Unfortunately the deals didn't quite work out (Maroon wasn't a dud, he played pretty well here, but Shero rolled the dice on being able retain him), but that sh!t happens. There really isn't much that Shero's done that put me in "What the hell kind of sh!t move is that Ray?!" mode. I feel like he's made good moves that unfortunately aren't working out as expected...sometimes you're unlucky. And I understand him wanting to sort through what he already had. He did plenty of acquiring...sometimes you take a step back and see what you've got, especially when you've got some younger, cost-controlled players. I do think that since Plan A is starting to show some serious cracks, that Shero will adjust...it may not happen as quickly as you want it to, but it will happen. Re: the bolded...c'mon, do you really think Shero DOESN'T want to ice a competitive team? Do you think he wanted it to go this way? He went in with a plan that he thought would be successful (mostly guys bouncing back and others developing), and based on the talent here, I can understand why.
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    In fairness, you being pissed about the state of the Devils (everyone who watches this team is) doesn't mean that nothing is going on behind the scenes, or that Shero thinks there's no problems and all is well. I think Shero is a bright guy (I don't think he forgot how to be a GM overnight), and I'm sure he's just as disturbed by what he's seeing as we are. You're also VERY familiar with GM speak (as you watch as many sports as I do), so it's not like if he did do some kind of State of the Devils address, that he would tell you a whole lot anyway. You could probably figure out about 80-90% of what Shero would say before he even said it. I believe in him enough that I'm not going to get on him for not addressing the fanbase at this time...it's also fair to keep in mind that fans in general tend to want to see change on a different timetable than GMs. It's still pretty early in the season, though I'll go ahead and guess that whatever patience Shero was willing to have is starting to wear thin; that being said, there probably isn't a ton that can be done right at the moment. I agree with Tri, if you're not going to take a shot with Blackwood, then at least see if you can pick up a goalie on the waiver wire, or try one that won't cost you much in assets...with the current netminding situation, what do the Devils really have to lose? Like I said a while ago, no Lack please.
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    Terrible. Might as well play Cory and try to get him right.
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    The same reason Dano spins the faux-positive bullsh!t every broadcast. They're on the payroll. You can't expect objective reporting/analysis from someone who is getting their paychecks from the team.
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    I agree and maybe its my anger at the whole situation, But I also feel he has been a little complacent, I realize that FA was not a way to go this year. I would really like to see him hold his coaches a little more accountable. At this point bring up some youth and play them. I guess it would just be nice to see some accountability. Oh and please for christ sake can we practice more winning face offs...
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    Yeah I mean... that’s insanity at this point. Nowhere near there (yet).
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    I was very close to going...was going to do the usual, get the buffet seats, go with my daughter...but I needed a break from the Devils, so I took her to see the Grinch movie instead. I was checking the score on my phone before the previews...when I saw that Tampa had a PP towards the end of the first period and were leading 1-0, I said to her "Watch the Lightning score on this and take a 2-0 lead"...about a second later, the score updated to read 2-0. Right then I knew it was going to be "Here we go again...Tampa's bitches being taken down yet another peg..." Can't believe how ugly it's gotten, but when the guy who's paid to be a #1 is in reclamation mode, and the other guy is being asked to do too much as a result, that's what's going to happen. Devils are getting well-below average goaltending, and with so many other issues, they're going to simply be noncompetitive some nights. Sucks.
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    That's probably what he meant (he did say "we"), but I just don't want to hear from him right now.
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    I'd have more respect for Andy if he just added INCLUDING MYSELF into that quote.
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    I give Hynes more leeway cause the team stinks and the fact that I always place more blame on the players then the coaching staff but benching Hall who still has 4 points in the last 5 games just pissed me off, especially when he's one of the few bright spots about spending money to see this team this year. Sure he could absolutely play better, especially last night but when everyone else on the team absolutely sucks it makes it look like a joke. Even more so when nobody says anything about the captain on this team who is absolutely horrid. I have no idea who they can bring in either at this point, the only bright side is Lou can't get behind the bench this time lol
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    Maybe Hall? It’s questionable whether or not the reigning MVP is better than a guy who hasn’t even cracked 80 points yet? Ok guy lol
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    That's what soured you on Hynes? If anything I wish he did MORE of what he did tonight, benching guys like Hall as opposed to just Mirco Mueller. Hall's been so invisible to subpar lately (his tying goal against Winnipeg aside) I didn't even notice he was benched. Heck I'd bench Wood's ass before Andy Greene. Greene should be playing less but it's not like any of the other humpty dumpties on D will be any better. Hynes is racing with Todd Bowles to see who can hit the unemployment line first but honestly I just don't see where the replacement is coming from here. They don't have anyone on the staff deserving of even an interim job. Kowalsky's the worst assistant I've seen in god knows how long as evidenced by this PP which is saying something as a Devils-Jets fan, and Nas isn't all that far ahead of him. Grier's a first-time coach and the AHL coach just got promoted from the ECHL. I don't know who Shero's gonna get from the outside that'll take over in-season or whether it'll even matter at all, Bylsma would annoy me but he's safely on the Wings' staff for now. Quenneville's not taking this job and Shero's not hiring someone making a bigger salary than him.
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    Can we at least fire whoever runs the PP? Ffs is it pathetic. Hall has 0 PPG through 26 games. What they’re doing is clearly not working.
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    I love Sal and I love Dano, but the excuses out of them all night is nauseating.
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    Well well well, Yak has a shot
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    I pray for your blood pressure tonight my friend. Deep breaths.
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    Someone needs to cross check Point in the fvcking face. These fairies don’t have the balls.
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