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    It’s not the selection. It’s the dumb decision to not give up the 2012 pick, which led to the confiscation of the 2014 pick, before the league awarded us back the 30th pick of that year’s draft. If Lou just forfeited the 2012 pick like he should have, Dylan Larkin is probably a Devil right now, and Quenneville is disappointing some other fan base.
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    Just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! We may argue sometimes, but there’s no group of people I’d rather share the passion we have for the Devils than this one. I hope all of you and your families are having a fantastic Christmas, and may we all be blessed with health and happiness (and maybe a draft lottery win ) in 2019.
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    Nothing much from JQ, again. Starting to suspect he's just another tweener that'll never really do much for us. Thanks Lou!
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    I bet he was banking on the league blinking and giving him the pick back in 2014. If so, he was half-right.
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    One other report I read about Jim Harbaugh is that Ross doesn’t want him to leave Michigan (Ross is an unofficial “owner” of the program given how much money he gives to the school) but that if he decides to leave he will make sure that he won’t be outbid, especially by the Jets.
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    I'm wondering if Gase is out there is Miami going to make a huge run at Harbaugh much like the Jets. Ross would have the inside track here if he goes in this direction Both Chris Johnson and Ross have denied interest in Harbaugh. Both are lying
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    One of these days those bubble screens are going to work.
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    Exactly what Q is. There is nothing there. Never will be. Nothing against him, he just is what he is...your classic AAAA player.
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