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    Well...that's RUDE...I guess I'll just sit here and wonder.
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    Giving up the 2012 pick was Lou being stubborn and thinking he would just back the pick he had to give up. He was right that we did get the pick back (and it took new ownership to do that), but we ended up getting the 30th pick when we could have had a top 10 pick in 2014. Who knows how far the butterfly affect would have reached if we gave up the pick in 2012, but I would rather chance it on one top 10 pick than a 29th and a 30th pick who ended up being Matteau and Quenneville.
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    Just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! We may argue sometimes, but there’s no group of people I’d rather share the passion we have for the Devils than this one. I hope all of you and your families are having a fantastic Christmas, and may we all be blessed with health and happiness (and maybe a draft lottery win ) in 2019.
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    Corey Masisak Retweeted @PennStateMHKY Congratulations to freshman @AarneTalvitie who will don the ‘C’ for Finland at the upcoming @IIHFHockey World Junior Championship in Victoria & Vancouver, British Columbia!! ETA: Henrik Sjöberg✔@sjobergh Erik Brännström has been named captain (C) of Team Sweden in #WorldJuniors A – Rickard Hugg, Kitchener Rangers A – Isac Lundeström, Anaheim Ducks/San Diego Gulls A – Fabian Zetterlund, Färjestads BK#Juniorkronorna
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    There goes my conspiracy theory that you're part of a Swedish Intelligence Agency gathering intel on NJDevs for some top secret mission of national importance.
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    lol.........I don't give too much away on this site. Suffice to say it's the first time I met him, but I've followed his career since he was drafted because he is related to someone I know well. Great kid, but it was still more exciting meeting Gordie Howe at my son's U12 soccer game, lol
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    Was talking with Andre Burakovsky a little while ago for a while and he asked me what's up with Schneider!! lol I asked him how much time he had. I did fill him in on his recent injuries and surgeries and his apparent mental health. He mentioned MoJo's shoulder injury. He also mentioned how strong the Devs looked early in the year. He was even baffled Andre is a good kid. Like for him to be on the Devs. RFA after this year.
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    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.
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    I hate this. He could have killed or paralyzed this guy. He absolutely shouldn't have been there but come on. Use your brain.
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    Exactly, if that pick panned out he’s a genius. That’s why I never second guess draft stuff. While sometimes it’s a no brainer if you have the #1 overall (I.e. anyone with the #1 was taking McDavid), it’s largely taking a chance on a kid who may or may not ever be anything. The issue, of course, is putting yourself in the position to take the best chance, which is what I believe Lou failed to do.
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    There are two things to account for, first the butterfly effect. For example, giving up the first rounder might affect what everyone else did that year which leads to Damon Severson not being available in the second round, maybe they don't do the Hall trade, but maybe they don't trade for Cory which leads them bottoming out sooner and getting McDavid, Eichel, Matthews or Laine. We can play that game into infinity though. The second more important thing though is how bad Conte and his staff were at that point. So while Dylan Larkin or Pastrnak would have been available where the Devils would have been drafting, it's more likely that Conte selects any number of the mediocrities that were selected in the first round that year.
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    There’s no way to know.... all I can do is look at the events as they unfolded, and judge them accordingly. I think it’s fair to argue that the decision to not forfeit that 2012 pick has set the franchise back. Is it hindsight? Yes. But it’s pretty undeniable right now, today, that the Devils would have been better off just forfeiting that 2012 pick and taking their chances.
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    We essentially traded a top 10 pick in 2014 for a 29th in 2012 and 30th in 2014. IMO I'd rather keep the top 10 than have the other two. Plus Lou went into it without even fully knowing he would even get that 30th pick in 2014.
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    The bottom line is they pick higher in 2014 and not 30th if they forfeit the 2012 pick like they should have. It’s certainly not a guarantee they would’ve drafted Larkin, but I’m positive they wouldn’t have drafted Quenneville with a top 10-11 pick.
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    Hope everybody had a great Christmas! LOSE FOR HUGHES, BABY!
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    Yes, Merry Christmas to all. Hope everyone had a great day.
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    Merry Christmas... I still gifted devils merchandise to my family members and got some in return.. 3 big fans in our house.. keep the faith
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    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Same wishes here best of health and happiness to everyone and their families. Thankful for the great place to talk hockey and everyone's sense of humor.
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    It’s not the selection. It’s the dumb decision to not give up the 2012 pick, which led to the confiscation of the 2014 pick, before the league awarded us back the 30th pick of that year’s draft. If Lou just forfeited the 2012 pick like he should have, Dylan Larkin is probably a Devil right now, and Quenneville is disappointing some other fan base.
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    This is a shorter version of the Athletic article... https://www.nj.com/expo/sports/erry-2018/12/0afd1b1fd27233/why-ray-shero-isnt-deviating-f.html I think it's an unwritten rule that no one posts Athletic articles... Support good journalism?
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    I don't like Tom Wilson but that was great
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    Why would he play when we have such solid defense like Andy Greene and Ben Lovejoy??
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