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    I call bs on anyone that says low scoring games can’t be exciting. This has been a good one so far.
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    BTW next goal for Palms will be #100 as a Devil. 99 G in 260 GP with the Devils so far. 35 G and 27 A in his last 69 GP.
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    More of that please!!! Fantastic effort and finish by Zacha!
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    Pavel Zacha motherfvckers. BOW YOU SH!TS
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    Hate these gd day games. Glad Blackwood is back in there though.
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    Running with Blackwood - I love it. Play him until he gives us reason not to (within reason).
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    He needs to chill out and stay home.... spend time with his family. Don’t call us Cory, we’ll call you.
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    Oh good. Cory is almost back. Hooray.
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    If you’re a borderline NHLer you should probably be more aware of your stick in the offensive zone lol
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    Miles wood permanently tries to put a weird slow wrist shot on the goalie. It’s never hard enough to actually generate a rebound. It’s beginning to infuriate me. Here comes wood down the wing again, oh look he passed it to the goalie again, good shift Miles.
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    Pavel Zacha is playing so confidently on the power play and it’s awesome
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    Eaglejelly, custom dictates you are the one who needs to do today’s GDT...game starts in 90 minutes...
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    I’d rather see Yakovlev on his off side than more Lovejoy, so I agree.
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    I'm kind of a Boqvist fan girl, think he's probably our most skilled prospect at forward and I think he could develop into a real good top 6 forward for us. What he's doing over in the SHL is impressive at his age and I hope he gets a legitimate look next season.
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    He's only been in for a few games. I wouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves here.
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    Gritty’s diet of meth and roadkill make him indestructible!

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