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    Mfitz saw a Zacha goal, an Andy Greene goal, a video review that went in the Devils favor, and an empty net goal. AND a unicorn.
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    Love what we are seeing out of Blackwood. The Devils needed a big solid goalie who is technically sound. Trusting that your goalie can make a save helps everyone and they just didn't have that with KK and Cory. Hopefully Mac can keep this up for a bit.
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    I can't help but really really like Blake Coleman.
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    The thing about Zacha's goal is that, as Daneyko pointed out, he stuck with it. He didn't give up on the play once the shot was stopped; he read the puck off the goalie's pad and managed to stick in the rebound. That's not something we've seen a ton of from Zacha, and it's probably his biggest flaw - when he has time to read and react, he's okay, but when faced with quick decisions, he makes mistakes. He's had two excellent games in a row and his best games now are better than his best games a year ago. That's why I still hold out hope for him even as the numbers aren't there - he's clearly improving, even as his play will backslide. The breakaways against need to be fixed. Blackwood played great - Carolina whiffed some big chances as well. Devils missed some great chances too.
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    Damn...what else is there to say when you get a goal (and an ASSIST?!) from Zacha, a goal from Greene, and a kid goalie who actually seems to have a little something going on? Some embrace the tank, but I'd like to see some fight to try to hang around for a while. LGMFD!!!
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    Can't take any credit for this. Just can't remember how to share a tweet. This was by a guy called Keviningraphics
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    RECAP PROS Zacha once again was a beast. For all the criticism he gets, he's probably equally as impactful defensively as Barzal is offensively. Andy Greene has really been good all year, and today was no exception. I haven't seen a player get more undeserved hate than Greene has this year. Even Lovejoy's hate wasn't nearly as unwarranted as Greene's hate this year. Blackwood The GI call was correct. Williams had no business being in the crease, and the contact he made was enough contact to get that goal waved off. CONS Nothing major except for the two times Aho got free. Also a couple of the penalties were unnecessary. GOALIE AND DEFENSE Obviously they were excellent today. 5 ON 5 POSSESSION CF: 41 to 47 FF: 32 to 36 SF: 19 to 30 SCF: 15 to 14 HDCF: 7 to 8 5 ON 5 SVA POSSESSION CF: 40.47 to 47.32 FF: 31.4 to 36.33 SF: 18.69 to 30.32 SCF: 14.48 to 14.41 HDCF: 6.66 to 8.28
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    Leaving my first in person game of the year. One word...Zacha!!!! ...oh wait, two... Blackwood!
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    I’ll say this, when Zacha does actually score it’s a highlight reel goal half the time.
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    I call bs on anyone that says low scoring games can’t be exciting. This has been a good one so far.
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    BTW next goal for Palms will be #100 as a Devil. 99 G in 260 GP with the Devils so far. 35 G and 27 A in his last 69 GP.
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    The only explanation is he saw me in the stands and he did it to spite me. Only possibility that makes sense.
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    I picture Mike Brown watching these games like Sandra Bullock in Bird Box
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    Love the early games. Got to watch this with my son (he is still only 20 months , but he likes to clap and point) . Zacha could have not scored today and I still would have been impressed. He is working very hard in all situations and not making stupid plays. He was also making his PP unit tick as well. Also I really, really don't want to get too excited about BigMac , but he looks so assured out there. Also he seems like a nice guy. Level headed and aware of what he has to do going forward. Also that slapper from Greene at the end was Rolstonesque, love it.
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    You know he does this just to spite me. It’s obvious. On the other hand, seeing a Zacha goal live is like seeing a unicorn in the wild, so there’s that.
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    So glad fitz is at the game lol Big big goal... must win this
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    Too bad he can't get his first assist on his own goal
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    ZACHA MOTHERfvckERS. PAVEL fvckING ZACHA! fvck YOU ALL. No, I love you.
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    More of that please!!! Fantastic effort and finish by Zacha!
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    Pavel Zacha motherfvckers. BOW YOU SH!TS
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    Hate these gd day games. Glad Blackwood is back in there though.
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    Running with Blackwood - I love it. Play him until he gives us reason not to (within reason).
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    He needs to chill out and stay home.... spend time with his family. Don’t call us Cory, we’ll call you.
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    Oh good. Cory is almost back. Hooray.
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    Another great team effort; this is what we need to do to win.
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    Miles Wood is quite literally the last player I’d want on a powerplay. Give me Lovejoy out there instead. EDIT: ok not Lovejoy
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    How he's not got an assist yet is mind boggling. But playing on a line with #44 probably isn't helping.
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    Yeah, give the kid a chance. So on board with this.
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    I’d rather see Yakovlev on his off side than more Lovejoy, so I agree.
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    Kinkaid has pretty much been the true number 1 this season. He started the first however many games, Cory came in and stunk up the joint, and then it was mostly all Kinkaid again. I like KK, but he's proven that he's a solid, even excellent, back up goalie. Too many games and he starts getting exposed. Blackwood earned a few shots because Kinkaid wasn't consistent.
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    I'm kind of a Boqvist fan girl, think he's probably our most skilled prospect at forward and I think he could develop into a real good top 6 forward for us. What he's doing over in the SHL is impressive at his age and I hope he gets a legitimate look next season.
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    We don't know what Cory is. Some players like Rinne, Luongo have this surgery, had down time for a while, and then came back and played well. I don't think any goalie situation across the league is someone playing 65-70 games anymore, so I think we need a tandem. Let's say MB29 works out with KK for rest of this season (I hope). Does Cory need to be shutdown rest of year? Or waived to play in the AHL so he can get reps? The M.O. with Cory needs to be I think one of the following: 1. Rehab healthy and back to a NHL goalie (if that's possible) 2. Reps so his value increases to possibly get moved 3. Reps to show he's not an NHL goalie anymore and retires with the LTIR injury In all, these reps can't happpen at the NHL level - not right now.
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    I like having hope. Not necessarily for this season, but Blackwood looks really really good so far. His foundation looks really solid. Big guy, big legs, gets his pads down, stays tight, controlled and when he gets down, he still has that big upper body to block. To Tri's point, I hope this lets Keith breathe a little, Cory take the year off, and Mac getting experience.
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    I think I can honestly say I'm ready to stick with Blackwood as long as he keeps this up.
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