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    Dallas is proud to host the 2020 Winter Classic featuring the Penguins vs the Caps! How exciting!
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    I actually thought the crowd was quite lively given the low attendance. Guess what, I don’t like when Canadian teams play here either. Like I need the game delayed an extra minute and thirty seconds for an extra national anthem??
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    What a day. Blackwood with another shutout, and the Bengals FINALLY fired Marvin Lewis! I love sports again.
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    Heh heh, what a sore loser. Fine if you're not a big fan of Newark in general, but to knock The Rock?! Guy must think the Devils still play at CAA...there's nothing REMOTELY bleak about the Pru Center...just a flat-out lie. And the immediate surrounding area isn't bad at all.
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    rink is so bleak that it's routinely in the top 10 grossing arena's on the planet never even heard of this hack. probably just upset that the canucks are the devils' bitch no matter how much the team sucks. they seem to always beat them recently.
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    I mean...is she single or... Jokes aside, small world. My ex-girlfriend from college went to high school with her. Said she was nice but a total overachiever. Clearly, I dated the wrong person from their high school.
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    Dolphins fired Gase too! A toast to sports!
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    I’ve thought about it some more, and I’m down for tanking. If we cut Tannehill, there’s a good shot at us having the worst QB situation in the league. Add an absolute sieve of a defense, Tua is a real possibility. Just to make sure, trade Howard to a team that will be absolutely desperate to make the playoffs. Maybe to the Giants for something like their second this year and first next year. In the meantime, draft lots of linemen and shed every bad contract you can.
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    Two words to the cockbag author: fvck off. Hope you snapped a few pics of our Cup banners, since it’s as close as you’ve ever gotten.
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    Apparently the canucks don't like playing hockey anywhere... only bleak is that they have zero Stanley Cup banners hanging over their home ice...losers
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    That's pretty ignorant and just reads like sore sport when you lead your article with it. Pretty much calls into question the accuracy of anything else he wrote after it...if you actually bothered to keep reading On a separate note, it's amazing how much better that 2015 draft looks after the weekend. Zacha looks like hes coming into his own, Blackwood was the NHLs 3rd star and Seney making nice contributions.
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    In the AHL, he didn't have Erika to talk to when he did well...
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    well, he was the top ranked goalie prospect from North America in that draft class, second overall behind only Ilya Samsonov who was taken by the Caps in the 1st round. he was always seen as an athletic freak... won OHL goalie of the year his first year as our prospect... had a good year in his first pro year with Albany... then had a bad year last year on a dumpster fire Binghamton team... and this year had been pretty good for them. even if the numbers aren't incredible, I think it is worth noting that the AHL is a more helter skelter type of league where numbers are generally not going to be as good... for instance his .911 SV PCT in the AHL is good enough for 11th best, whereas that same number would be tied for 24th best in the NHL. so, as much as we trash the defense here, they're obviously far more structured here than whatever we have going on in Bing. as you mentioned, he was well protected today for sure. I think the biggest thing about him is that he's just so technically sound... he's really had exceptional positioning and his reflexes are just ridiculous. he's also been pretty great with rebound control, frequently sticking pucks up out of the crowd that someone like Kinkaid would probably just boot directly to another opposing forward. he's not going to be lights out forever but this has been great to watch. super encouraging, and he's only 22.
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    Trying to stay level headed about Blackwood. It's difficult thought because he is the next coming of Martin Brodeur and will break all of his records within the next 5 years.
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    luckily for them we have a Schneider they can have for the rest of the season
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    Surely bring Boyle back for his leadership and play.
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    10 goals at this point in the season from Boyle...I'll take that every time.
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    Stars to host the 2020 winter classic. Should be announced tomorrow. I’d have them play the Wild but I’m betting it’s the Pens cause NHL
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    Isles with a big win over the leafs.. a little in your face , Tavares !
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