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    Aarne Talvitie captains Finland to a WJC gold medal over USA.
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    Good, that should be a goal. I want the Devils to get the calls as much as anyone else but ultimately if that's not a goal, the sport has a lot of problems. The Devils need to prevent that goal on defense, not by getting a favorable call.
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    KK tried more to sell contact than he did to make the save.
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    Bad choice by Zacha, softie by KK and how in the world was it not icing against Vegas a few seconds before the goal?
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  6. 2 points
    Man I would have lost some money if Fanduel worked here... Who the fvck is really wearing #12 cause that sure as fvck is not Lovejoy...
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    Fresh off Drew Stafford proving his only value to this team is the miracle goal or the shootout, the Devils head to Vegas. Cam Johnson called up to back up Swiss Cheese. Yakovlev down to the Bing I’d put money on KK giving up a goal within the first 5 minutes of such a prop bet existed and I could actually gamble from here. LGD
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    Losers...I know not having Hall is a killer, but goddamn this team is infuriating.
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    He needs to figure his sh!t out. Awful. Less Emokis/wrestling/instagram more stopping the fvcking puck like the 22 year old.
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    Do I need to start my Kinkaid emoji sh!t talking from last year again?
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    I’m extremely surprised Greene didn’t score on his own net again there.
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    Lol Kinkaid always looking for the interference. Not gonna get this one.
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    Kinkaid was lucky Sami blocked that shot. He left the net wide open.
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    shold've been icing. zacha a fvcking a$$hole
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    Zacha with yet another awful turnover, KK with a pathetic softie to the wrong guys, Greene’s lead skates couldn’t get back to help.
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    this is the goal i never thought i'd ever see
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    Lovejoy from Zacha and Stafford....
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    What the hell was that lol. Nice job Lovejoy.
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    When did Hall and Lovejoy switch numbers? Also Zacha with an assist.
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    That was incredible for Coleman to get a shot off on that play.
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    Who are we to not believe this ? ; ) And Nico is sliiiiiighty better at this " one on one game " than Wood...
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    Hope his knee isn't hurt too badly (Aarne). It just looks right, doesn't it (ETA: short of the mask & the new jersey): ETA: credit to Tracey Lake's flicker account, where this pic was posted (from last night's B-Devs warmups).
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    Excellent tournament for him.
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    Of course, the other part of that is having to watch him fail to hockey for the other 65 minutes...good for him, sucks for the rest of us lol.
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    Traitors get what they deserve. You made your own bed, pal! (Doesn't it look like he isn't even trying very hard?)
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    Mac Blackwood & JQ made the AHL All Star team... as did Reid Boucher fwiw. AHL‏Verified account @TheAHL 1h1 hour ago More The #AHLAllStar roster is officially here. Details: http://bit.ly/2LPWd66
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    Good article on Jesper Boqvist: https://www.eprinkside.com/2019/1/2/for-boqvist-the-older-slow-and-steady-wins-the-race-not-surprised-he-is-this-good Snip: New Jersey Devils drafted Boqvist in the second round of the draft in 2017, and he has met with representatives from the club during this season. “They were here a couple of weeks ago and we talked a little bit then. But they didn’t really say all that much. For me, it’s enough to know that if I do good things, good things will happen. Of course, it’s a target for me to play over there next season, but it’s not something I think about every day. If I would do that, I would just trip myself up.”
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    I'm kind of a Boqvist fan girl, think he's probably our most skilled prospect at forward and I think he could develop into a real good top 6 forward for us. What he's doing over in the SHL is impressive at his age and I hope he gets a legitimate look next season.
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