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    I'm not trying to attack you personally here, but I just don't get where you're coming from with this mentality. What does that McDavid example even convey? McDavid would never go in the 11th (they stop at 7 by the way) round because he's supremely talented. If McDavid went 1st overall and failed to live up to the expectations of a 1st overall pick, well.. we'd be having the same conversation. It doesn't work both ways. Do you understand this? The only reason we're talking about Zacha with such fervor is because he is (was) a relatively highly touted prospect who has failed to largely live up to expectations. If he was a 7th round pick we wouldn't be talking about him because we wouldn't be expecting anything out of him. Dude what are you even talking about - why are first round picks held with such value then if all picks in all rounds are created equal? Should we trade our 1st for a bunch of 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths since a player's rank in a draft doesn't matter? Extreme example but I'm attempting to extend and understand your logic here.
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    I wonder how many stoppable shots I let in...
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    I don't think it's fair to say the Devils weren't in the running. Why, I have it on good authority that when Minnesota offered that 25 million dollar signing bonus, Vanderbeek countered with a really nice home made card that had dollar signs made out of macaroni. I bet Zach considered it.
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    Doubtful, given Vanderbeek basically had a lemonade stand set up outside.
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    Awesome. This horse hasn’t been beaten to death enough over the last seven years, let’s kill that bitch with fire. Looking forward to five pages of SD arguing with everyone and their brother about Lou too, great stuff.
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    And a player of McDavid's talent is never being drafted that late. So why bring in that hypothetical situation in when it would never ever happen? We are living in the now and Zacha has costed us 2 valuable goals with dumb plays in his last 2 games played. That and him going on a 15-20 game pointless streak to start the season is not even NHL grinder level good. A guy who was drafted to bring in offense is not only lacking in offense, but is a black hole for whomever he plays with. Guy is just awful all around and the whole draft thing about him is the icing on the sh!t cake.
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    If you constantly harp on saying draft position doesn't matter then yeah you are going to hear about "that draft stuff" over and over again. I don't care what excuse people can concoct to make themselves feel better about Zacha, but right now he isn't doing much of anything. Most games I forget he is on the ice with exception for misses or misplays.
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    Can't get much more of a break than Eichel being out.
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    I think Zacha brings a lot away from the puck while he tries to develop offensively. He's got great speed for a big guy and really excels on the defensive side. He also has a nice shot but still hasn't figured out how to get it off quick enough in the NHL. He might put up more points as a wing but he's best used at center when you consider his strength. The turnovers did suck, absolutely, but they happen and I have a feeling the coaches might have pointed that out to him a bit. I also think what hurts him most is his draft position (which is of course something he has no control over). If he were a 2nd or 3rd round pick, or hell, even a pick at 25 or 30, I think people would be fine with him developing. He should have been in the AHL when things slowed for him in his first NHL year. I know the plan was for him to be mentored by Elias, who ended up hurt.
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    It’s like this wasn’t a message board where people discussed Devils players! 3 sh!tty games in a row during a crucial stretch is fair grounds to discuss imo.
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    This thread was better when the cow was being beaten.
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    He is my favorite Devil. I have said it before, he was brought up too soon because we had nothing going on. He should be making his NHL debut this season, not playing in his 200th game. And if he keeps giving the opponent the puck in front of our goalie, I will continue to crap on him.
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    Mfitz need not reply. It seems like the forum cannot fvcking stand Pavel Zacha. I understand that we all wish he were Werenski or Provorov or Rantanen or Barzal, but he isn't. It isn't his fault we drafted him. But, holy sh!t guys -- that doesn't mean he isn't a useful player. That doesn't mean he can't turn into a top-6 forward. People seem to completely ignore how young he is when ripping on him. Before his 22nd birthday, he has 60 career points. Here's a list of current Devils players who've been able to amass 60 career points before their 22nd birthday: Taylor Hall Nico Hischier Marcus Johansson Pavel Zacha Annnnnd.... scene. Das it. Bratt will unless he gets injured, but that brings the list to 5. It boggles my mind that everyone is ready to give up on twenty-fvcking-one year old Pavel Zacha. 21. Parise didn't even see NHL ice until his 21 year old season. He's two and a half years younger than Will Butcher! Give him some time before jumping down his throat in every single fvcking postgame thread. Or don't. I can't tell you what to do. But I love Pavel Zacha and you should too.
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    It's two of us and we'll win tonight. My predictions usually suck. Hope not this time.
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    A couple of Prospects Updates links this week AATJ: https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2019/1/8/18171599/new-jersey-devils-prospect-update-1-8-19 Pulz: https://www.reddit.com/r/devils/comments/ae013g/devils_prospects_update_18/ Love this bobblehead promo & the devil tail!
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    This is why I brought up the same thing about Sean Couturier, it's frustrating drafting a guy in the top 10 and watching him go through growing pains early in his career, but there's a reason why these guys were drafted so high and proclaiming at the age of 21 that "he's always going to suck" is downright foolish. Guys like Bo Horvat, Sean Couturier, and Brayden Schenn were roughly what Zacha is now at the same age, who wouldn't want one of those guys on the Devils right now? Zacha has the tools to be a good player - he can skate, I think he's a pretty good passer with good vision in the offensive zone, he has a good shot when he uses it, and he's excellent defensively. If there was nothing there and he looked like fvcking Tim Sestito out there every night I'd be singing a different tune, but there's a skill set there that I can see that gives me hope he's still going to find his way, I really think the thing he has to figure out is all mental in terms of playing with confidence every night and engaging himself physically more to make use of his 6'3" frame. You can't say he hasn't made any progress since he entered the league as a 19 year old, that would be ignorant. All I'm saying is, I know it's frustrating watching other guys from the 2015 Draft succeed right now, but I think as long as he's wearing a Devils crest on the front of his uniform lets have some patience and root for the fvckin' guy. As long as he's wearing red and black I want this guy to succeed.
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    Honestly, I am tired of talking about drafting because its over, you can't go back and not draft him. So I will state the following: RECAP: He sucks. Not almost. I hope at some point in the future, he sucks less. There is still some chance that could happen. I'm happy his numbers at this point in his career are better than Josefson's. But that's like eating an awful sandwich and saying "hey, at least it's not dog sh!t". If he doesn't suck less soon, it's time to trade him elsewhere, where hopefully for his sake he will begin not to suck, and we can get something in return that also does not suck. He should be healthy scratched after the nonsense he pulled in the last 3 games. If we had anyone to take his place, of course. We are currently icing a team featuring Blake Pietila and Drew Stafford. I'll be very happy if one day he proves me wrong, and then is subsequently traded for the league MVP, which is exactly what happened when I hated Larsson.
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    The analogy is garbage and you know it. If Zacha was taken at 15th overall he would be disappointing. If he was taken at 30th overall he would still be disappointing. Just like how we are disappointed that Q isn't even an NHL player along with Matteau. There are certainly degrees of disappointment, but it doesn't make Zacha's case any better, but only worse because of where he was indeed drafted and how many others all around him have managed to put together good to very good careers thus far. Yes, we will go over and over again about how sh!tty Conte and Lou drafted over their last 10-15 years in NJ. Their drafting failures have put NJ way behind the eight-ball and their parting gift to the organization was whiffing with the #6 overall in the deepest draft since 2003. And yes we will talk about how nice it would be if we had selected Barzal or Rantanen instead of Zacha because we could use either one of those players right now.
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    Pretty sure I lead in high danger meme %.
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    Oh man, I say we dedicate post #1,000,000 to @Mike Brown where he does a recap of the board and its members as he sees fit. I'm being serious.
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    That goes back to the Devils doing a very poor job drafting while Lou and Conte was in charge. Because they failed at drafting well we don't have any alternatives in the immediate time frame. That doesn't negate him being an awful pick and him being considered a bust or at least a big disappointment.
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    I think this argument is silly. He was pegged to be a top 10-15 pick at the time. Therefore, multiple scouts/teams saw that he he had potential to be in that position and him going in the 2nd or 3rd round was not even a possibility. I know there are outliers with scouts getting it wrong, but I am not going to use those to excuse Zacha being a supreme disappointment. Also the age excuse is also silly. The guy has played in almost 200 NHL games by now. If that is still being considered "new" then where do we draw the line? At his 300th or 400th game? Zacha is and will be a bust. I really hope I am wrong but Zacha continues to prove me right, unfortunately. Whatever stat or metrics or standard you want to conjure up to make you feel better about his disappointing play is fine; just don't expect people to follow you right off that bridge.
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    I was really hoping they didn’t allow that third shot to end the first, then he could have been perfectly pathetic. or as he’d type it: = in w/
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    Yes, nothing left to say that's new. Dude was texting Suter during the 2012 playoffs, as I recall, about playing on the same team. He must have known then Suter wasn't interested in NJ and he'd be leaving. Ultimately, he was worth maybe half the price and term of his contract. As miserable as the past 6 years have been, I thank our lucky stars every day we don't have that albatross hanging over our heads. I hold no animosity towards Zach at all knowing what we know now (and sort of knew then too). And I say with no contempt, just factually, that despite him looking for a team with all the pieces when he signed there, it certainly seems to me that the Wild's best days with ZP9 and Suter are behind them. Edit: ZP11 now I suppose
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    It would be easy to stop if he would stop sucking, but there seems to be no end to that. Last game he turned over the puck and gave up a goal, it was a one goal game. You can argue he blew the game. Gane before we went to OT because he did the same damn thing. So two games in a row, two turnovers, two goals. We aren’t allowed to talk about that? Granted, talking about draft order and drafting in general is a little annoying, since you can’t do anything about it. I try not to do that, I just focus on his performance. Or lack thereof.
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    Because people don’t see the potential anymore. You can usually see consistent strengths and improvements in a budding young player, but the only thing he does well is suck really bad night after night. The other thing which upsets people is that he is with the big club...let him develop in the minors, not up here where he adds little. He’s a head case and his failures up here don’t seem to be aiding in his progress. Oh, and 21isnt that young anymore in the NHL. There are PLENTY of players that age contributing more than Zacha.
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    Zacha takes a step forward this year and finishes the season strong, exciting the fans about what could be to come..... this summer, Peter Chiarelli is hired as the new GM of the LA Kings, after getting a merciful axe in Edmonton.... Ray Shero calls to congratulate Chiarelli on his new gig, before turning the conversation in a more business toned direction.... before the conversation is through and the phones have been hung up, Ray Shero has acquired Drew Doughty in exchange for Pavel Zacha. The trade is one for one.
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    I was not going to as there's nothing left to say but if you want me too i can make an effort for you What there is to say though is that they are both halfway through those huge contracts and never made it past the 2nd round of the playoffs... and their best hockey is behind them
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    I mean you only had to hear the boos when KK got pulled against the Blue Jackets to know the honeymoon was over.
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    It's how I got my 96-97 Atlantic Division SGA banner lol.
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    That's the key part. Re-signing KK for even on the cheap doesn't solve anything, especially with the way he is playing. I simply can't understand why people think KK is all that good or worth having sticking around.
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    On that count, me too, mostly because I had always believed that they were in it up to the end as well...I also thought it had always come down to the Devils or the Wild. Though if you believe what skeeter posted before Parise's final season here (Chico's quote about Parise basically saying that he was gone, that he was miffed about the Devils ponying up so much for Kovy), guess it's not such a surprise now.
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    I remember being absolutely devastated when he left. LL blew it. Nothing new there. I feel like everyone knew after he got that 1-year deal in arbitration that his future in NJ was anything but certain. Crazy how Philly whiffed on Weber and Suter.
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    He had his two best seasons with us. I used to be upset by it but I'm not anymore. Once he signed the one year deal coming off the knee injury season, I knew he wasn't staying. he signed that deal to show other teams he was healthy so he could get a huge contract elsewhere.
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    Devils jerseys were particularly popular with the hip hop crowd in the mid 90's. Kings were too IIRC.
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    How's this for a spin.. I think, ultimately, it's been a good thing for the Devils as a team that Hall has missed some significant time. I think the team relies way too heavily on him to be 'the man' and having to learn how to play without him has been very important. I mean, I guess I can't blame some guys for being tempted to lean on him after the season he had last year but.. no more passengers. Nico in particular seems to be a guy that looks Hall's way every chance he gets - I think he's looked absolutely phenomenal during Hall's absence.
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