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    Hynes' extension runs through July 2021. So two more seasons after this one. Not really some major ringing endorsement...sure, it's something of a vote of confidence, but not a major one...Shero wasn't going to give him just one more year and have him be a lame duck again next season, so he went with a passable minimum of two seasons. Not saying that I want Hynes canned, but I am saying that he's not quite as untouchable as an extension would suggest. If Shero adds some pieces this offseason and is expecting some of the younger guys to take steps, and the Devils are not playing well again in 2019-20, I can see Hynes not lasting the season.
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    Guess Nasreddine is up for an extension next...
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    Not the first threesome I’ve ruined.
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    Honestly, I am tired of talking about drafting because its over, you can't go back and not draft him. So I will state the following: RECAP: He sucks. Not almost. I hope at some point in the future, he sucks less. There is still some chance that could happen. I'm happy his numbers at this point in his career are better than Josefson's. But that's like eating an awful sandwich and saying "hey, at least it's not dog sh!t". If he doesn't suck less soon, it's time to trade him elsewhere, where hopefully for his sake he will begin not to suck, and we can get something in return that also does not suck. He should be healthy scratched after the nonsense he pulled in the last 3 games. If we had anyone to take his place, of course. We are currently icing a team featuring Blake Pietila and Drew Stafford. I'll be very happy if one day he proves me wrong, and then is subsequently traded for the league MVP, which is exactly what happened when I hated Larsson.
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    Pulling up the site this morning and reading the rest of this thread after I turned off the game yesterday, I have the same feeling. I'm just downright disappointed. Yesterday's game was so bleh. As you said, no one really did anything, we scored AGAIN so early (I'm going to stop pointing that out because evidently it means NOTHING) and squandered yet another lead, and essentially did nothing for 59 minutes. The PP continues to be so ineffective, it's not even worth having the man advantage, because it's not an advantage at all. I feel like the guys are out there for 2 minutes just killing time until it's back to even strength and they start playing a 5 on 5 game that they're used to, but in the case of last night, it was so bad that we actually gave up a shortie too. Kinkaid was pretty bad last night and the defense was basically worse. All in all it was an awful game and sad to see us head the wrong direction from being .500. Tough test tomorrow even though we're back at home. I don't expect to win. If anything, a 6-0 loss wouldn't surprise me. With Hynes getting an extension last week he's obviously not going anywhere....but if we get blown out tomorrow, someone should be fired.
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    Oh and my contribution to Twitter:
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    I guess whatever floats your boat dude, it’s all good lol Stafford could only win a fight in a shootout.
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    Dano just got the “fool me once, fool me twice” thing backwards.
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    Ya know Cangi, you gotta take away the positives, Cangi. They came to Buffalo and made it to the rink on time. Like I said in 1988, the team wasn't doing so well in those days Cangi, you gotta show up to the rink to play. Harharhar -Dano
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    My stream went out. And I feel like it was done as a favor.
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    I wholeheartedly disagree that he’s contributing enough to warrant being on this team.
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    that goal is like an insult..that this is what I'm spending my night watching and in other news.. you'll never believe it but KK loses his mask yet again
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    Coleman just continues to impress and be a real bright spot. Love watching him play.
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    Doubtful, given Vanderbeek basically had a lemonade stand set up outside.
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    Plenty of hockey left...
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    I don't think the team is that far from being a fringe playoff team (the Devils clearly have issues, but better goaltending will make a ton of difference...hope Mac is the real deal, and will soon be back healthy), but it's definitely a long way from being a legit SC contender. There's some pretty beastly teams right now, and the Devils aren't anywhere near on that level. Scoring a Panarin would help, but I'm not sure how much that really closes the gap. You see teams like Tampa, Toronto, Pitt, Washington...there's just some friggin' really good teams out there right now. And the Devils look like they have their hands full with just about ANY opponent these days.
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    By the time the trade deadline came around, we were no lock to even get past the first round. He was also not our best offensive player that season.
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    We have a secret weapon...code name: Tank. GET SCHNEIDER IN NET HYNES!
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    Kucherov hits 71 points in 43 games. That's on pace for 135+ points. Signed for 8 more years at only 9.5AAV. I don't understand how teams are supposed to compete with Tampa. I've never seen a team that stacked.
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    Like Tri alluded to...last night's game is one that I feel like I've seen so many times this year. Non-competitive and prone to just falling completely apart when it starts to go south. Too many nights where they look like they don't even belong in the NHL...after games like last night's, I wonder how the hell they've managed to win 16 games. They've now given up 4+ goals in 20 games...out of 42! (They gave up 4+ in 26 games for all of last season.) They've given up a total of 103 goals in those 20 games...though they've managed to go 1-1-4 in games where they give up exactly four goals, they're 0-13-1 when giving up 5+. They're on pace to give up 4+ 39 times this year. That's just fvcking brutal. I thought KK had a chance to become another Terreri-type (passable #1), but I take it back. On some levels I give him a lot of credit...he was an undrafted player and he's done a lot more up here than a hell of a lot of Devils' drafted goalies. The Devils don't make the playoffs without his stepping up last year...he definitely did get some good fortune on that run, but he also made his share of big and important saves. Overall since staying up, he's been a serviceable backup and as we've been over is now being asked to do way too much (Plan A NEVER called for him to appear in 32 out of the Devils first 42 games of the season...think about that for a moment, about how much had to go wrong for this to happen). This being said, I think Shero should let him walk next season, and bring in someone else. Feels like it's time for a change. One thing we really should not forget is that Hall is not playing...this is really getting overlooked by all of us (me included)...I know they've sucked with him IN the lineup too, but not having him is just a fvcking killer.
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    No major blunders by Zacha tonight. He just contributed to the one giant team wide blunder called “tonight’s game”.
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    You can’t watch this team sober night in and night out. If Dano’s drinking, I don’t blame him lol.
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    Dano is on a roll tonight. Maybe he's back off the wagon. Or on the wagon....you know the only saying... Fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on...them....
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    Time for some flying Wood -
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    The room really cleared out here, huh? Me too, I rewound to confirm lol
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    I thought I heard that wrong.
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    “I don’t care how much you score, you have to be able to win 2-1 games” -Dano Uhh, well then you have to score 2, no?
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    Zacha can't be sent down without waivers. The idea that Quenneville is better than Zacha is a weird kind of blindness.
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    I was literally watching this the last week or so too.
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    This team shouldn’t be this bad - there’s enough talent to be performing like say Habs this year, this was almost 100 point team last year
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    The Sopranos is running in sequence on HBO 2 (and HBO 2 West, which I’m watching because I can see some of what I missed this afternoon). They’re up to season season 5. You’re welcome. I’ll be watching more of that than the 3rd tonight lol.
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    the team hasn't had real success in the draft in years.. they blew several 1st rounders (see Pavel Zacha) and no.. I don't want to hear that he is only 21 blah blah blah bullsh!t.. lets all be honest with each other..the kid is not very good in this league, especially where we picked him 9th or whatever it was
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    Hate to say it but he's wasted here.. does he want to wait another 2 years ? We should trade him for a first pick and a 2nd pairing defensemen
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    Don’t worry, a lot of hockey left. -Dano
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    Is it wrong that I’m hoping Buffalo runs up the score?
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    The goaltending just doesn't give this team a chance.
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    I might bail on this one. Feel like I've seen this before, and have a good guess at how it's going to end.
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    I'm impressed too and hoping he can keep it up.
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    Bad break for the Devils. Nico had a wide open breakaway nullified because the refs lost sight of the puck
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    Hey three's a crowd. Who needs 'em. Damnit, mfitz ruined it lol
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    A couple of Prospects Updates links this week AATJ: https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2019/1/8/18171599/new-jersey-devils-prospect-update-1-8-19 Pulz: https://www.reddit.com/r/devils/comments/ae013g/devils_prospects_update_18/ Love this bobblehead promo & the devil tail!
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    I just want to point out, my hatred of Zacha is based on his sh!tty performance now.I don’t know if he will develop, or if he will turn into something great, or something just good. All I know is he sucks right now, and I’m tired of watching him suck.
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    The analogy is garbage and you know it. If Zacha was taken at 15th overall he would be disappointing. If he was taken at 30th overall he would still be disappointing. Just like how we are disappointed that Q isn't even an NHL player along with Matteau. There are certainly degrees of disappointment, but it doesn't make Zacha's case any better, but only worse because of where he was indeed drafted and how many others all around him have managed to put together good to very good careers thus far. Yes, we will go over and over again about how sh!tty Conte and Lou drafted over their last 10-15 years in NJ. Their drafting failures have put NJ way behind the eight-ball and their parting gift to the organization was whiffing with the #6 overall in the deepest draft since 2003. And yes we will talk about how nice it would be if we had selected Barzal or Rantanen instead of Zacha because we could use either one of those players right now.
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    Pretty sure I lead in high danger meme %.
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    I don't think it's fair to say the Devils weren't in the running. Why, I have it on good authority that when Minnesota offered that 25 million dollar signing bonus, Vanderbeek countered with a really nice home made card that had dollar signs made out of macaroni. I bet Zach considered it.
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    I was not going to as there's nothing left to say but if you want me too i can make an effort for you What there is to say though is that they are both halfway through those huge contracts and never made it past the 2nd round of the playoffs... and their best hockey is behind them
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    If they didn’t have Starter jackets they were doing it wrong. Also, remember when hockey jerseys became popular in the hip hop community?
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