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    Zacha can't be sent down without waivers. The idea that Quenneville is better than Zacha is a weird kind of blindness.
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    There’s as many Zacha threads right now as he has assists...
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    Ya knoww Cangi all it takes is a good win, ahhhh, we got on some good runs in my day and I tell yaaah once we got going we kept going
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    I'm actually here! Toronto 13-4. Matthews calls us a Mickey Mouse organization after.
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    (Once the Devils are officially eliminated): "What was all of that 2.5% talk?!"
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    Cory Schneider would never do that. The trade is one for one.
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    You too bro, heh heh. In fairness, re: the bolded, not really what I was going for, as much as I was going for "he simply has yet to build off his most promising stretch of production to date"...and how shocking it would have been to have looked into a crystal ball at the time and not see a surge to even rival that one anytime soon after. There was definitely reason for hope at the time of that run, to think "This could just be the beginning..." Here, I'll break down the 111 GP into pretty equal samples (after that first one I pointed out): 28 GP: 6 G, 11 A, 37 SOG Next 28 GP: 2 G, 5 A, 39 SOG Next 28 GP: 3 G, 8 A, 51 SOG Next 28 GP: 3 G, 4 A, 40 SOG Next 27 GP: 7 G, 2 A, 49 SOG You can argue that maybe the bolded was inflated by luck...Zacha shot 16.2% for that sample. He's shot 14.3% for this latest run...maybe after shooting just 6.1% for those middle three samples, his (quite often rotten) luck is starting to turn, or at least even out some? I sure hope so. The only reason I ever did anything to "fluff" Palms is because he takes a lot of sh!t here for someone who's really been better overall than we had much right to expect, and I think people forget how productive he can be when it comes to finding the net. Guy's managed about 31 G per 82 GP as a Devil...if someone told me he'd do that when he was dealt here, I would've pissed myself. And even with a little slump lately, he's popped in 36 goals (with 28 assists) over his last 75 GP. That to me is also pants-wetting-worthy, especially since as we all well know, Palms is about as prone to streakiness (good AND not-so-good) as anyone...what's amazing for him over this stretch is that he's only gone more than two games without notching a point only once (four games). We probably just saw the most productive stretch of hockey he'll ever have in the NHL...and I have to read about how he falls down or doesn't do this or that (in your case last year, how he no longer gave a sh!t and was happy collecting paychecks, when he was struggling to get into a groove after fighting injuries). He's not a superstar, and not even truly a star...but I think he's a guy who's managing to get the absolute most out of his abilities, and gives it his all.
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    In honor of 80's night...take a chill pill. I'm already on record as saying that I don't hate Zacha and am still hoping that he can start becoming a more consistent NHLer (even if he ultimately DOESN'T contribute a ton offensively). If you have a problem with someone examining a given body of work and finding some anomalies, so be it. Yes, while it's not my "favorite" thing to do, it is interesting to find a big surge or a valley that can throw off a larger sample (to look better or worse than it really is), relative to the rest of the sample. Just kinda sucks that when he was starting to tease some offense and some consistency from a production standpoint, it's been very little since. To put it another way...you see a very young Zacha put up 17 points in a 28-game stretch (maybe the start of something good), what would you have said if someone told you "Guess what man, he's only going to put up 34 points in his next 111 GP, and not only that, he's going to find himself healthy-scratched and even sent down to Binghamton!" You would've thought that guy was being a serious Negative Nancy. And not even sure why you'd bring Brodeur into this at all, even in joking/passing...yeah, after 2009-10 he wasn't what he'd been (though he turned in fine second halves in 2011 and 2012, and includes much of the 2012 playoffs), but those were his age 38-42 years. The overall body of work from his NHL debut though his age 37 season was pretty awesome. He'd already set several records off the strength of that stretch alone.
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    I should have been clearer. I have no issue with the bottom number, it’s the top number that I disagree with. You gave him an extra 15 points over what he’s done. There is no “clear” indication he’ll ever be a 40 point player. And, he’s on pace for 18 points in his third season and will likely have played in more games than he did in the first two years, unless he starts getting scratched or he gets sent down (unlikely because of the waiver process). That means his production is worse in his third season, not better. And you didn’t say that was his ceiling, you said he was “clearly destined” for it. It is definitely not clear to me. I’d agree it’s his ceiling, if he figures his sh!t out, and it’s not clear he’ll ever do that either.
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    It is gonna be like so far out dude. I hope you have a gnarly time
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    I'm also here. I predict some awesome vintage devils hockey tonight along with vintage pop culture stuff!
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    Yeah...living in Philadelphia lol.
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    Mfitz need not reply. It seems like the forum cannot fvcking stand Pavel Zacha. I understand that we all wish he were Werenski or Provorov or Rantanen or Barzal, but he isn't. It isn't his fault we drafted him. But, holy sh!t guys -- that doesn't mean he isn't a useful player. That doesn't mean he can't turn into a top-6 forward. People seem to completely ignore how young he is when ripping on him. Before his 22nd birthday, he has 60 career points. Here's a list of current Devils players who've been able to amass 60 career points before their 22nd birthday: Taylor Hall Nico Hischier Marcus Johansson Pavel Zacha Annnnnd.... scene. Das it. Bratt will unless he gets injured, but that brings the list to 5. It boggles my mind that everyone is ready to give up on twenty-fvcking-one year old Pavel Zacha. 21. Parise didn't even see NHL ice until his 21 year old season. He's two and a half years younger than Will Butcher! Give him some time before jumping down his throat in every single fvcking postgame thread. Or don't. I can't tell you what to do. But I love Pavel Zacha and you should too.
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    Just a few points to add to this: 1. When Zacha was drafted, he was considered more of a project than many of the other players drafted around him. He also missed half of his draft season setting him back a little. Despite where he was drafted, his slow development in the pros shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone. 2. I think many times power forwards take longer to develop in general, much like defenseman. Smaller guys are used to using their elusiveness. In junior, Zacha was bigger and faster than everyone else so he could just go through people in Sarnia. He moved straight to the NHL where he frankly looked timid until about 2 months ago. Up until the recent rash of turnovers, he was playing really good hockey since Binghamton and he's been using his body much more. He may be behind but his development has hardly stagnated. 3. I live in the Philly area. Sitting around after open hockey last night, I was taken back by Flyers fans bitching about how bad Provorov has been this year. In this day of Gamecenter, I barely ever watch the Flyers any more but it seemed to be a pretty unanimous opinion. Everything isn't necessarily all roses with everyone drafted around Zacha who people lament that we didn't take. (Not happy with Nolan Patrick either)
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    I remember when he was a poster here.... too bad he’s a total fraud, as it turns out.
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    Although the "almost" joke gets thrown around here so often, I feel like "sometimes" is a better word to describe this season's Pavel Zacha. Zacha is a talented and smart player who has shown that he can play like a first line center, but he only does it sometimes. And it is done far too rarely. He has had games this season where he plays just as good of a game as anyone else on the ice, but then he'll regress for a week or two until the next time he shows up in full form. We've seen that he's got a great shot, some pretty nice speed, and he's a very solid passer (to both teammates and opponents), all while being responsible defensively. But I do not think that he's a case of "all tools, no toolbox". Otherwise, we wouldn't see those bursts of what looks like a very strong player. In my opinion, it's Zacha's mental game that holds him back the most. It seems that there was never a time in his career so far that he has had any consistency. This has made his season so frustrating for us as fans, because we can see that there is a really good player in there somewhere. I think he needs to elevate his intensity if he's ever going to succeed at the NHL level. He could learn some things from Coleman who really has what Zacha lacks most. It also could be that Zacha does not possess those scoring instincts that make a player like David Pastrnak so good. In contrast, you'll see Nico score a lot of goals from in tight because he can anticipate how a play will unfold, and he knows how to get to the right place at the right time. At the end of the day, I think all the Zacha hate arises from the idea that good teams are strong down the middle, particularly at the 1C and 2C spots. The Devils don't have that strong 2C, and because Zacha seems like the best candidate in the system for that spot, he gets all the hate for not living up to that spot. There are plenty of Devils prospects that have been far more disappointing. I'm not sure why there are all these comments to call McLeod up, who has been nothing more than an okay AHL player so far. Despite his dip in scoring, this has been a somewhat encouraging season for PZ. He has had a couple of games this season that were far better than anything he has shown in the previous 2. He also has looked very good on special teams, both PP and PK. I do think that we will get a good player out of Zacha in time, but he really needs to put in the work.
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    To be honest, Puck Soup is the only place I can hear Wysh still be Wysh nowadays. Think the podcast is much better now too with Ryan Lambert and Down Goes Brown as his co-hosts instead of Dave Lozo, I got kind of tired of Lozo's hate everything shtick.
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    Re: MoJo, it just seems like a classic case of "didn't work out", great as that deal seemed when it was made. BTW on another note, Zajac's coming up on about a full season's worth of GP where he's been about as productive as you could hope for...nice to see, especially with the rough start he got off to last season after he first came back: First 33 games of his 2017-18 season: 5 G, 2 A, 7 Pts, 37 SOG 71 games since: 17 G, 26 A, 43 Pts, 119 SOG He'll never be what he was on the ZZPop line, but at least he's got some good hockey left in him, as he approaches his mid-30s and 1000 GP for his career...just glad to see him bounce back over a fairly large number of games.
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    I don't know what it is, but I can't bring myself to dislike Zacha the way many do. I really pay attention to him every second he's on the ice; he does good things, has a certain smart instinct to his play, is a very clever playmaker at times, plays hard, gives plenty of effort all the time... And then I look at his stats and they are what they are, it just doesn't connect for him and I don't know why. Devils players who've played worse than him have put up better numbers, but he just doesn't... I felt the same with Josefson, found it hard to dislike him because he really didn't do all that much "wrong", and was always trying to piece it together, just never could. I never got the sense that Josefson made us a worse team, and I feel the same way about Zacha. He arguably has all the tools to be an effective 3rd line center for a long time, and I really want Zacha to piece it together somehow, because his leash is getting shorter and shorter. He's not that bad a player, I just don't understand why he can't put up numbers, it's frustrating.
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    You asked for hard-hitting ESPN hockey pieces. They delivered. What an incredible company. http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/25707545/the-struggle-real-why-hockey-butts-jeans-mix
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    Playoffs, here we come!!
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    This thread is expert level trolling. Please follow up with a thread about how good the Schneider/Kinkaid tandem has been this season.
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    Joseph is an upgrade over Kacy Rodgers though, but essentially we're going from a D student to a C student here and that's not the goal. Not for the Jets or any other team I was surprised too. Denver usually knows what they are doing (though they have lost their way a bit, starting with the drafting of someone like Paxton Lynch and Kubiak leaving. But Joseph is nothing more than a coordinator who will bounce around the league for another 20 years
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    Hey congrats Jet fans, you’re also getting the brilliant offensive mind of Dowell Loggains, who is probably a Patton Oswalt impersonator in his spare time:
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    Oh and btw, the NY media will detest this guy. He’s the most arrogant prick you’ve ever seen. He isn't a guy who will handle NY well if things aren’t going so hot.
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    It’s a good thing that FAN’s coach shows are with Giants people. Gase would not handle himself well being interviewed there after a bad loss. Having seen his body of work over the past three years, it’s not a terrible hire. The bubble screens will drive you absolutely nuts, but I think it’s safe to say he’s more or less competent.
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    I think the biggest issue with Zacha is that he is a #6 overall pick that is clearly destined to be a good, 25-40 point bottom 6 guy. The issue is that that type of production while coupled with the draft position, those guys don't frequently stay with their original team. The team will more than likely want to move on from it. So it wouldn't shock me to go be a productive role player for another team. He is clearly an NHL'er, but he'll never live up to his original promise. Kinda like the first person mentioned in this thread: adam larsson! (though getting traded for Taylor Hall is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more productive than anything we can ever expect out of Zacha)
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    Those are amazing with a capital awful.
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    Also Elias had a 78 point season as well and was second on the team overall (Kovy had 83 points IIRC). That was the quietest 78 points I can ever remember on the Devils with the exception of his 78 point season in 08-09 as well. 11-12 season just had a ton of dominos falling the right way. Henrique had the best Devil rookie season since Gomez, Clarkson scored 30 goals, Sykora managed 21 goals after we signed him for a song, and even Zubrus squeezed out 44 points with Marty having a strong 40ish game stretch in the second half of of the season. Not to mention the shootout prowess as you described.
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    That 2011-12 team was fun, but weird...the Bruins finished with a 49-29-4 record and had a goal differential of +61 (eliminating phantom shootout goals)...the Devils went 48-28-6 and were just +11. And of course as we well remember, they were friggin' BEASTS in shootouts...Kovy was damned near automatic, and as a team they converted on 57.1% of their shootout attempts...they went 12-4 in them that year. Was funny, for all that went very horribly wrong in the first half of 2010-11, so much went right in 2011-12. Some deals worked out nicely too...bringing in Poni and Zids, Zajac playing a ton in the playoffs after missing most of the regular season, etc.
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    You know its bad when you are pinning your hopes on a guy who has played less than 10 NHL games...
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    Hynes' extension runs through July 2021. So two more seasons after this one. Not really some major ringing endorsement...sure, it's something of a vote of confidence, but not a major one...Shero wasn't going to give him just one more year and have him be a lame duck again next season, so he went with a passable minimum of two seasons. Not saying that I want Hynes canned, but I am saying that he's not quite as untouchable as an extension would suggest. If Shero adds some pieces this offseason and is expecting some of the younger guys to take steps, and the Devils are not playing well again in 2019-20, I can see Hynes not lasting the season.
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    BTW in case anyone wasn't aware, here's the list of Devils UFA and RFA after this season (only players currently with the big club): UFA: Boyle, Yakovlev, Stafford, Lovejoy, Kinkaid, Johansson (I'd keep Boyle and Yakovlev. Soyonara to the rest...it's a shame that Johansson didn't work out, and maybe I'd consider signing him to a one-year "Show me" deal, if he's willing to bet on himself.) RFA: Noesen, Zacha, Pietila, Butcher, Mueller, Johnson (Gotta think Zacha and Butcher are locks to come back...can't see the Devils bailing on Zacha just yet. Mueller probably back on a cheap deal) Some other UFA: Tangradi, Gryba, Ramage, Lack Some other RFA: Quenneville, Lappin, Baddock, Gabriel, Kapla, Jacobs (Have a feeling Q will be back...bleech. Some others on this list will be too).
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    I think McCarthy will do well here if he gets the job. He's been a bit unfairly smeared on his way out of Green Bay and does not receive nearly enough credit for the job he did repairing Favre as well as his work with Rodgers. And the Packers being consistent winners. Also intrigued with Rhule. He seems like a very thorough, smart guy who is detail oriented and wouldn't let things slip like Bowles did. Culture changer Gase is meh. He could do well but he could also end up a total dud And it looks like Bowles is on his way to Tampa to be the DC for Arians Arians is a good hire for the Bucs
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    So are Andy Greene and Ben Lovejoy. Doesn’t mean they don’t suck either.
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    I think Zacha has actually been really good lately save for the two turnovers against Arizona and Vegas, like you said he's only 21 right now and it's not like he looks like some useless plug out there. You can make the argument he's one of the best defensive forwards on this team already and his production I think has looked pretty serviceable since his call-up. I liken him a little bit to Sean Couturier who the Flyers drafted 8th Overall back in 2011 - great defensive forward throughout his career and as he's matured he has developed into a legitimate top line center. Couturier didn't break the 40 point threshold until his 7th NHL season, and that was last year, how stupid would the Flyers look if they gave up on him when he was still a raw 21 year old? I know it's frustrating watching guys like Barzal and Rantanen producing like stars at the same age, but ffs I wish this fan base would give the guy a chance. I think he gets WAY more hate than he deserves and it doesn't seem like it'll stop until he becomes Barzal as early as tomorrow.
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