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    I'm perfectly fine watching him on Anaheim. I like him too, but people would be calling for his head if he were putting up numbers like that. I think it's cool that his legacy in Jersey will always be safe, and Vatanen was a necessity anyway
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    Very strange. Is your profile picture an image of a puck? If so that probably explains why he can't block you.
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    I did too, but due to a couple of very big moments (one in particular), his overall legacy here really got overblown. One of those guys who could have a nice long career though...already at 558 GP for his career, and he turns 29 in February. Could see him playing 1000+ games and finishing with 600+ points. Lots of guys would kill for a career like that.
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    I don't think they are going to have to worry about cap space for a while. They have 3 of their largest contracts coming off the books. Greene after next season, Zajac the season after that, then Schneider after that one. If Greene or Zajac re-sign it'll be for less money. Greene will be 38 and probably retire. Zajac will be 36 and not getting 5 million again. I doubt Cory will still be here by the time his contract runs out unless something dramatic happens. There will be plenty of space for Hall, Vats, Nico, Bratt, and whoever we take 3rd overall if Blackwood gets hurt again.
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    Agreed - if Hall wants to stay here you have to keep him. I refuse to worry about 'wasting' cap space on guys like Vats and Hall because literally what the hell else are we going to spend it on? In b4 "Gotta save for Nico and Bratt's bridge deals!!1!"
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    What did you want us to spend our useless cap space on exactly ? The top free agents like Tavares and Van Riemsdyk didn't want to sign in NJ so what now? Wanna throw a 80m, 7 years contract to guys like Vanek, bozak, perron or filpula ? Spending money just to spend money is not any better
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    I'm gonna be an old man saying get off my lawn because I think this is crap. There's enough crap on the ice and screen already with sponsorship ads on the boards and ice and digitally imposed on the glass now too. Why do we need giant team logos imposed in this? We can tell the difference between the teams by the damn color of the uniforms. More importantly why would I rather watch a sh!tty video game version replay of the action instead of you know, an actual replay of the the real action? Lots of patting themselves on the back here for what essentially is a lot of useless stuff especially because the average fan doesn't give a sh!t about all these stats as it is... What am I missing here?.... Besides how fast the puck was moving you can tell every other detail they mention simply by watching a replay. What brand spanking new info are we exactly getting here with goalies? Come on. Lots of garbage about getting people to bet in the article too. Also this... Yet earlier in the article they mention they have been working on the system for years so why not work on the display more so it doesn't look like a sh!tty ps2 game? The Red Bulls players have been wearing sports bras that track all sorts of stats for years now. They don't show any of the info on the broadcasts though. This whole article feels like the NHL paid them to write it since it kisses so much ass. You can also sign up to read the article for free like I did cause I'm sure as hell glad I didn't pay to read that crap. Lastly the best part of all this nonsense is that they still won't know if the damn puck is offsides or over the goal line without a damn long review.
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    I’m doing that thing where we immediately put up the new GDT after the game ends. LGD
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    On this note, though I don't really have any quibbles with Shero, I am mildly surprised that he hasn't tried a minor "shake up" kind of deal as of yet...but it seems like he wants to see how some of these young guys respond when they're given chances, which I get.
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    He missed 6 games last season. The year before that he only missed 10 following a surgery to his knee. That's right KNEE SURGERY and he only missed a total of 10 games (and if I recall, I think only 8 of them were post-surgery). Neither of those is really significant time. Arguably coming back 10 games post-surgery is exactly what a team leader would do. This year he's missed 11, I have no idea what is wrong with him nor when he will return. The idea that a guy might miss 6-10 games a year means he's not worthy of a "superstar" paycheck is , frankly, completely ridiculous. Especially last year when he was the only guy playing for a while. I'm quite happy you are not negotiating his extension.
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    I'm fine with this. I'm happy to give Rooney some more looks, because as I mentioned prior I don't think Pietila brings much. I'm also fine and kinda happy actually that Mueller's still in for Santini. I think Mueller's a bit better player, and also was glad to see him bring a little tenacity last game. He got into a couple scuffles and actually used his size a bit, didn't back down when engaged. We need more of that.
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    We need to win this game. We can win this game. We should win this game. I'm very confident when Blakwood is in net. That's a good feeling. Let's bring down his already-awesome 1.85 GAA and raise up even further his equally amazing .947 Save %. Still no Hall? I hope the guy's here next year, and many years beyond that, but when it comes time to negotiating a contract for him, his injury woes need to be brought up in the discussion. Not saying it's a huge problem, because there's lots of guys who are worse, but Hall's missed enough time now between this year and last where it's at least relevant and should be noted. If you want to get paid like a superstar, you have to be on the ice.
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    Exactly this. Certainly believe other guys throughout the league may not do their own but this guy I believe 100% certainly does.
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    Yeah.... This guy definitely runs his own Twitter account lol...
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    The only thing worse than not having Taylor Hall is when you go to the game and there is no Taylor Hall. I'll be there tonight I think. Guy at work cashed in his food drive tickets for this one and asked if I wanted to go.
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    I can see where this is an effective tool for teams to use behind the scenes. But if that crap starts showing up on broadcasts, its brutal and would ruing the viewing experience for most fans. The broadcasts are cluttered enough. This would make it 100x worse.
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    At this point I'd be surprised if EK makes it to free agency. Very surprised. Think the Sharks lock him up long term.
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    You don't even have to @ KK, he literally searches his name on Twitter and blocks anyone who is even remotely critical of him. He has even been caught doing it during intermission lol. I know about a half dozen people I follow on twitter who are blocked by Kinkaid. Even Todd Cordell has or is blocked by KK for writing a piece about his struggles lol.
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    Hell yeah boys we're back in the thick of the playoff hunt. #GottaBeOver3.0%ChanceNow
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    That’s a valid point. Did you maybe say something negative about Chipotle or something? Pretty much any chant or cheer is corny if you think about it.
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    Considering how quiet the arena was when we first started to suck a few years back, I'll take all of the corny cheering/singing. I love hearing it on TV and even laugh with my friends out here. Really like that they keep Ah ha's 'take on me' going when the song stops. I used to not like the hey song after the goal song, but hey, it gets the arena loud for a few more minutes following a goal. Different sport, but Buffalo basketball [#19 in the freaking nation] were on TV yesterday and there wasnt anything resembling a chant done by the student section either on offense or defense, which pissed me the fvck off because when I was there, we started their supporters section, and even had announcers commenting on the energy in the arena when we werent even sniffing a ranking. Different generations of fans, man.
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    Its a hockey game, people are spending their money and time to go out and have a good time.. Our fans will bitch about anything they can, how about be glad that people have still been coming out even though the team is once again struggling.
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    nice, this is a lot better then waiting 1 hour before the game starts. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch this or Tuesdays game as ill be at work..but hopefully we can take advantage of a struggling Chicago team and string together some points here. Has there been any word on what happened to hall and when he is expected to come back?
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    Watching the game now, that Nico goal was sick. Comes out of the box, steals the puck, then the silky smooth finish. I love this kid.
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    I’m pretty confident that if the Dolphins end up with Tua or, failing that, Lawrence, Harbaugh will be here. It’s not just the head coach, but also the front office that Ross has thinned out to basically Chris Grier (the Devils’ assistant coach’s brother btw) who has been pretty good at drafting.
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    i feel like people singing along to songs is a pretty clear indication that they're having fun so... don't really foresee it stopping any time soon. it's been going on for a few months now
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    I agree. If you want to object to people cursing and talking about who swallows what, that’s one thing. But outside of that, anything the crowd is doing that shows they’re present, involved and supporting the team is fine by me.
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    I don't mind it. Better than YOU SUCK, RANGERS SUCK, EVERYTHING SUCKS.
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    From a game-watching perspective I hate this. If I wanted this kind of thing I'd have been watching simulated games on one of the EA sports games. But it will be interesting how it impacts scouting and coaching. All the advanced stats that we as fans keep track of were originally put into place for scouting and coaching purposes and have refined how GM's and coaches view players and the game. That's where I think this will have more impact. Younger fans might appreciate this on a viewing level, but I anticipate greater than FOX Glowpuck levels of backlash if they force it down the throats of those of us that have left our high school days behind.
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    Some random stat said he wasn't good at something therefore he sucks.
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    Wasn't everyone saying he sucks this year just two weeks ago?
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