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    You reminded me, I have no future tickets. January was a crazy month. I need to see about remedying that.
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    I just read that as “San Jose Sharts” and I now love that. I’d trade any of them, but i’d prefer it be to a more borderline team so the picks we get back are worth more. Except KK, I would take the Devil himself as a trade partner on that one.
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    I can't recall a single instance in the past ten years or more where a player had surgery during the season and the team did not make any announcement to that effect. At this point I"m wondering whether it's a concussion and the team is taking things really slowly.
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    Hard to believe anything better will happen than Heiskanen eating wall in the fastest skater comp. Dude must have been embarrassed. He did a Miles Wood.
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    Our household had the same opinion, the hockey newbies were saying they could follow the puck, especially when it was wrapping around the glass with the tail enabled. I wasn't so thrilled with the length of the trails, but the subdued grey wasn't so distracting. Maybe if they could make it come on when its a puck in a high rate of motion instead of always being there. I do like the player tags and the tracking shift times and stuff so far though.
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    I avoided this thread until I had a relatively good idea of what it was all about, here’s my 2 cents: I think it’s gonna be good for the game. I think this will do a lot more for it than the advanced stats which are beyond controversial as what they show versus what actually happens on the ice are a crapshoot. i think even adding it to the regular broadcast might not be that bad. It kinda feels like watching a game of NHL 19 with a little more going on. I haven’t logged onto the app to see really how much is shown but I still don’t find it to be too overwhelming. The puck tracker they just showed on the broadcast I think is much less obnoxious than the glow puck, but like Doc said, I think it will help the casual or new fan follow the action better. My friend who doesn’t watch hockey game over last weekend and watch parts of two games with me and his big complaint was it was a challenge to find the puck. I think people like him would benefit from the puck trail.
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    Yeah, that's a tough call. On one hand you want to see blackwood develop in the nhl, on the other you REALLY want to be in that bottom 4 to improve your odds at a top 3 pick .. Blackhawks need some goaltending this 2nd half
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    Or maybe Cormier goes back to the Bing & Cory goes to the ECHL lol (further to the below, Wedge is in net for the Amerks): Jeff Ulmer Retweeted PATRICK WILLIAMS‏Verified account @pwilliamsNHL 17m17 minutes ago More PATRICK WILLIAMS Retweeted Rochester Americans Just your average game where Binghamton scores three goals in 2:55 to come back from down 4-1 only to see Rochester bang in two more goals 54 seconds apart. Binghamton has since added another one to close to 6-5. Cory Schneider is in net for Binghamton. ETA: If you want to see all the goals, check out Jeff Ulmer's twitter - he has all the gifs from tonights game: @Ski931
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