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    What else can you say about Coleman at this point? Great game for Zajac, too.
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    25 goals in his last 65 games for Coleman. Goddamn...
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    Pickles! Break clearly didn’t affect him
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    Awesome job by Zajac to stay with that puck
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    Travis closing in on 500 points for his career...needs 10 more to reach that milestone.
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    Amazing how crappy they looked on that PP and then somehow Palms scores. I’ll take it!
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    It’s crazy how much both he and Devils in general have owned such a good Pens team lately. It’s absolutely in their heads at this point. I know Malkin, in particular HATES playing them.
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    Nico needs to get in on the scoring... He’s awful. Other than his size I have no idea how he’s in the NHL.
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    What a ripper from Pickles. Great game so far
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    It wouldn’t shock me that much if he became a rental for the rest of this season, and was right back here next year. I think Shero likes him a lot.
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    Haha, the guy behind the net's reaction was great. Just put his hand on his head
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    LeBrun is also reporting the Sharks have interest in the Devils' UFAs and he's not crediting Kurz on that, although they both write for The Athletic so maybe that isn't necessary.
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    Good. Sooner KK is gone the better.
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    Aside from intending to start KK, the rest of it makes sense.
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    fvcking Cory. You gotta laugh at this point. Funny that the AHL Allstar game has the old, more fun to watch, format that the NHL did away with. At least with that event.
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