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    fvck the tank just for one night. Don't care they're just as crappy as us, its always nice to beat them. Time to nut up or shut up!
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    What else can you say about Coleman at this point? Great game for Zajac, too.
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    Screw the league for making the first meeting a meaningless game a few hours from FEBRUARY.
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    I want Blackwood in net, Hall back from his missing leg or whatever happened, and I want to put a touchdown on the board against these clowns. And then go for 2.
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    Anyone else feel like KK played just well enough to maybe fool some team into trading for him, and then at the end, did just enough to remind them they should not?
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    25 goals in his last 65 games for Coleman. Goddamn...
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    Pickles! Break clearly didn’t affect him
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    Awesome job by Zajac to stay with that puck
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    Travis closing in on 500 points for his career...needs 10 more to reach that milestone.
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    He's quietly put up 9 points in his last 15 games. Not mind blowing but a nice step in the right direction.
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    I feel a slow clap coming on... (as in not chlamydia)
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    If I wasn't headed to Florida that day, I would've been at that game for sure. My daughter badly wants to go to a Devils - Rangers game...she knows how much I despise them, every last thing about them. fvck those Blowshirts! LGMFD!
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    Make that 8 more points... Kyle Palmieri has 39 goals and 28 assists over his last 82 GP. Hard to think that this won't represent the most productive 82-game "pseudo-season" stretch of his career. Gotta admit, though I'm obviously a big fan of his, I never would've expected him to ever score at that rate over that kind of sample size. He has a little of bit of stubborn overachiever in him. That being said, even though he's managed three goals in his last five GP, and even though he's always been very prone to streakiness (just three points in his last nine games, in his first real offensive slump of this season), it's really starting to feel like both he and Nico are suffering without Hall. They need him badly.
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    The issue is not when the player has the puck, but when the puck is passed or shot or dumped. A lot of people have trouble following it and especially so when it is along the near boards. Those kinds of instances take time and those situations take up about 1/3 of the game. A lot of casual or first time viewers get frustrated when they can't tell where the puck is for that much in a game. We really don't know how much of a difference the technology will make. Even with the Fox trax puck it wasn't used for long enough or often enough to really gauge how effective it was over the long term for gaining new viewers. Plus the new puck tracking is far less intrusive than a purple blob that was on a SDTV. We will just have to see. Yeah that $10 line was the 7th circle of hell. After 2-3 times of standing in that line I never went back and paid more to get seats in advance so I wouldn't have to stand in that line. Also, it wasn't the fact that there was a line that was awful, it was the people who were in it and each time it was the same terrible people. I don't think putting them online to purchase in advance would be a good idea. Then they are open to online bots and scalpers scooping them up literally the second they go on sale and suddenly they are with those guys standing outside the box office saying "tickets?" in their exaggerated accents.
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    He now has 19 goals and 31 assists in his last 78 games. About as productive as he’s ever been post-ZZPop. I’ll take it.
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    Zajac, our overpaid and overrated 3rd line center, with 4 pts tonight.
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    Palms snipe there was better than the all star event lol.
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    Amazing how crappy they looked on that PP and then somehow Palms scores. I’ll take it!
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    It’s crazy how much both he and Devils in general have owned such a good Pens team lately. It’s absolutely in their heads at this point. I know Malkin, in particular HATES playing them.
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    Nico needs to get in on the scoring... He’s awful. Other than his size I have no idea how he’s in the NHL.
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    What a ripper from Pickles. Great game so far
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    It wouldn’t shock me that much if he became a rental for the rest of this season, and was right back here next year. I think Shero likes him a lot.
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    It might be smart. But it’s a complete bastardization of the game and I don’t see how anyone could feel good about it.
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    You’re favorite player of all time is a freaking Penguin???
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    I understand what you mean. Idk of any professional athlete that is just going to lose to lose to help a team. That is kind of career suicide too. I am not saying that maybe it doesn't happen I guess. I just find it unlikely. Any professional takes pride in their work and their performance and wants to get paid for it. I def don't think our team ever loses on purpose. They just suck. I was more talking about management purposely not spending money, not the players not trying to win. Also I think it is lame to harp on some fans embracing the tank and wanting the team to lose most nights as opposed to winning to help the long term. It is what it is, you can't hate some people for going all in on the future.
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    This game took way too long to get here. LGD. fvck these guys up.
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    The best part of the Zacha meme is you can always make it work. Like: Zacha with the Gordie Howe Hat Trick! Also, did anyone else catch the quote from our captain that all of the players can be 3, 4 or 5% better? Does he understand what he’s saying there??
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    He had 13 goals last season as a Devil in 69 GP.
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    Head scratcher ! Yakovlev needs to play, need to see more. Head scratcher ! Yakovlev needs to play, need to see more.
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    Jones and Dell are better at goaltending but have been very disappointing in emoji usage this season. They will need that KK talent for a deep playoff run.
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    I'm guessing Boyle might be their big target with MoJo secondary. I can't imagine KK is really that big on their radar but who knows. I am also assuming all of these guys will be traded for picks/prospects at best and no roster players.
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