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    Mojo! Trade him right after the game while his value is still something!
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    Back to back home games suck. Even more so when the team sucks. Ryan Murphy in for Gryba because he speaks better English. Lappin in for Anderson cause they don't want him starting back to back games after coming back from his injury. Emojii Douche starting in net. LETS GO DEVILS!!!
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    I’ll say it since everyone else seems to hate him now, good game by KK.
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    Bratt seriously has some skill that not many other players do. That was one of the nicer players I've seen lately. And on top of all that, the goal pumped up MoJo's trade value even more.
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    What a fvcking play by Bratt!! Wow!!
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    In the Loft today. Very impressed. Food is actually a little better than the Club seat offerings (and it’s a buffet here too), and the setting feels more restaurant and less cafeteria. Only complaint is that the employees here have clearly been trained to ask “Can I take your plate?” as soon as they see one that’s empty. But it’s awesome otherwise.
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    At least he hasn’t said Gordie Howe hat trick yet...
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    Crowd filled in a bit. I will say whether it's free tickets or not the crowds have been solid this year considering how sh!t this team is to watch.
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    You assume anyone on the staff actually has a clue at this point... cause I’m of the thinking they’re clueless, all of them.
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    Probably would be the smarter move, rather than extending him and then him having a career ending injury.
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    I don’t hate it... Trade ED while he doesn’t need Viagra....
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    Marcus Johansson is more valuable to this team being on the roster than whatever he will fetch in the trade market. Just extend him while his value is perceived to be lower, and surround him with more talent, profit.
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    Murphy looked solid for his first game, I'd definitely rather see him than Gryba.
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    That was a fun game, KK looked great, Nico was great, Bratt and Johansson doing Swedish things on the 2 on 1. I don’t like when we make things “interesting” like we did at the end of this one, but we come out on the right side. i didn’t like Erika’s hair.
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    Oh look we scored first again, remember when that mattered? Sigh... Zacha’s third against the Canes this season. FYI - the Canes backup announcer pretty much called the Zacha goal, saying he’s the threat (lol) when butcher had to reset
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    Zacha and a PP goal! Murphy with a nice pass and a point in his first game! Lol
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    Just think how sweet it'll be to hopefully pick top 2. Hall, Nico, Bratt, Butcher, the kid front this year.. it's starting to look like a solid core.
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    I hate losing. I hate looking at the standings. I like looking at where we are picking in the draft. LGD!
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    Afternoon games do makes sense. Plenty of kids and families at yesterday's game but having two back to back is silly. Seems like more people chose yesterday with how the place looks at the moment.
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    Carlyle finally out in Anaheim. EVP/GM Murray is taking over, pulling a Lou power move.
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    https://www.tsn.ca/habs-acquire-weise-folin-from-flyers-1.1254908 Schlemko back in the Metro, nownwith the Flyers
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    Based on what Hall will get, and what Nico will get, and how much cap room we have, I think that’s the wrong move. We definitely have room for another big ticket guy.
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    I thought Cory still looked good tonight, the one goal was obviously soft. But all 4 were drastically misplayed by the defense. And that tip from Parise, nobody was stopping that, it would’ve had to hit him by chance, and it didn’t. In any event, we certainly lost another game and we’ll see KK tomorrow.
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    Next game Get Yak and Murf in on D #Lose4Hughes
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    Yeah I was at Zach’s first game back..... we were relentless. The boos were loud and plentiful lol.
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    That guy who the Blackhawks pulled out of the stands last season has won a game more recently than Cory.
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    Hughes - Hischier - Hall has a nice ring to it. Triple H line?
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    *lose for Hughes, lose for Hughes*
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    People can hate on the guy, but he has been fine this year and last in his role on the 3rd pair. He's also consistently been one of the more interesting interviews and is generally worth listening to, which can't be said of many boring ass hockey players. I'll miss him when he's gone, even if he's nothing special.
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    I think that management should sports bet on the Devs to finish 30 and THEN tank the team. They seem more concerned about teaching our kids the ions and outs of sports betting than hockey.
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