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    Ovechkin is amazing because everyone knows exactly where he is and where he's gonna be shooting from, he's been doing it exactly the same for the past 14 years, and still no one can stop him or slow him down. I think he's already the greatest goal scorer in NHL history, really hope he can break Gretzky's record.
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    ‘In the past, there was the perception GMs didn’t want to anger each other with offer sheets. That they were philosophically against the idea. Hogwash, says Ray Shero. “Are you philosophically against improving your team? No,’’ said the Devils GM. “That’s what it comes down to. … You always hear about the old boys club. The old boys club, seriously? I don’t care whether it’s new boys or old boys, you want to win. Everybody is competitive. Maybe 20 years ago somebody would say the team would get you back. Really? That’s not how you operate. It’s about planning and doing what’s best.’’ ‘ https://theathletic.com/850584/2019/03/05/lebrun-will-2019-be-the-summer-of-the-rfa-offer-sheet-its-something-to-consider/
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    I don't want to be that guy....but as long as Erika is doing alright, we're in good shape for game time.
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    Kucherov had a stretch this season where he put up 81 points in 44 games (22 G and 59 A). That's just insanity in this day and age. As for Ovechkin, barring injury, next season he should crack 700 goals and work his way past Messier for 8th on the all-time list. He should break into the Top 5 all-time the season after that...he needs 79 more goals to do it. At any rate, hard to think that he doesn't finish his career as one of only three players ever to manage 800+ goals in the NHL, and with Gordie Howe having barely broken that barrier (801), seems like a solid bet that Ovechkin will retire as the second-highest goal-scorer in NHL history. Just too early to argue that he has a shot a Gretzky (894)...I'd need to see him get to 850 or so and still have enough left in the tank.
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    He sounds pretty confident Hall will re-sign. Otherwise, you don’t tell the guy how bad you want him because you lose any negotiating power. Or at least, that Shero will do whatever he can. He will offer a ton of money and hope it works.
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    3. Devils GM Ray Shero pointed out that, too often in the offer sheet debate, a crucial element is skipped over: That the player actually wants to sign the offer sheet. While there are often cases to be made for teams offering these players a deal, the player has to want to do it too. “It’s not one of those things where you go, ‘Hey, here you go, sign this,’” Shero said. “Everyone talks about offer sheets, like, ‘why didn’t a team do this?’ You missed the part where the player actually has to agree to sign.” 4. Speaking of which, Shero has his own contract negotiation to worry about this summer. Taylor Hall will be entering the final year of his contract next season and can sign an extension with the Devils on July 1. There’s a big raise coming from the $6 million Hall is earning now. Shero said he hasn’t engaged in any talks yet with Hall’s agent Darren Ferris, which is consistent with how he’s always handled franchise players in this spot. “I’ve never talked with a player during a year before the end of the year – (Sidney) Crosby, (Kris) Letang, (Marc-Andre) Fleury – it would be well after the season. You have a year left,” Shero said. “We’ll sit down and talk. He’s an important player for our franchise.” 5. At the trade deadline, we saw the trend of teams moving players with term on their contracts continue to be an effective strategy. There seems to be a higher appetite among GMs to use assets on players who will contribute beyond just the one playoff run while shopping at the deadline. So with that in mind, was there any consideration in the Devils front office about shopping Hall at the deadline? “Less than ****ing zero,” Shero said. “Zero percent. Someone (in the media) asked me that two weeks before the deadline. Zero chance. Zero. Just to make it clear.” So, one percent? “Zero. Zero,” Shero said. “It was zero.” https://theathletic.com/855696/2019/03/07/gms-offseason-priorities-blackhawks-looking-to-spend-sabres-looking-to-deal-rangers-a-wild-card-and-more/#_=_
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    I think the amazing thing is that he looks at the goalie before he gets the pass and then doesn't look again until after the shot is released. He took the shot without even picking up his head and it was placed perfectly even after the goalie adjusted his angle to face him. He just fvcking knew.
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    So while we're on the topic of Ovechkin.. here's #46: https://streamable.com/54ac0 He just makes it look so easy. Has a lot of time, granted, but still.. just absolutely wires it through the legs. Makes the goalie look stupid.
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    It's crazy to think that we've gotten to watch, imo, the greatest pure goalscorer of all time do his thing in glorious HD. Like in 20 years we're going to be talking about Ovechkin the way many talk about the greats of the 60s/70s/80s today. He really is incredible.
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    I don’t think Ovechkin catches Gretzky, but if he ends up #2 all time, that is one hell of an incredible accomplishment. The greatest goal scorer of his generation for sure.
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    Pretty impressive stats being put in as we enter the last 15 or so games of the season. Ovechkin looks like he's going to win his 8th goal scoring title, which is amazing. He already set the record when he got 7, and as he likely adds to it this year, I don't think we're going to see someone break that for quite some time. Kucherov has also tied McDavid's points lead of 108 last year, and obviously still has time to add to that too. Jagr put up 127 20 years ago in 98-99, and it's not unreasonable to think he might reach that. Not much else going on especially with our team right now, but at least these are interesting and exciting to watch and track.
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    i don't think it happens much because the cost is prohibitive. and rather than just offer sheet, you're better off simply working out a trade for the player.
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    Exactly. While it's encouraging to get a peek into Ray's mentality and how he thinks, which is refreshing, it's still sort of like an 'I'll believe it when I see it' situation.
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    The history speaks for itself though doesn't it? Not trashing Ray but until it happens more than once in a blue moon I'm not buying what he's selling.
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    I'm not going to bother to do the standings until the Devils play next but I cannot believe that Anaheim blew a 1 goal lead with a minute left and lost in regulation.
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    Completely agree. I'm guilty of projecting into the future all too often, both in sports when thinking about stats, and even in my own life, but I gotta admit, it saddens me to think that in 5-7 years or so he'll probably be retired, and it'll be the end of an amazing era in hockey. I've always been sort of a fan of his from the moment he was drafted because, quite obviously, I saw his pure and raw talent for goal scoring, and as his career winds down, although I'm no Caps fan, I'm trying to appreciate and savor getting to watch him play and track his stats.
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    Yeah, what's cool for him is that he's steadily passing guys pretty much every half season or so at this point, which you'd think has to be a nice incentive for him to keep trying so hard night in and night out - if he hits 45+ goals next year he'll top 700 like you said, and pass a handful of guys as he climbs the ladder. If I were him, I'd get a ton of joy and motivation from leaping some of the NHL's all-time greats in the next year or two. I don't think he does either, but what's surprising to me and equally impressive is how healthy he's been lately, and in general throughout his career. He's played the entire season the last two years, and only missed 1 game this year, which wasn't even due to injury or illness, it was the mandatory game he had to sit out for skipping the All-Star game. If he's able to continue playing a similar amount of games for the next 4-5 years, you never know, he may actually get close to 894.
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    I agree with you guys... I don’t see an offer sheet coming from Shero. Toronto and Winnipeg would probably match anything for Marner or Trouba, who would be the likely big fish candidates. I guess it’s possible to target Kapanen, since Toronto would be less likely to match, and the compensation wouldn’t be four 1’s.... still, I think it’s incredibly unlikely.
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    Good news: not a concussion Bad news: lung contusion Mojo cannot catch a break
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    So his hands plus Miles Wood’s feet plus whose brain equals the perfect hockey player?
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    At least this way our fans can meet the kids who make the knockoff jerseys they love so much.
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    They should go right now...if there's any NHL team that currently has a "MADE IN CHINA" feel to it...
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    Mojo is still in the hospital this morning. If the Bruins want to be pissed about their damaged goods, they can look no further than the dirty piece of rat sh!t wearing number 63 for them.
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    Looked like a clean hit. Whatever the injury ends up being, feel bad for Johansson. Guy can't catch a break.
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    And that's why you had to trade the guy. He always seems to be on the wrong end of the hits. Hopefully like you said it's an arm/shoulder but there was certainly some whiplash to his head and neck. Certainly hoping he's ok.
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    Well, ideally I'd love to get into the top 2. Obviously. But 3rd-4th isn't bad, still have a decent shot at moving up. Just would be an absolute bummer to get leapfrogged and draft 5th-6th or something should a team or two behind us move up.
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