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    I'm sorry, but the bolded is such crap...I swear some fans would rather Shero make bad or questionable moves for the sake of doing so. Shero has told us time and time again how he plans to build his team, and it's preferably to assemble a group that can be a legit contender for several years. Not a team put together with older overpriced UFAs, that maybe can make the playoffs and win a round, but clearly won't be able to compete with the legitimate top teams (like the Lightning, etc)...and will soon be saddled with bad contracts. He inherited so little, both at the NHL and AHL levels...he's been able to get some things done in spite of that, but he's had to try to rebuild both the big team AND the farm from damned near scratch. I loved last year's run to the playoffs, it was an absolute blast for all of us (and the players I'm sure, especially for guys like Hall), but at the same time, I think there's a small part of Shero that hated it, because it quickly raised expectations, and forced him to temporarily abandon his plan (though I give him credit for trying to support his players with those deadline deals). I readily admit that I thought the Devils could make the playoffs again this season, but we've now seen how much the organization still needs more depth and talent before it's truly ready to consistently contend. But anyway, the point is the Devils weren't really at the point where overpaying a "final piece" or questionable UFA made any sense. I think Shero would've jumped all over Tavares and/or Carlson if they were interested in coming here, but obviously in both cases neither scenario was ever a possibility. Shero also hasn't yet built up enough of a legit prospect base in the minors to make a big deal for an established star...we're seeing how a lot of the Devils' AHLers are faring at the NHL level, and that's clearly not really where their future lies...not with NHL stiffs like Q, Lappin, etc. The guys we're truly hoping will make a difference (like Smith and Boqvist) aren't even here yet. The fact is, Shero needs time. As much as I hate watching the Devils suck and close out this season the way that they are, I don't want him propping up this group with a couple of overpriced signings so they can be a middling playoff team with no chance of really going deep. I say start with re-signing Hall, and then see what can be done (via a trade or two) with the gaggle of picks he's stocked up on. And as for the thread bump...yeah, was a glorious time for sure. And I definitely look back on that time very fondly. I just don't ever want to get trapped celebrating past victories over and over again...I'll save that for the Rangers and their fans.
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    Especially the 2000 and 2001 teams. I don’t think they get the credit they deserve for being an absolute juggernaut those years. I really wish we had closed out the 2001 series because then it would probably be different. I can’t tell you how many bets I’ve won down here in Philly with people who just tell me it was a trap and I bet them we were the highest scoring team back then.
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    After hooking up poster David Puddy with tix for Game 5, he hooked me up for Game 7. I was in the Arena both Cups. Apparently I'm the lucky charm
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    Nikita Popugaev with two goals this weekend in the Bing. The one above is a ridiculous bottle popper.
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    Knocking Stephane Matteau unconscious in 1994 would be at the top of my list.
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    if you'd have a time machine for Devils related stuff... let's say drafting Petersson instead of Nico would not be close to be a priority on my list..
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    Ahh the glory days...
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    Just saying, tickets are gonna get very cheap as the year goes on...maybe NJ Devs needs to get a group together and hang in the Lofts...
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    Yeah I remember that very well...I had tix for the final two rounds of the playoffs that year (bought a strip)...also went to one of the wins vs. the Pens in the second round. Lemieux's breakaway goal that really felt like the absolute exclamation point killer got the building going too. Was a great win to see at home after a couple of tough losses there in Games 3 and 4. I was down at Manasquan at a buddy's shore house with a lot of friends around for Game 5 of that series...including a Flyer fan, who for some reason thought his team was damn near a lock to pull the series out, even though the series was obviously tied up 2-2, and the game was tied 2-2. The shock on his face when Lemieux scored that "Huh WHAT?!" goal so late in that game was priceless (ditto the faces of the Flyer faithful in attendance...the Spectrum just died right there and then). He barely said a word for the next several hours. I can only imagine how that crowd must have felt as they filtered out of the building...heh heh...
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    I wanted a 3 point result, but LA winning outright is a decent outcome. 26: VAN -4 27: ANA -7 28: NJD -10 29: DET -11 30: LAK -11 31: OTT -17
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    For sh!ts and giggles, there was a player drafted in 1982 with a curious name. It seems the guy never amounted to anything.
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    I wish we had the Prudential center back then. After finishing our celebratory 6 pack in the parking lot the only place we could find to continue the celebration was the TGI Friday’s in Secaucus. 3 finals in 4 years was really something else
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    Peterson is shooting at something like above 20 percent, which should not sustain itself. And Heskainen would not make the Devils better than they are, much less than how much better Nico makes the team. The Devils made the right pick.
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    Take it back ! Take it back ! You haven't just say that ! TAKE IT BACK ! (but yeah... maybe) (but come on ! Nico ! Take it back ! )
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    Section 210, row 23, seat 7. After years and years of attending games together- a tradition we still carry on today- I saw them win the Cup together with my mom. One of the absolute best nights of my life.
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    He really is an entitled hateable piece of sh!t. Imagine ever sitting at a dinner table with this complete douchenozzle and Jeffy Wilpon. Have to be the most unlikeable owners in all of sports.
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    You??? I’m THIS guy!!
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    Pretty dope goal. Awesome that you got to extend your trip and catch some games too.
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    As great as the 2000-03 teams were............ there was nothing like the first Cup. The 1995 Devils were a juggernaut and they proved it by dominating in the playoffs. The other championship teams didn't dominate the way the 1995 team did.
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    While traveling for work, I extended my trip this weekend and caught junior games in Kingston on Friday night and Ottawa Saturday night. Having gone in not knowing much about any of the teams, I got to see the 67s twice and one kid that stood out for the upcoming draft was Graeme Clarke. He scored a lacrosse goal on Friday night that was awesome. Unfortunately I was down low in the far end of the arena, so I didn't clearly see what happened until the replay. Looking it up today, I've seen a few rankings that project Clarke to go in the second round. Maybe he ends up getting picked with one of the Devils 3 second round picks. http://ontariohockeyleague.com/video/potn-clarke-playing-lacrosse-again
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    My Dad always told me growing up as a Devils fan to really appreciate making the playoffs every year.. making the finals four times in nine years.. winning it all three times.. he tried to convince me that this wasn't the norm in sports. Being a stupid teenager, I dismissed him. Let's just say, the past decade (minus 2012) has really given me an appreciation for just how special that mini-dynasty was. These really were the good old days.
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    I remember being there with my old man and my older brother, Section 110 Row 3, Scott Gomez brought the Cup right along the glass right in front of us so that some of the fans could touch it, even though I was only in 3rd Grade I remember everything about that night. Can't wait till we get there again, LGD.
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    I love Nico guys, and we’ve already done this rigamarole a few times before. But if I’m drafting at 1OA again with the benefit of hindsight, I take Petersson 1st and Heiskanen 2nd; Nico likely 3rd. that doesn’t mean I love him. I do love him.
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    It’s even more proof, if you needed it, that Taylor Hall was the MVP last year. If he wasn’t, we’d have had what we had last year. At least until they all got hurt like this year.
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    It’s all hindsight, it’s easy to say they should’ve picked someone different when someone else is performing better at the moment. You don’t know the answer for years. Having the #1 pick by no means guarantees you the best player, that’s probably only happened a handful of times if you really look at it.
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    ha, same here.. my how things have changed. I thought last year was the start to our climb out of the dark hole... man was I fooled.
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    Sounds like a reason for a kick ass party or vacation...
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    Nice, my parents both turn 70 this year (Dad in June, Mom in September) and celebrate their 50th anniversary in November. Busy year for them...
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    Those were the days.
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    Just a head's up...on 3/23 (vs. the Coyotes), there's eight loft seats available for a steal. $75 each before fees. I just bought a pair for me and my daughter. I got seats in the loft area back on 2/10, and they're pretty sweet. I'd say the food is definitely better than what's offered in the former Fire and Ice lounges...nicer all-around too. For $75 + fees each, it's a heist.
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    I’ve got no issues with what Nico has brought. It was a weak draft without a consensus #1, and that’s who we chose. If there was a total stud that everyone expected to go #1 and we passed him over, that’s a whole other thing. That did not happen.
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    I’m confident that Nico will be the best player in that draft, and if he’s not, the guy who might turn out better is Cale Makar.
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    Man those were the days. Winning the cup was ecstasy for all of us fans I'm sure. Wasn't on this board for that, am now and I frequent threads like "Race to the bottom"
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    I didn't sleep that night... i was destroyed at work the day "after"... SUCH A GOOD memory so good that it makes me sad now... But i should stop being sad... We will rise again right ? (right ?)
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    I was wondering why I didn't post in this before remembering that I didn't even own a cell phone in 2003 and couldn't even post from the arena during the game if I wanted to lmfao Still my favorite experience ever at the Meadowlands. Feels like yesterday.
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    Yeah he's had that stupid band thing going forever. Nice when Daddy is worth gazillions and you never really have to do anything worthwhile on your own. What would be great is if every Knick fan in the building for the remainder of the season alternatively chanted "SELL THE TEAM!" and "YOUR BAND SUCKS!" for as much of the games as possible. Whatcha gonna do Jimmy, ban them all? Go crying to daddy that everyone's so mean? Go fvck yourself and then eat a d!ck for dessert.
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    I have no idea how I never knew this was thing but I kept seeing comments saying the fan should have told Dolan that his bands sucks. What a sad existence it must be to have to pay people to actually do this with you and pretend that it's actually any good and pretend that they actually want to do this, and those teeth lmfao...
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    Jeffy is a pretty horrible human being (this jerk once took digs at a Met employee who was unmarried and pregnant), but yeah, hard to imagine that even he'd stoop to booting a fan who simply yelled "Sell the team!" Well, Dolan and Jeffy definitely have one thing very much in common...they forever embarrass themselves and make complete asses out of themselves again and again, and are oblivious to that sad reality time and time again. I'm sure Dolan thinks he's a basketball guy just as much as Jeffy considers himself a baseball man. At least I only root for the Mets...I can't imagine being both a Met AND Knick fan (or a Met, Jet, and Knick trifecta for that matter).
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    Dolan is such a thin-skinned little douche. All the guy said was ‘sell the team’. No profanity. Nothing personal or insulting. What a little fvcking turd. The guy should’ve told Dolan to go fvck himself.
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    wow Dolan is a d!^khead. "Sell the team" is really mild. Like god forbid a Knicks fan be upset wtf does he expect.
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    I don't care about the Knicks or the NBA but it's sorta Rangers related... lmfao what a loser piece of sh!t Dolan is, Nets should roll out the red carpet for this fan lol That guy was definitely a transplant though a real native to this area would have said a lot worse and got in his face after that lol
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    We should definitely draft all of those Yegors and then healthy scratch all of them every game.
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    Ironically enough -- as much as I love Nico, winning the lottery and getting Nico instead of Petersson or Heiskanen may not have been the best thing for this franchise.
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