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    I’d love to be in a Hughes/Kakko debate for two months. Sign me up.
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    That fight last night was awesome, I hate Gabriel as a player but the second that fight started my caveman brain kicked in and I couldn't help but get hyped over the fact that "GABRIEL PUNCH GOOD."
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    Pretty much everyone watching the NBCSN feed of the game last night:
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    An odd night...looked outside and saw Bigfoot, the Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster all skipping through my backyard and waving their hands in the air like they just didn't care. Then Lori Loughlin/Aunt Becky gets popped for bribing her kids' way into college. Then a neighbor watching Silence of the Lambs and singing and dancing along with Buffalo Bill, wearing the same exact outfit with the same, er, "accessories" tucked in, his picture window wide open for all to see... But then Q scored...and that's when shizzit REALLY took a serious turn for the weird...
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    Hallsy is enjoying this one (if he is even watching at this point).
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    Woooo! Mark your calendars ladies & gents: @FriedgeHNIC NHL Draft Lottery will be earlier this year: April 9 — the night before the playoffs begin.
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    You could be like me on top of the shutout board with the worst goal-tending. I'm in the same boat, as I kept Murray over Duchene (or possibly Ekblad knowing me) This year my keepers are more than obvious... and next season I can work on making up that 1st rounder I gave to you. (At least I have 2 2nds)
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    Yeah that’s acceptable to me as well.
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    Hah, fair enough. Me too lol
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    I like that they've moved it up. Though I'll be honest, I was pretty sick of the Nico vs. Nolan debate by the time the draft came around.
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    Sweet. Gives us more time between June 21st to speculate who we're taking with the #1 overall pick.
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    That Rielly contract was one of the best things Lou did for the Leafs, he's still locked up for another three years at $5M after this season. Imagine the kind of dough he would get on the open market, and the Leafs will probably be paying about half of that through 2022.
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    Lol someone please find a gif of Noesen blowing kisses to Nugent-Hopkins
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    Kinkyisth3b3st is never in the game day threads anymore, I assume he’s “attending to Taylor’s injuries”.
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    Good job , Q. They're gonna love that in Seattle.
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    Well I mean I had to, didn’t I?
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    any time i see a toilet paper company using puffy kittens for commercials im like "pffff you clearly never watched andy greene play hockey"
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    I don’t know if we have said enough good things about Severson’s offensive production in this abortion of a season.
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    Zajac otoh is still pretty damn good.
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    Ya they let em go for awhile I was surprised. Primetime slot baby lol. Yikes Greene can you at least look like you're trying. Left Chiasson unattended and he's standing right there lol.
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    If so, that’s disappointing- you never like to hear about comedians ripping off material.... but I’m still a Leary fan. Rescue Me was a great show, and he was really good in it, which showed he can actually write and act.
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    Hall seems like a loyal guy. He never wanted to leave Edmonton and all indications are he likes Jersey. I think it could go either way. They are going to have to make a bit of a splash on the trade market or in free agency and if they do and pay up I think he'll stay.
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    I’m feeling the exact opposite, I see no reason he would want to stay. Sorry guys, he is going to have a ton of options and the 8th year isn’t enough.
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    Did someone say...size up front??
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