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    re: rafalski - he did NOT take less money for detroit. for everyone it was almost a foregone conclusion he was re-signing in NJ (including everything you heard from rafalski camp). but lou dragged his feet and low-balled and left the door ajar for detroit to come in and pay more than lou was willing to. lou could have locked him up before UFA but didn't.
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    I watched this zero goal game and have nothing to say. Only typing to help get this thread to 2 pages...April 9 please
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    "when time is on your side, you try to use waste it"
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    Rafalski did everything he wanted to do but play for his home town. Neidermayer wanted to play/win with his brother. Parise wanted to play with his BFFL. Hall.....wants to win and prob also wants to get paid. If Shero and Hynes have him drinking the Koolaid, and can offer him the most money, he'd stay--especially if the devils add another top 3 pick to this year's NHL roster and can add a piece of two in the off season. Cory looks like his old self(knock on wood) and Blackwood looks like he could also be the real deal. Ty Smith is killing it and there is reason to believe a couple of the other young guys could take next steps next season after getting to watch them at the NHL level due to all the injuries this season. I don't think the outlook should be considered as awful as it was in the middle of the season. I remain positive.
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    Devils lose, Anaheim and Vancouver win. Great day for the tank. It's nearly impossible for the Devils to go up now - the Devils are 6 points back with 10 games left for them to play, 9 for Anaheim. 26: NYR -3 27: ANA -5 28: NJD -10 29: DET -12 30: LAK -13 31: OTT -16
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    Fitzpatrick can be great, he can be terrible. The guy just vaccilate's between extremes. But he knows why he's there, to be a caretaker in 2019 and then maybe to mentor someone in 2020 who will be Miami's QB of the future And if and when a good team with playoff aspirations has their QB go down, Miami will have an asset they can deal.
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    Oh, and congrats to Cory for somehow getting his save% over .900. Now up to .901.
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    Two reasons to jump into GDTs right now: To commiserate with fellow Devils fans on a season gone horribly wrong. To see what comedic gold mfitz will come up with next...because goddamn that well is truly bottomless.
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    Next game we’re starting Mr. Koslovsky and Ms. Sanchez from the Investors Bank commercial.
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    At least the lottery is earlier this year (April 9).
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    Either winning the Super Bowl or 0-16
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    As it stands now, the Dolphins are set to head into next season with a ridiculous $120 million in cap space.
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    Damn...Tannehill traded to the Titans. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/titans/2019/03/15/ryan-tannehill-trade-miami-dolphins-tennessee-titans/3176731002/
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