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    Anyway, enough of that, the RACE TO THE BOTTOM continues with a new contender. 27: BUF -5 28: NJD -10 29: DET -10 30: LAK -12 31: OTT -16 EDIT: Buffalo has 2 games remaining with Detroit. Let's hope for some 3 point games in those contests. Still, that is huge that someone has to win those games.
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    Friday's game against the Wings is essentially a 4-point game at this point. We need to outright lose lol.
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    And as I would expect, of course none of it is Kovy's fault, in his eyes anyway (and apparently the author of this article thinks it's everyone else too)...I love it when he whines about only getting "five or six minutes" of ice time per game. He's averaged a shade under 16 minutes over his last 17 GP, and registered a whopping 5 points. Delusional much pal? https://www.latimes.com/sports/kings/la-sp-ilya-kovalchuk-kings-20190325-story.html
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    I'm very critical of Lou for his last decade of work in NJ but getting out from under that Kovy contract that our previous Owner foolishly signed was probably the best move he "made" in his last few years. I know Kovy technically retired and chose to go to Russia but Lou didn't really seem to do anything to try and make him stay. At least that was my perception.
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    Heh heh, I get what you're saying, but the Kings just had a three-game winning streak where they somehow took down the Sharks and shutout the Flames...in Calgary no less. Also tied up the Ducks in the third period and won in OT. They've actually done more than we really had much right to expect.
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    I like that. As a defender myself, I can appreciate the subtleties there. Things not a lot of players get credit for, but important and a skilled play nonetheless.
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    Not necessarily (re: signing elsewhere but maybe - I heard he grew up a NYR fan): Pierre LeBrun‏ Verified account @PierreVLeBrun Hurricanes GM Don Waddell says just now that his understanding remains that Adam Fox has not yet decided. Also please keep in mind that Walsh has paid his own way to come to all our camps - many college kids don't. So has Davies (since people will start worrying about him soon too). And this week's prospect update: https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2019/3/26/18279835/new-jersey-devils-prospect-update-3-26-19
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    Sourpuss stripped the "C" from Elias so he wasn't really the best judge of talent. He had his favorites and stuck to them & I'm sure he didn't make it easy for Greene.
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    The Tkachuk brothers also have very punchable faces.
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    Nice, my poor kid had to suffer through a lot of shutouts when I first started taking her. The last couple of years, she's seen her fair share of good games...that, and now she has a much better grasp of the rules and what the penalties are. I apologized to her for the team having such a difficult season, and she said she still loves going to the games and wants to go back next season...even asked if we could squeeze in one last game before the season ends (wasn't planning on it...I really considered this last game a goodbye of sorts to the Devils for 2018-19). Glad that this rough year didn't sap her enthusiasm.
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