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    What a season to forget. On to better and bigger things? Lets go Devils...
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    Finally it's over... (And the minute it will be over i will die to start again and october looks already SOOOOoo far away)
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    Nico Hischier had a fine second season. Honestly, it was even better than fine. 3 goals, 3 assists less than last season, playing for the most part without Taylor Hall. And oh yeah, 14 less games. Whatever bulking up he did was successful. Where last year he would be knocked off the puck along the boards and in the corners with relative ease, he did not have that issue this year. I have no complaints about Nico. Oh, and he destroyed Nolan Patrick’s stats again. Taylor Hall. What can you say other than this isn’t what most of us wanted to see following the MVP season. A previous knee surgery kept him out only 8 games. We can surmise, as such, that the current injury was more severe. As has been pointed out in other threads, July 1 is a long ways away. No clue what he will do, but if he won’t sign the extension, ship him out. Miles Wood was a huge disappointment to me. Had a great near-20 goal season last year, and I hoped he would continue developing after the holdout and new contract. But he missed some games, and his numbers weren’t incredibly divergent from last year. I’d like him not to constantly take penalties running the other team’s goalie, especially on breakaways. Blake Coleman cooled off, but was one of my favorite guys to watch this season. I like him a lot, he takes a few too many penalties, but he’s a solid guy and I’m glad he is here. Kyle Palmieri did Kyle Palmieri things. Scored a bunch of goals, but also had long streaks of doing nothing. Some guys are streaky, he did that again and still wound up pretty much as expected stat wise. Pavel Zacha. Don’t tell anyone I said anything good about him, but he looked good the last month or so after coming back from injury. I expect nothing from him, so a career high in goals in a career low number of games played is pretty good, I want to see him have an Adam Larsson moment when he suddenly proves he was still developing and then shows he can be a great NHL player. Our goaltending. What a weird season. First Schneider looked like he was going to have to retire because he forgot how to play. Then Kinkaid forgot how to play. Blackwood comes up, after being in the ECHL a season ago, and looks like he can play at the NHL level. But, that’s not even enough. Schneider comes back from what everyone thought was a fake injury just to send him to Binghamton, and comes back moving better, playing better, and looking like he can still compete for a starting job. I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m feeling ok about Schneider the veteran and Blackwood the young kid going into next year. I was one of the people who called for bringing up the AHL guys to see what we’ve got. I wasn’t elated with what I saw. Pretty much nobody took the opportunity to prove themselves. Our defense needs help. Andy Greene was better than expected, but he’s no longer a top 4 defenseman. Yakovlev needs to play. Severson and Butcher are ok. Vatanen is good when healthy. We have a lot of work to do. Best upgrade of the season: Erika replacing Deb. Worst upgrade attempt of the season: Cangi’s Harry Potter/Where’s Waldo glasses. Draft is next, let’s hope whoever is handling the balls is kind to us. Wait, what???
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    Beautiful play by Nico, great finish by Bastian!
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    Ending the season the way I started it: hanging in my basement on the couch with my daughter, and hoping for good times ahead (starting with a nice draft position announced in four short days).
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    It's the first time, i would accept a loss... But hey... If they wanna play and win... At least let's enjoy our last game right ?
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    Didn't take nico and Bastian long to connect did it? Dang
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    Agree on Zajac. He’s finally being used as he should be, I did not like him as a #1 center all those years. Bratt had a period where he disappeared, which makes 33 points in 51 games even more impressive. As you mentioned, I am concerned about his durability going forward. Loved Boyle as a player and as a person. Yeah, he’s big, he’s not fast, and he’s not physical despite his size. But drop him in front of the opposing goalie and that’s quite a screen, plus he has better than average hands. I wouldn’t take a team full of players with his skill (with his personality, leadership, determination, etc., I would), but having a guy like him around is a pleasure. And 13G, 6A from a 4th liner isn’t bad, let alone in only 47 games. He ends the season 5th on our team in goals behind Palmieri, Coleman, Zajac and Hischier. Yet while he was here, many of our board members said he was crap and he should be gone. I never shared that opinion, and I suggest there is a direct correlation between Brian Boyle detractors and people who don’t know d!ck about hockey.
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    Agree with pretty much all of that Mfitz, I’d also add Zajac was pretty decent this season. I’ll take 18 goals and 45 points from him. I’m also still pretty high on Bratt. 33 points in 51GP, and he looked like the most dynamic player on the team a lot of nights. Now we just need him to take the next step and prove he can play an entire season. Also, I miss Boyle. I hope we bring him back.
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    LGD* *Let's go, meaning "I hope the Devils know what they need to do tonight and act accordingly* Panthers 12, Devils 11 - Barkov picks up 10+ points and pushes my fantasy team into 2nd place.
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    LGD the giant step back ends after tonight... fresh Start! With a big draft pick
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    I think it's just cards they can't be removing ping pong balls of the already picked teams on live TV.. Unless they have 15 different mixers ready to go.. imo, it's as fake as the moon landing, lol
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    Believe it or not, I grabbed Letang in the desperate attempt he'll get me a PPP or two today. Now watch the Penguins rest him..
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    Rags tie it with 6.1 seconds left.... Torts is challenging for interference... zero intereference but who knows with the NHL... EDIT: good goal EDIT EDIT: Jackets win and clinch. MTL out.
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    Bread man beats Giorgiev or however you spell his Russian name and the Jackets go up by 1 late in the third. if they’re going to win, I’ll take a Bjorkstrand ENG, please...
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    http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/26307376/nhl-draft-lottery-key-dates-schedule-how-all-works basically they do three drawings and the odds are listed at this link: http://www.tankathon.com/nhl/pick_odds once you win one of them, you're removed from the subsequent draws. after they do the first 3, everyone else goes to their slot or moves back accordingly if someone else moves up to 1-3. you can only move up to 1-3. if i remember correctly - there are 4 lottery balls and they are pulled to make a 4 digit number. Teams have a set number of those 4 digit numbers based on where they finished (thus, the odds).
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    If I remember correctly, 3 teams’ numbers get picked, if one of the three isn’t in the top 3, they get moved to the top 3. Everyone else shifts. That’s why when you see teams start moving down slots during the lottery, it means someone moved to the top.
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    Vegas and San Jose are locked, too
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    I hated them then, I hate them now, and I’ll always hate them.... and yes, Boston sports fans are spoiled and annoying, but they most definitely care about hockey. My sister lives up there, so I spend a good amount of time in the Boston area. It’s as good a hockey market as there is in the U.S.
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    Not sure where to put this but thought it was hilarious someone even put it together....
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