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    Put Kucherov in the “impossible to root for” category. Piece of sh!t.
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    Hynes saw that Hughes speaks English and already has him penciled in on defense.
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    All through the season whenever there was a conversation about the draft it was always Jack Hughes that was consensus #1. When reading articles or listening to discussions I never once thought Hughes could be a Devil. When it started to become obvious that the Devils weren't going to make the play offs there were other teams that were much worse. I stopped looking at the standings and started looking at where the Devils might pick. Byram, Cozens, Zegras, Dach, Krebs all looked like very good players and one of them should fall to the Devils. The #LoseforHughes tag amused me but I thought it applied to the Kings or Ottawa not the Devils. Watching the draft lottery on tuesday was surreal. I was expecting to see the Devils logo appear with every turn of a card and it didn't happen. When it got to the last three I was saying to myself I don't care if Chicago get #1 as long as the Rangers didn't get it. I still can't believe we've got the #1 pick. It never once crossed my mind this season that would happen. Fantastic player though Kakko will be I really can't see how any team could pass up on picking Jack Hughes. I couldn't wait for last season to end. now I can't wait for next season to start!
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    Vancouver: Pick up...Pick up....COME ONNNN Shero: Hey, you've reached the voicemail of Ray Shero....
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    Kovalchuk? Oh, my bad, same country, different douche.
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    Best quote ever from that article. In discussing Kucherov’s potential suspension: ”Estimations range from a slap on the wrist to the death penalty because the league isn’t exactly consistent about this kind of stuff.”
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    My words were going to be nearly identical We’ll be back next year. I’ll take lottery this year for playoffs for years to come... I swear I’m not drunk...
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    Still won't count Tampa out with how machine like they were in the regular season, but I'd love to see Columbus dust them. That is a scumbag team
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    Could only be better if it was KK in the crease.
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    The problem is that we had that guy at like 9 out of 12 forward positions and playing our entire defense.
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    It isn’t difficult. You build from the middle out. You’ve got a bonifide #1 center staring you in the face. You draft that bonifide #1 center.
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    Yeah, I basically see what you're saying: if there were to be anything that Ray should consider it should be at least that. Fair. My only point is to add that no matter how many first rounders you get, it's hard to guarantee that any of them are that good and so it's kind of silly to trade an actual #1 pick for picks that could be anywhere from 1-31 (and most likely 4-15 or so). In the Nico draft year, obviously multiple first rounders for the top pick becomes more attractive.
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    Love to shut that smarmy coachs mouth..
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    To be clear, I don’t want the Devils to trade the pick for on-paper “value”...if Hughes is Shero’s guy and the player that he absolutely wants, no questions asked, then just take him and call it a day. But if Vancouver ever called offering Petterson and big gaggle of picks (say 3 first-rounders and a couple of seconds), sure, I could see why Shero would have to least explore it...though if Vancouver ever offered THAT much, probably reinforces how special Hughes has the potential to be. Which is way I say “Thanks, but no thanks.”
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    That was bad. And the reason he is on his knees in the first place is because Kucherov tripped him. Can't say he didn't know that Nutivaara was in a vulnerable position.
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    Can’t get much worse than that. What a dumb prick.
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    Suspend this fvcking prick.
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    Let's see if the league has the balls to rightly suspend Kucherov for that dirty hit. Scumbag.
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    Well, he couldn’t be more!!
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    Teams like the Flames, Capitals and Lightning have been sh!tting on us for a while. It'll be nice once things start evening out.
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    ah ok, thanks for informing
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    well this is certainly unexpected. But it's also not surprising to see a team going in the playoffs really comfortably and another one who's been in playoffs / survival mode for weeks and see these results
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    that's an awful lot of assets and sacrifices to give up when all we had to do is finish the 2015 season 2 spots lower and simply draft him lol oh how life goes sometimes....
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    I hear that the guy you've got penciled in as 4th line RW is a helluva player. Hell, he even plays defense!
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    Nice article in the Athletic about Ty Smith, pumped to see him next season https://theathletic.com/918350/2019/04/11/a-special-player-from-prodigy-to-whl-superstar-devils-prospect-ty-smith-is-ready-for-the-nhl-spotlight/ “Ty loves the game. He has so much passion for it,” Lambert said. “If he could, I think he’d stay here until 8 p.m. every night watching video with either (assistant coach) Scott Burt or myself because he just continuously wants to learn and get better and pick up little things. The stuff he picks up is not normal. It’s what elite players pick up when they’re 27 years old, not at 18.
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    Ok so that means Henrique, Fowler and Getzlaf all know Hall so they will be here next season too. This lineup is now awesome. Hall Hischier Eberle Getzlaf Hughes Palmieri Henrique Coleman Wood Clinton Trump Kardashian Fowler Smith Karlsson Severson Butcher Greene Jesus Christ Blackwood Stanley Cup is imminent.
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    There's nothing like a 3 hour drive to go 33 miles home to Malibu after a nice long game.
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    So what’s are the chances Elias is a full time assistant coach next year? Was his stint the final week of the season a test or something? I’d love to have him back in the organization.
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    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that zero players on the Flyers live in Philly.
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    kind of miss Torts always telling him to fvck off.
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    For sure, I've been working on getting my final rankings finalized (which nailing down my Top 10 has been really hard this year) and I'll also be posting my yearly draft guide before the draft. I'm also writing for DobberProspects now as well, so my writing time has kind of been split between those two platforms as well
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    Amazing news. Anyone saying the team sucks right because of Shero or something he didnt do is absolutely out of touch with reality. As simple as that. The situation he was put in is the worst position a GM could be put in. Horrible roster, slowest and oldest team in the league, top scorer with like... 42 pts lol, ton of deadweight and absolutely nothing in the pipeline.
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