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    Look at MadDog teaching people how to embed tweets. *sniffle* They grow up so fast!
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    Hughes assist just tied Phil Kessel’s record of 16 points for the tournament. In one less game.
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    According to Masisak of the athletic, if Boston loses to CBJ, the Devils would have picks #1, #34, #54 and #55. Options range from: 1. Taking 4 of the top 55 prospects in one draft class 2. Trading one or two picks for a current NHl'er 3. Trading two picks to move up into the mid-late first round after picking at #1 Not too shabby.
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    Jack Hughes is worth more than Ottawa's entire draft this year plus their first round pick next year.
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    DAMN! That puck left his stick in a hurry with just a slight flick of the wrist by Hughes!!
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    What a difference winning the #1 pick makes. The talk earlier was about Byram, Cozens, Zegras, and others... Now the focus has shifted to Pick #34 of the 2nd round since the first round has been taken care of. Love it!
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    I will add once again this is another example of what pussies people have become. Not everything in the world is fair. Not everything in the world is reviewable. It’s called human error, it exists. It was part of sports for hundreds of years. Bad penalty calls happen, get over it and kill the penalty. The bad penalty call was the referees fault. Giving up four goals on the ensuing power-play, you didn’t do your job. You choked. Tough sh!t. That’s not to say that fans can’t be pissed that a call when against them, obviously they should be. That doesn’t mean something is wrong with the game and yet another thing has to be reviewable. When did you start thinking every wrong had a remedy, Wu?
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    I think you’re taking the comment way too literally. Mfitz804 is the resident jokester here. He was being humorous.
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    And a Partridge in a Pear Tree.
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    Insane Perspective for all here : 2 games to play. 1 point to break Kessel’s single tournament US record. 4 points to break Ovechkin’s career U18 record 5 points to tie Kucherov’s all-time single tournament record. We are not worthy.
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    This is how I was after the Hughes Hat Trick :
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    Hughes scores! 2-0 USA over Finland.
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    They literally won the Stanley Cup last year.
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    being able to sign Panarin would basically be like drafting Hughes AND Kakko
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    He’s to OT goals what Hall is to #1 picks.
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    Ugh can two western teams just play for the Cup?
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    Just a quick note to say, the person that song is about is a douche and a terrible gift giver. So many birds.
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    Jack is going Ham here. The games now count and every one of them is Game 7. And Jack is showing he's a Big-Game player.
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    That backhand was Crosby-esque
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    Hat trick for Hughes!!!
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    Hughes scores on a breakaway! 3-0
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    Awesome game last night. All I care about is seeing entertaining and competitive hockey, and that's what we got. Doesn't get better than multiple overtimes. I had a feeling the Canes would win it as it went longer and longer - Washington just didn't seem to have many chances and wasn't as aggressive. Canes/Isles should be a pretty good matchup - I feel like both teams play somewhat similar styles - pretty solid defense, average goaltenders, and a few playmakers up front. Look for the Islanders to play the Canes game against them - strong forecheck and minimal turnovers - if they can stay out of the box and get continued good play from Lehner, I think they take it in 6 or 7, but it wouldn't shock me if it went the other way either. I think it's going to be close no matter who wins. I see at least a few games in this series going to OT.
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    This poll shouldn't even be an argument anymore. Hughes by a mile.
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    I’m just glad the Leafs are gone, or this would suck an even bigger fvcking ding dong. Isles-Canes makes me wanna do Draino shots with rubbing alcohol chasers.
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    Islanders Canes? I hope both teams lose. The 4 teams remaining in the east are 4 of my least favorite teams in the NHL. Yuck.
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    Haha yeah I just edited my post to say that. Didn’t realize it was that bad until the replay
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    Nah it’s been all season. They’re not ripping anyone off, it’s just lame as fvck.
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    Caps up 2-0 early, hopefully they will hold it... fvck the Canes and their dumb celebrations and bandwagon fans
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    Watching their videos in the 80’s, I thought Oates was the biggest fvcking weirdo in music. I still think that.
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    I think we all remember what happened last time a wall was built in the North
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    I think most of us around here blame Bernier more than the refs for that one. We still lost the damn cup because of those two ot games at home. If we could have finished our chances we would have left with a 2-0 series lead. It would have been wild for us to force a game 7 after being down 3-0 in the series but it was rather unrealistic. All these playoff games makes miss the playoffs so much. The atmosphere in all the arenas have been great. BTW Toronto deserved to lose their series for having one of the worst goal songs ever this year.
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    I don't know where you're going to find a perennial 25-30 goal scorer for $4.65m/year to "just replace" Palmieri. Building a winning roster is ALL about holding onto those thrifty signings that score you goals the way Palms does, while not breaking the bank so you can fill out the team around him. I mean, sure, you can find those 25-30 goals elsewhere, sign a high end UFA winger, but it'll cost $8-9m/year, and what will that money take away from in the long game of putting the right roster together? That's a $4-5m you can't throw toward Hall or Hischier in a few years, or whoever it is we're trying to retain once we're closer to the cap, or even other UFAs. That's a whole other player right there.
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    Speaking of the Worlds, Hynes will be on the Team USA coaching staff: https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/worlds-hynes-looking-for-growth-experience-at-2019-worlds/c-306972342
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    Good interview with Shero here. I liked his joke about bad karma for both NYR and NJD for doing a deal with each other. lol
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    I was thinking the same thing.
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    well actually i hope they didnt learn that and that he falls to us at #34 lol
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    All through the season whenever there was a conversation about the draft it was always Jack Hughes that was consensus #1. When reading articles or listening to discussions I never once thought Hughes could be a Devil. When it started to become obvious that the Devils weren't going to make the play offs there were other teams that were much worse. I stopped looking at the standings and started looking at where the Devils might pick. Byram, Cozens, Zegras, Dach, Krebs all looked like very good players and one of them should fall to the Devils. The #LoseforHughes tag amused me but I thought it applied to the Kings or Ottawa not the Devils. Watching the draft lottery on tuesday was surreal. I was expecting to see the Devils logo appear with every turn of a card and it didn't happen. When it got to the last three I was saying to myself I don't care if Chicago get #1 as long as the Rangers didn't get it. I still can't believe we've got the #1 pick. It never once crossed my mind this season that would happen. Fantastic player though Kakko will be I really can't see how any team could pass up on picking Jack Hughes. I couldn't wait for last season to end. now I can't wait for next season to start!
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    I didn't see this at all. Not that it means anything but he smiled when the Devils were announced as the winner and retweeted the video showing the Devils winning the top pick. I'm not saying he wanted to come to NJ (he did) but there's no reason to compare his reaction to Eli's or say it was negative at all. That's all in your head.
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    Well... if they care that much about reuniting them... they can just trade Quinn to NJ.... we do need some D...
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    If Hughes just doesn't sexually assault anyone, he's the full package.
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    I can't sit still!!! Seriously people step back and think about this, we went from hoping we had a top 5 pick to getting the number 1 overall. Don't dwell on Hughes/Kakko, rejoice in that we just got a major bump of talent in the pipeline!
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