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    Fav part: More than anything else, Stevens and Daneyko understand each other as they finish their second season together at the network. Daneyko calls Stevens a “coach at heart” — evidenced by his stints as an NHL assistant — but thinks he’s probably too intense to be a coach. Stevens lauds Daneyko’s broadcasting skills from years of experience as the Devils’ color analyst. “I paid him to say that,” Daneyko chirps.
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    I like everything you quoted, but this one says a lot. He seems like the kind of guy who will be grateful to be drafted and get right to work
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    At this point, we haven’t won a Cup in 16 years, I’m not so fast to throw out “how many cups do you have” arguments. Except at Lundqvist, of course.
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    Playmakers make goal scorers. The Devils could certainly use shoot-first wingers, but with Hughes and Hischier as centers for at least the next 7 years, they shouldn't be paying a premium for them - Hughes and Hischier will make decent players into big goal scorers. Shero knows this better than anyone, so I'm not concerned.
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    Take off those hypocritical Canadian fan blinders bruh
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    Thats actually true though and you're right. I don't remember him causing any problem in NJ. But he had problems in LA, Calgary and MTL. So it was not unfair to be worried about it. I did say i never liked him but that he was a scorer so that i'd take his goals, just wouldnt cheer for him. His play dropped and he sucked and was bought out. At the end of the day i never changed my mind and liked him more because he was a Devil. Which is what was insinuated i'd do and why i brought him up.
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    Just wait till PK comes here and contradicts Sterio's theories regarding Lou not trading Parise.....
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    I wouldn't be looking to move Vatanen. I think he's being misused as a 1D out of necessity, but I would love having a solid 1-2 and have him on the second pairing. Of course, That's some next level math... It's easier to say "he donated $10 million", but he didn't. he pledged $10 million through a personal donation, and the rest from a combination of his own foundation and other fundraising. None of that was guaranteed That being said, its a douche move to do a press conference with an oversized $10 million check when you aren't actually donating $10 million. I saw his foundation donated $1.4m in year 1. But I don't see much else. Where did you get your numbers from?
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    as fast as i did with Cammalleri remember? I never did. I can be many things but an hypocrite with fan blinders is not one of them And well... look who's on our buyout payroll at the moment?
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    How quickly will SD change allegiances if the Devils trade for PK?
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    I don't get why Vatanen is seen as so expendable. I understand that in order to get you have to give, but outside of being hurt (the concussion from the playoffs), which wasn't even his fault, the guy has done nothing wrong and was a workhorse for us. He brings a decent amount of offense when it's even strength, plus he quarterbacks the PP. His defense may not be amazing, but almost all of the somewhat offensively-gifted defenders are like that.
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    I think the Devils can conservatively net add about $16 million in salary for players not currently in the system this offseason. So theoretically, you could probably add Trouba or Subban and Eberle or Skinner to the roster, especially if you're shipping out Vatanen as part of a deal to get one of the defenseman. If somehow Panarin or Karlsson are interested in coming here, that's pretty much your plan outside of the draft.
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    Imagine how deep in the playoffs they could go if you were to add Tavares to the current roster..
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    I'm going to go with... ... No.
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    Ugh, the Atlantic His father gives good advice. Good families usually make good kids. This kid is it
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    Cedar Point is awesome. Easily one of the best amusement parks in the country. It’s pretty unique being right on the lake like it is. Great views from the big coasters.
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    I like Caufield but i wouldn't think of trading a D prospect to get him. Yes I've seen our highly rated D prospects turn out to be not really highly rated after all. I've also seen the Russian coach cut down the cross ice passes between Hughes and Caufield on the big ice surface. Imagine what an NHL coaching staff could do on a smaller NHL ice, Yes Shero should look into it. However I think he'll find the price too steep. And as i stated above, right now I would hesitate to trade a D prospect to get him.
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    Ty Smith can not and should not be traded for anything other than a premier defenseman or defensive prospect. If I’m allowed to play GM mode, I see how warm Vancouver is to the idea of trading Ty Smith and a lottery protected 1st round pick for Quinn Hughes.
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    Hynes is going to get an chance to coach Hughes pre-draft and get to know him a bit. Excellent.
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    I think Ray definitely has to consider it, but the team desperately needs their defense prospects. It would have to involve a forward. Bratt is the only one of value that makes sense but I'd be very very hesitant to trade him considering what he's already doing at 20
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    Ray’s gonna go all Wolf of Wall Street
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