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    Zetterlund and Maltsev both signed to ELC's, nice to see Maltsev coming over from Russia since that was somewhat of an unknown.
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    Amazing how people are able to overcome Type 1...it's not easy (I have Type 2...I was diagnosed about 2.5 years ago...so far through exercising fiendishly and watching what I eat, I've kept it completely under control through diet and exercise...no meds). For those who don't know the basic difference, when you have Type 2, you either don't produce as much insulin as you once did, or your body doesn't react to it correctly...you become "insulin resistant". Type 1 means you produce zero insulin...it's tough, because depending on how much insulin you administer to yourself in a given day (it's based on what foods you eat, though it will never be an exact science), your blood sugar can be anywhere from 30 to 350 over the course of that day (those without diabetes are usually between 70-140). One of my employees has a son with Type 1, and some years ago his classroom had a birthday party for a fellow student...he ate two cupcakes without telling anyone, and his blood sugar spiked up to 412...he wound up in the hospital for the rest of the day, but fortunately recovered (and learned the hard way that there's certain things that he just can't ever do, period). So yeah, I have a lot of respect for people who not only manage to live with Type 1, but don't let it stop them from chasing their dreams...especially those that require both a lot of physical exertion, and to be the "best of the best" to get where they want to go.
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    Pretty much what I said earlier, but nobody listened to me. In fairness, Julie is prettier than I am which may be why more people paid attention. It's close, but she edges me out, like a Hughes/Kakko thing.
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    Damn guys hoping it's manageable for you and yours. Wishing you all the best as always.
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    The bolded is where I am...so much so that I'm not going to get upset if Shero winds up picking Kakko over Hughes (though I've been leaning towards Hughes, and will be fine if Shero goes the "predictable" route as well). I'm going to assume that Shero and Co did more than enough homework that whatever pick they make, they'll have done it for 100% the right reasons. Of course, the good news is that it's looking more and more like you can't really go wrong with either one of these guys.
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    My mom was at 8.5 when she was diagnosed- three months later, she had it down to 6.4. Three months after that, she was down to 6.1, and seven months after that 6.2. She has also lost 25 pounds. And believe me when I tell you- she worked, and continues to work her ass off to maintain good numbers.
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    Of course, but I think he would get ice time anyway, he is clearly good enough. I think one of the things that will limit Hughes Ice time is the fact he has just come off the back of another tournament where he logged huge minutes. That's got to have some effect.
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    There's a saying about best-of-7 playoffs that you "don't worry until you've lost at home". Carolina should worry.
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    It was mentioned in a story a few weeks ago. A great sign to see that he faced adversity along the way and still turned into the player he did.
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    But it is fairly black and white on a few levels. I've watched every shift of his since the U18 tournament. The amount of opportunities he creates out of nothing is unbelievable, the distances he skates every game is amazing. I watched U18 linemate after linemate (including Cole Caufield) miss empty nets, miss beautiful chances he put on their stick, squanded 50% of the opportunities he creates. Caufield could've finished with double the amount of goals in reality haha.. He missed so many Hughes-created opportunities. Been watching the USA men's games and his linemates have missed a ton of chances as well; JVR or Keller fumbling a beautiful cross-ice pass, when they could've one-timed it, is a recurring thread. If they put Hughes with DeBrincat and Vatrano, he'd have 5+ assists by now and probably a goal or two. That being said, he's still only 17, he's still young enough to be required to have to wear a visor haha.. they're not going to just give him Eichel's or Larkin's spot, they're not in the tournament to see what Jack Hughes is made of, they're there to win; so we should accept that he's not going to be perfectly utilized or have the kind of big stage opportunity Kaapo is being given on a team full of scrubs.
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    No, that's not the way to see it! lol That's reactionary thinking, there could be a million and one reasons a multi-million dollar analytics and scouting department picks the wrong kid; not just you, but to anyone I see making this IIHF tournament about anything bigger than a few fun exhibition games, just need to remind you it's not lol
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    Hughes still needs to gain his man strength. When he does, it will obviously make a huge difference. Kakko is further along in that regard, but everyone needs to remember: you aren’t drafting for today. You’re drafting for the player you’re going to have in five years. This is why a big picture outlook is so important. You can’t make these decisions based on just today.
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    lol you see things wayyyyy too black and white. It's not like playmakers can only makes passes lol Hughes is a really good scorer and he has to show that he can control the play Anything he does that can show what he can do at that level is good. On the other hand, Schneider's game is to stop pucks... that's black and white and he's not doing too well today
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    If Kakko has a goal or two today and Hughes doesn’t score, I plead with people to not lose their minds lol. Big picture.
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    From Friedman’s 31 Thoughts this week: 31. Finally, congratulations to Matt Cane, hired by New Jersey as Director of Analytics. A few teams have tried to hire him, and this is the opportunity he chose. His work I’m most familiar with is on contracts. He’d do an annual spreadsheet predicting what various players would get on their upcoming deals, with guesstimates for different term lengths. His model was reasonably accurate, and I’ll miss going through it.
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    So, I haven't chimed in on this debate in a week or so, partly because I don't have the time to post that I used to and partly because there isn't much that should change given one tournament; that and, well....there's no right answer. So now I'll rant to make up for all the silence from me ya'll have been blessed with. To me, the most important thing that happens over the next few weeks is John Hynes takes the chance to get to know Jack Hughes, see how he responds to adversity, see how he works, see how he responds to coaching. After watching more and more of Kakko's highlights (and WC games) I'm not sure the gap in vision and playmaking is as big as I thought it was. Also, Kakko is a manchild. He bodied Ryan Suter up against the boards near the end of the game today, and while the puck was on his stick too! I had to smile a little when I saw that, it was impressive. Kakko was, in my view, the most dominant player on the ice for Finland today - maybe for any team with his six shots and pass that should have resulted in a goal. For a newly minted 18 year old who has zero NHL experience, that's pretty crazy. I also really respect his resilience in living with Celiac Disease and Diabetes and still becoming the player he has - that is not easy for anyone, let alone a growing athletic boy. So then you probably are about to ask me, "so who's your guy Neb00rs?" My answer: That would be Jack Hughes. That kid is special. Right now he is being challenged for real for maybe the first time in his life. Yeah, he played with older kids his entire childhood, but not ones that were going to the NHL for the most part. Now all of a sudden, he's a 5'10 166 lb (give me a break, 150 lbs) boy going against men twice his size and strength. And he's not getting much ice time either. And despite being physically manhandled, a few times, he's doing just fine. This kid looks special to me. Kakko has made a few great plays yeah, not just shots that proceed his big body barreling to the net either, but elite passes and impressive dangles. But Hughes has these little moments in between his running around on the ice trying too hard to prove something, that made me go, "yeah, that's next level...all by himself level." He made one pass out of the defensive zone today, in which there's no way he could have seen his receiving teammate coming unless he has eyes on the back of his head. Of course, if he does have eyes on the back of his head then he's a mutant, not someone with elite hockey sense, but I'm okay with drafting a mutant too. But that little pass, that was hardly noticeable because it was so smooth, was like a magnet from stick to stick. Perfect. It's those little moments of skill, along with his determination out there, a pride that shows his character, even in the face of imminent death at the hands of giant ice skating Finnish Vikings, that show me that this kid is next level special. The next year or so is going to be filled with Kaapo Kakko scoring goal after goal, and impressing a lot of people as a rookie. And then, in my opinion, eventually Jack Hughes is going to figure it out, and when he does, it's going to be the Hughes show. There is of course many things that can happen and even if a player has a lot of potential it doesn't mean he is going to reach that potential, but Hughes seems like the type that when challenged, gets mad, and spends the extra hours, or as long as necessary, to figure it out and be the best - I gather this from the interviews he and his family have given. And part of my standing by Hughes is, admittedly, less thought out, less skill-based. Simply, I like the kid. He seems like a Devil to me, it seems like it's meant to be that the Devils get this kid - the type of player we've never had. Btw, he's a Devil, that means he's my guy and don't fvck with him. Of course, I don't need to be that sentimental here to defend this kid - let's not forget he just got done with one of, or maybe THE best amateur career in American hockey history. He's good, and yes, I couldn't care less how the rest of this tournament goes. If we judged every player by a single tournament or playoff, then Bryce Salvador is Erik Karlsson. By the way, I also don't think that it's completely invalid to worry about Jack wanting to play with his brother. It seems to me that Hughes very much enjoys playing with his brother - this is a VERY close family. And I wouldn't assume that the Devils are going to be the one's to end up with both him and Quinn either. The Hughes family is a family that has grown up in the North American hockey world - they know the space. I've seen Jack, Jim, and Quinn Hughes all talk about how Vancouver is great because its a "hockey market." Jack is a kid, so there's no use grilling him about this now - he was barely just potty trained - but Ray should keep it in mind. But yeah, you can't control the uncontrollables (that's probably not a noun but go fvck yourselves grammar Nazis). Sure, the idea is to get your #1 overall pick to stay for 15-20 years but...this is not something you make your draft pick based on, unless he tells you directly he's walking away as soon as he gets the chance. Keep in mind, Hughes wanting to play with his brother, is the sign of a good, sane person. If he preferred Vancouver, it wouldn't even really be that wrong - Vancouver is indeed a great place to play hockey and honestly, is the nicest city I've ever been to. But we gotta have a little faith - that he'll become a true Devil, you can't expect to control for everything down the line. And who knows Kakko could get one wiff of the stench of MSG (or he might just not be morally okay with the fact that his GM is the bad guy from Kindergarten Cop) and count down the days until he can bolt for an American city more like his quaint coastal city home of Turku, Finland where it takes more than thirty career points to get your jersey retired. From money to location to winning, there's a million reasons a player could bolt to another team aside from having a brother in the league. But as I said, it's a valid concern Jack could bolt for his bro. We'll deal with that down the line. So yeah, for what my opinion is worth, which obviously isn't much, if you ask me three weeks from now who I think the Devils should draft, it'll be the same* as my answer today and three weeks ago: the skinny half-Jewish hockey phenom, Jacky Hughes, second of his name in the NHL. *If something absolutely crazy comes out in the next few weeks, like that the Hughes family eats people, I reserve the right to change my mind. Not sure I even would in that case though. Kid needs all the protein he can get.
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    Oh she’s absolutely right. Blashill is still a bad coach though. That’s an opinion I’ve held long before this tournament. You have Blashill and Bylsma on the same staff in Detroit.... I don’t know how Wings fans deal with that much stupidity. I’d need to be committed if those two idiots coached the Devils.
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    Good for her man. My A1C was at 7.3 when I was initially diagnosed (5.6 or less is non-diabetic, 5.7 - 6.4 is prediabetic, and 6.5 or higher is diabetic). In five lab checks since, I've been at 6.3, 6.4, 6.2, 6.0, and 6.0 (in that order)...unfortunately, that leads some to say "So now you're only prediabetic!" Nope. Once your body proves that it can punch through that diabetic wall, you're diabetic, that's it...if I ever went back to eating like I did before, I could wind up right back up there. All you can do is everything in your power to manage the condition, and try like hell to not let it destroy your health or shorten your life.
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    There wasn't a history in my family...I had some symptoms (mostly having to pee a bunch during the night...unfortunately I still deal with that one...not uncommon to get a spike during the very early morning hours), but never thought I would be diabetic. I was floored when I was officially diagnosed with it. Really hope you don't wind up having it at some point, though I've found that it really hasn't been so bad...sure, you definitely have to watch what you eat a lot more, and make sure to get a lot of exercise (people who know me have gotten used to the fact that I often speedwalk 5-7 miles after going out to dinner with them...if it's a fancier restaurant, I'll even bring workout clothes to change into...that's the price I have to pay if want to go off the rails a little bit with any given meal, but I'm so used to it now that I don't even think about it anymore...I just do it)...besides, just doing what we're all supposed to be doing anyway, right? I just had my hands forced into staying consistently disciplined. Sadly, a lot of people just opt for the meds (and think that allows them to live their pre-diagnosis lifestyle) or don't take it seriously. That obviously can lead to a lot of problems down the line, many of them rather grotesque.
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    I get all but that just OT displayed what im saying. Both players out there with plenty of ice and playing the same amount of minutes at top level. Hughes was knocked down quite easily and Kakko literally dominated, was pushed around and kept the puck, was really strong physically, showed great puck control and had good opportunities to score. I said it a million times Hughes is my pick. But if he's a player that keeps on being easily knocked off the puck and struggle when its getting physical in the playoffs well. Smaller, weaker NHL players can do well in the NHL now, its not like it use to. But bigger stronger body are still winning playoffs series. Every player Hughes outscored in the program were also bigger so their transition was easier. Keller is small though but he also struggled pretty bad last season.
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    Of course, that would be amazing, but there's nuance and technicalities to all of this; so when that doesn't happen (Jack ripping it up), it's important to understand why, and as a fan, not let it cloud too much of how we're approaching the bigger picture. One player getting 18:46 TOI and the other getting 9:24, less than Derek Ryan or Luke Glendening, that right there renders any comparison meaningless. Add to the fact that Kaapo has played with and against 90% of this Finland roster before for years, and how structured and well-coached they are at all levels in playing a unified system of play at all age groups. It makes it easy to plug in during a competition like this, and is something the Finns have found success in for years. Add also that he's basically been on a break, while Jack Hughes has been on a non-stop whirlwind the past month, and from a tournament he was just putting 20+ minutes in nightly; different country, flights, buses, etc. How is Kaapo going to adjust to the size of North American rinks? A team of mostly American and Canadian players speaking English? The travel? Playing 3rd/4th line minutes? No one knows the answers to these questions, but just saying, I'm not taking the IIHF Worlds too seriously; I was more excited about it a week or two ago, as a competition to get better acquainted with Kaapo and Hughes and how they play with other adults, but I now know that's flawed, and there's a lot more to it.
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    No its not reactionary that's something I and certainly scouts wanted to see. How Jack would respond to a faster, bigger, better competition. Let's not try to pretend it's not important to them And obviously its not just about the tournament, nobody says that. But it's a really good measurement stick for those kids and see how well their games will translate to the next level. I mean you know damn well if Hughes was dominating shifts like Kakko did we'd all be losing our minds and sharing all those clips. lol You want to judge your players and what they do when it really matters and playing against the best competition they can.
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    My take on the game is this: I don't really have an issue with Jack Hughes getting as little ice time as he did an no powerplay time. He's a 17 year old 150 lb kid. He's not entitled to anything. My issue is that the team just isn't coached that well and looked pretty discombobulated for most of the game. Dylan Larkin was on the ice for the most shifts for a forward by a margin of about 10. Eichel, Gaudreau, DeBrincat, and Keller can all play more. DeBrincat looks like he's going to put the puck in every time the puck leaves his stick. This game should never have been close. Edit: Kane was within three shifts of Larkin.
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    How the hell is that his fault? Blashill is a fvcking dipsh!t.
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    Tends to happen on a roster full of non-NHL’ers.
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    Agreed. That was horsesh!t.
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    I’m done with this game. Call me when Blashill pulls his head out of his ass and actually gives Hughes some fvcking ice time. He didn’t even have him out there on the second power play unit. Ridiculous.
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    Hughes doesn't have to score. His teammates have to CONVERT on his Passes and not flub those chances. That's what his game is : Playmaking. Would it be nice for him to score a goal or two in the process? Hell yeah! But that's not really his game, imo.
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    Wonder if there's a way to get a copy of some of his previous spreadsheets. Even if it's just the data and not actually any formulas or calculations he may have used to guess and predict contracts. Just would be interesting to see how close he was on some of the big names/contracts over the last few years.
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    Hughes-Kakko at 10 this morning.
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    Boston dominates 6-2. Bury these fvcking a$$holes under the arena in Raleigh the next two games please Boston.
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    Well to be fair i don't need to see anything i'm not the one making the pick lol. I'm going to fully trust Shero and Paul. I'd just like him to show a few things that would confirm what scouts are "projecting" so that we're not going on projections as much. Again, Kakko is straight up showing "i can do this" while Hughes still has to grow and prove it. Winning faceoffs against stronger opponents, winning physical battles against the boards, taking hits, establishing his position in front of the nets with beasts on his back, using his IQ to its full potential cause he's playing with smart players too, etc etc He's also just average defensively apparently and that was against kids so i'd like to see how he's handling that at the next level. And for the love of god dont take any of this like im bashing Hughes. I'm just trying to be neutral and realistic
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    Here’s the thing about those tools: if, by some shock, we took Kakko instead, the narrative would turn on an absolute dime. All of the sudden, Rag fans will be pumping Hughes up as the next Joe Sakic. That’s a given.
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    Kakko was always good. This isn’t news. Hughes is the pick.
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    to be fully honest... if Hughes scored that EXACT same goal i'd be drooling and saying how fvcking amazing it was. But since it's Kakko i'm trying to convince myself that it's just okay and focus on the great pass lol
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    I googled Kaako to double check his age, and read on Wikipedia he is a Type 1 diabetic and has celiac disease. Not that it would change my mind one way or the other, I just found it interesting.
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    well Hughes was just manhandled and knocked down / off the puck followed by Kakko dangling and holding on to the puck for like 20 seconds getting a few scoring oppourtunity... this is horrible. I'm still drafting him but IF (very unlikely but IF) he doesnt reach his projected potential and Kakko endup the best player... we had it all there and didn't want to see/admit it Wonder if Jack takes off his full cage for next game now? he's turning 18 tomorrow
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