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    It’s hockey, just watch it everyone. It’s bridging the gap to October as best as possible!
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    Also Ben Davies who plays for my local team the Guilford Flames deserves a mention for roofing that shot on the 3rd goal.
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    It's such an achievement for a country that just has one fully professional league. And about 15 ice rinks.
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    Nico scores another! He is red hot. He’s only one point behind Nylander for the tournament lead now.
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    No thanks to Zacha in the top 6.
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    Nico is such an awesome player. Not the flashy fun player ... Typical Swiss Boy ! Efficient as hell !
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    Ben Bowns lady's and gentlemen. One (future?) Devil getting robbed by a current (Cardiff) Devil. GB's star player. Really please with that result after the Denmark sh!tshow. I want the see less of the "just happy to be here attitude".
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    Perfectly normal reaction to a bad goal, assuming it was Cory. I have to say, I don't give two sh!ts about Hughes or Kakko right now, look at what our boy Nico is accomplishing!! I have to try to find that at full speed. I think he half assed that thinking it was an easy tap.
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    @Chimaira_Devil_#9 your boys should hold their heads up high after this one.
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    I love both. The last season has felt really rushed, but GRRM is never going to finish the books so this ending is the only one we’re going to get, unfortunately.
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    I love the USA but I would not dedicate 15 hours a week to posting on websites about how fvcking terrible Kappo Kakko is.
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    Elias Pettersson is built like I was in high school and he managed to do allright.
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    I didn’t exactly crucify him. I am just acknowledging that it is a bad optic
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    Kind of odd because they got him for a very good price. There are other issues too. Lack of Mac getting a suitable center for Darnold. Lack of a true top #1 receiver.
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    Dude.. that one guy Rambokala is relentless. I'm absolutely convinced that this is Kakko's mom's username. Or his equivalent of Kinkaid's krazy uncle. Just look at his post history. https://www.reddit.com/user/Rambokala
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    The Jets and Mets truly are the same franchise. Forever finding ways to get in their own way, even when there's reasons to believe that things are finally headed in the right direction. My sympathies to Has and '7'...I only root for one of these teams, and that alone can drive one to insanity. I don't know how you two manage it, year-round.
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    Hughes is so agile with the puck.
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    Boy oh boy, if we're going to start talking GOT.. I've been incredibly disappointed with this final season. They've completed scrapped a number of storylines/plotlines and completely blown off a number of the prophecies just for shock and awe value. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS The latest episode didn't irk me too much - I have no problem with Dany going Mad Queen on King's Landing and (probably) Jon or Arya killing her off. But it's just how we got there that makes so little sense to me.. it feels incredibly rushed. They could have spent a whole lot of time showing her descent into madness and/or her decision to rule with fear... instead we got a bunch of completely ridiculous situations and scenarios (the Euron scene in E4 is a joke man, give me a break) to "push her to the brink". But my biggest gripe (and what's completely ruined the show for me) is E3 and the show's handling of the NK. I don't want to nor need to go into why I think the episode was a complete failure (I'm sure anyone who's a fan of the show has already heard most of the gripes by this point) but.. awful. Just awful. Ruined so many characters, storylines, plot arcs, etc. Can't say GOT is something I'll ever re-watch knowing this is how it ends - I really, really hope GRRM finishes the damn books. The "behind the scenes" after the episodes are probably the worst part of the whole thing. D&D just come across as completely clueless. I think they are very talented individuals who successfully adapted the source material for several phenomenal seasons - but when it came time to go beyond the books their complete lack of ability to write their own material really became apparent. I don't harbor this 'hatred' that people seem to have towards D&D - but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disgusted with how this final season has played out.
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    I'd love it if I liked the show. I've been sitting with my D in my hand waiting for the next book, which will probably never come, for years. For the record, I also like plenty of other book to screen adaptations. The first season of GoT was fairly good and close to the book, then it went off the wall and it became work for me to sit down and watch it.
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    Can't say I'm really surprised. Guy was underutilized in his time here.
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    Anyone who says that someone else is just being edgy because they don't agree with the general consensus is a sheep. See? I can sound just as stupid. I just don't like the show-- there isn't some deeper rooted explanation. I read the books and I gave the show a more than fair chance. From what I am hearing a lot of people are pretty disappointed with their "treat" right now.
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    Watching the "Making Of"'s on YouTube, the producers D&D seem so out of touch with how the story arcs should go (I.e. "Dany kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet"). Love seeing the technical aspects of everything though, there's a lot more practical effects than you'd think.
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    Anyone who says the show "sucks" but likes the books is just trying to be edgy and different. The show isn't perfect, and the books are definitely better. But the show is a real treat to watch.
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    Does that make me the troll for starting this thread?
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    Show sucks. Books are better. Anyone can fight me over it if they want.
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    I'm assuming you are quoting the interview that was posted on reddit. He did a live feed from Miami, Bobrovsky was there but couldn't get on the video. A fan asked him about playing in Florida and he said they have no fans in the stands. This was also all translated from Russian because apparently he still doesn't speak English. At the end he also jokingly said that Miami has a bad effect on Bob. So technically he didn't say he wasn't interested. He was just kind of pointing out the obvious. https://old.reddit.com/r/FloridaPanthers/comments/bopcuv/when_asked_about_playing_in_florida_panarin/?st=jvp8r4hs&sh=bc32b83c
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    Gotta admit, once he started giving up some hits, I thought Noah was on his way to a 6.2 IP, 4 ER kind of outing that would have us all shaking our heads...he's now a guy that I feel can come apart kind of easily...but it didn't happen, and he went 8 innings to boot (probably could've gone nine). Now let me see him string two good outings together...he's also given up 4+ ER in six out of nine starts this season. Just tired of the teases with him. Yeah, Nats really look like a dead men walkin' kind of team right now...would be OK if the plan had been to take a step back after Harper's departure, but they certainly didn't pay up for Corbin with such a plan in mind. And it looks like the Mets are REALLY going to have to try to clean up against the bad teams this season if they want to stay relevant, because I think good teams will expose their weaknesses quite a bit as the season unfolds. That means winning 15+ games against the Marlins, 13+ against the Nats, and winning as many series against sub-.500 teams as possible.
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    This perfectly describes us right now :
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    Boston wins. Now sweep these a$$holes Boston.
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    In fairness, he does seem to have a lot of Finnish.
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    Nico with 2 assists today so far. Great tournament for him so far. 6 points in 3 games.
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    You're not the only one they've pissed off. It's like they're so desperate to have the Devils pick #1 so they can crow about Finland having a #1 Draft Pick (Hockey Player), that they become abusive toward anyone who dares to destroy their narrative. They make me want to do just that, with their garbage.
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    Between the Matthews/Laine debate in 2016 and the Hughes/Kakko debate this year, I genuinely think the internet has turned me racist towards Finns. If you read their threads on reddit, you'd think Jack Hughes was a garbage 4th round pick, and Kappo Kakko was literally already better than Gretzky.
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    Hughes is built like I was in the 6th grade...
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    Definitely not. And looking at guys like Gaudreau, maybe a little bit, but maybe not so much. I'm not overly concerned about his size. I'm going to assume he's always played against guys bigger than him. Will that be harder at the NHL level? Obviously. But if he has the talent level he is supposed to have, he'll figure that sh!t out. Even a Nico-style bulk up would do him good. Nico was not much bigger this year but was much less easy to knock off the puck than he was in his rookie year. I don't know, I turned 40 and I seemed to "bulk up" overnight lol.
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