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    Hughes is the youngest player ever for the United States team at the Worlds and is playing on a team full of top flight NHL talent and is holding his own just fine, as contrasted with Eichel and Matthews who got top line minutes playing with, at best, average pros. As a 17 year old Hughes excelled against college players, many of whom are older than 22. He could have entered the NHL six months ago and he'd probably be one of the twenty fastest skaters in the league. The only source of this ridiculous concept that Hughes is not NHL ready I can think of would be David Conte or Connor Chatham.
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    Yeah I'm still on the Hughes train - I think Kakko's made it interesting but there's a reason Hughes has been the consensus #1 kid in his draft class for years. NHL-readiness is just one quality like many others scouts have to look for.. Hughes' size doesn't worry me one bit.
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    Idk about a dog, but there’s definitely a rat in the fight. And I want him bashed!
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    Not quite, "were sh!t , and we know we are" Variation on an old football chant.
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    I remember when the Pats went to the 1993 Flying Elvises, thinking "Huh?", but really digging the blue. The 95-01 Flying Elvises were OK to me at the time, but like I said, they aged horribly...unlike the reds, I would never consider those fun to see even on a throwback level...to me, they're the mullet and parachute pants of the Patriot jersey history. I liked the current design from Day 1...I thought it was a solid evolution from the late 90s design. Sure, it always helps to see championships and then to associate those championships with a particular jersey, but I just like them...and they've held up well, never looking dated. I wouldn't want to ever see them dumped for the old reds (though I do like those...they make me think of Tony Eason, Irving Fryar, and Andre Tippett). I was actually quite thrilled when the Devils switched out the green for the black, and then tweaked the template...I was excited as hell when I heard that it would be happening, and even happier when I saw the actual design on ice. I would NEVER want to see the Devils go back to red and green full time, and it's not so much that they lost a lot, in that it was always an odd color scheme to begin with (even if the reasons for the red and green made sense, based on what those colors represented), and I was never a big fan of the road jerseys (though I very much like the clean look of the Xmas whites). The Devils could win 5 Cups in their current pajama-top floaties, and though I don't hate them anymore (I did initially), I still think the original red and blacks were PERFECT as is. I still hope the Devils will either go back to the red and blacks, or some version of them that incorporates some of the old red and green templates (but with no green). But I think the current iteration is the one we'll see for at least a few more seasons.
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    I do like those unis as occasionals, but I would never want the Pats to go back to them full-time...the current ones just feel right. But yeah, I would be 100% on board with the Pats and Dolphins playing their game in Miami wearing throwback unis every year...hell, if anything it'd be very fitting...the Pats didn't exactly win a ton wearing the old reds, and they don't seem to win down there much now either, soooooo... As a jersey guy (I'm far more into hockey jerseys than anything else), I would love to get my hands on a Bledsoe 75th NFL jersey...it's the blue one above with white numbers (and red outlines). Hard to come by though.
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    Since the Fins are wearing those for the Pats game, I’d love for the Pats to show up in these:
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    There's a joke to be made here about MoJo but I'll leave that to our resident comedians.
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    I don't know what the standings look like right now but my guess is that they needed the 3pt regulation win to advance and not just the 2pts for the OTW.
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    Yeah, I think the Jets should've just stuck with their current unis. They were fine. New ones are OK, but kinda forgettable...at least compared to the outgoing design. The main problem is that not one design they've come up with since ditching the old ones has been an improvement. In the Dolphins' case, the old ones are simply the best ones. Just go back to them and call it a day. Speaking of Bledsoe-era, the second, better-known set of Patriots "Flying Elvis" jerseys (from the mid-90s to 2001) really didn't age well at all...the first iteration (1993) actually wasn't too bad...was very simple, very clean...I've actually grown to appreciate these, though they weren't around for long (only two seasons, with the red numbers on the blue jerseys changed to white): These however...man, those shoulders and that unnecessary stripe pattern...these are pretty rough to look at now: I like the current Pats unis (basically the same since they made their debut, with very minor, almost unnoticeable tweaks)...they've had them for a long time now though...especially considering the "Constant Redesign" era we're in. Won't surprise me if something new isn't too far away.
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    Says almost every fan base in America Owners are definitely into the new jersey thing for themselves but ironically there’s such a hunger for throwbacks slowly but surely owners are milking that cow too (Chargers for example)
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    The classic-look jerseys should be the Dolphins' full-time jerseys. They simply work.
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    So, Evander Kane has been absolutely terrible this playoffs. Zero scoring and not even great at an 'energy' game. So glad we didnt pursue him.
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    In my stupid (I think) opinion, there is nothing that Kakko does that is better today than the best of the NHL whereas I would challenge you to find 10-20 NHL'ers who skate and pass better than Hughes. (notice I said 10-20 instead of just 1 or 2....I'm so sneaky )
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    The SCF doesn’t start til May 27 regardless. Give me a game 7 with 23 overtimes.
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    Seems that way doesn’t it? I’m more interested in this tournament than the playoffs right now tbh. And yeah he was all over the place with the lines. They couldn’t get any rhythm going for long stretches. I think Ferraro commented on it a couple times. USA is looking much better after a shaky start though.
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    Roy and Melnyk would get along great. I definitely don’t foresee any issues there whatsoever.
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    Speaking of, neat little fact (good drafting): @HockeyPulz With Yegor Rykov reportedly signing an ELC with the Rangers, that means that all 9 players selected by the #NJDevils in the 2016 NHL draft have signed NHL entry-level contracts. How crazy is that?
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    With the amount of top-end players who actually WANT to play on the Rangers it is still pretty mind-blowing they have only have won 1 cup in the last 79 years. L-O-L!
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    Marchand has multiple times thrown violently dangerous and illegal checks around and - because he plays on one of Bettman’s favorite squads - has absolutely never faced the discipline he deserves. i hope he wins nothing and breaks both of his kneecaps in the process.
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