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    watchu talkin' bout New Jersey Devils PK?
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    I didn't catch that, but as I mentioned above, that's what I was thinking in the back of my mind. It's definitely still funny, but if true, I hope the Blues win tomorrow 7-0.
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    Seems like a good and cool young kid. It's nice to see guys who are excited and will probably be grateful, humble, and hungry.
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    Coming in late here but I want to chime in. As a prospect - Hughes isn't McDavid-level, and isn't Crosby-level either. But your question is more "can he get there?" It's easy to compare prospects to current stars but hard to project just how good players will be. So most any assumptions about what kind of player Hughes will be are guesses - no matter how surefire of a prospect he is. That said he's an elite prospect. When people say that he's "not McDavid or Crosby," that's more of a nod to how good those two are rather than a knock on Hughes. Watch McDavid play. He's just so much better than everyone else - he clearly does things no one else can do. The combination of his shooting, passing, hockey IQ, speed, edges, vision, and size are unmatched. But I'm going to use your post as reason to simply explain why I think Hughes is an future NHL superstar despite not being quite Crosby level. There are a few things that set Hughes apart and make him an elite prospect. First is the one everyone knows about - his edges. His skating is absolutely dynamic, it sets him apart from almost every other prospect in the past few years - aside from maybe well...Quinn Hughes. His first step is top notch but his overall top speed, while very very good, isn't the best of the best. It's Hughes' speed east to west, the speed at which he turns on his edges that creates space for him on the ice. Watch starting about 0:29 in the following video. Watch how Jack enters the zone with speed and moves east and west across the ice and changes directions while beating everyone else: The next thing about Jack is his brain. This is something that doesn't get talked about enough. Watch the video below starting at about 1:00. Jack might seem a bit blank in some interviews but don't let that fool you. This is a really smart kid. It's not just his physical talents - he really understands the game and is able to make smart analysis like the above while at top speed. I also think it was Pronman who pointed out how in conversation with him, Jack was able to recall details of plays from months before. Watch below at 6:27. He knows where players are going to be before they even know. At 2:29 of the above video you can also see Hughes enter the zone with speed, spin and hit Kane with precision. Then watch below at 3:30-4:00. We could do vision/passing stuff all day. Don't get me wrong the kid can shoot too, watch below at 2:50 Hughes is also really brave. He''s not strong but he's fearless. He'll go anywhere with the puck and fight for the puck anywhere. Watch the skinny freshly minted 18 year-old dive to steal the puck from Ovechkin at 7:01 below. Hughes is really unflappable. This is important to mention because it not only compliments his skill on the ice, but NHL teams, like the Devils, see leadership qualities in him. This might seem like a joke but watch the video at about 6:30 as Jack introduces himself to the viewers. This is just one of many moments where you can see just how comfortable jack is with himself and how confident he is at such a young age, especially compared to Turcotte before him. He can come off cocky at times, but if he didn't have a little bit of healthy ego, he wouldn't be the player he is today. He's not faking his confidence, he believes he can be the best and that's important as far as reaching his potential goes. And that's not to say he doesn't have any humility, I think he has displayed it in most every interview he's done. Well raised kid. And then what makes Hughes a top flight prospect - is that he takes all these skills, the ones he does elite and the ones he does just very good, and does them all together at speed. There are many players who have better handles. There are many players who are faster on a straight line. Many of those guys aren't superstars. But Jack has a real shot at being a superstar because everything that he does very well, he can do while going at full speed. Watch at 6:48 below as he reads the play and intercepts the pass at speed, slides on his edges to create space between himself and the D-man and then feeds a pass Hanifin who scores. And then: So, can Hughes reach Crosby-level? Well, I don't know if he ends up quite impacting the overall game as much as Sid. But it's hard for me to watch Hughes' IIHF World Championship highlights and not think that he has the potential to hit 100 points multiple times in his career with the right supporting cast around him. A lot of people raved about Kakko at the WC. I thought Hughes had a great tournament - he might have been even better than Kakko but it's hard to compare two very different players. People had such high expectations of Hughes that they seem to think he played poorly at the WC. But watch the highlight video above. That video accounts for a lot of his ice time. He was dangerous almost every shift - sometimes the most dangerous player on the ice. Ultimately, there are three main knocks on Hughes: 1. Size and strength - this is a legit issue. I think he is going to have a lot of trouble winning board battles next year. Ironically, Kakko is a juggernaut on the boards. Hughes has to get stronger and fans need to allow him time to fill out as well and not freak out when there are bumps in the road next year. 2. I've heard a bunch of scouts/writers say that when his team is struggling, Hughes tries to do too much. Obviously this isn't a big deal and hopefully Hughes can learn to be disciplined here. 3. He had an amazing supporting cast with the USNTDP. - This is obviously true. Turcotte, Zegras, Caufield, etc...his team was stacked. But who cares? In the NHL you also need a strong supporting cast to have success. It's not like Hughes doesn't have undeniable clearly observable elite skills with or without great players around him. I'm not worried here. Overall, I think the player we are getting in Hughes and his potential is exactly what you are implying in your question - a notch below players like Crosby and McDavid, maybe even Mackinnon, on par with some elite players like Matthews, and well above a Hischier. These things are impossible to predict with certainty but I personally wouldn't be surprised if he's in the top 10 leading scorers in the league for the majority of his career.
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    I enjoy them way more than a person my age should. I already have a few prepped for use in certain situations, just waiting for them to be applicable. But this one, yes, I did it on the fly.
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    I mean....how fvcking amazing is this?! haha
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    Ok, come on over and play for us you egomaniac!!
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    Guarantees he’s re-signing, or that he’s a Beserker fan.
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    Want the Blues to win tomorrow 1-0 in triple OT. As a fan with no vested interest in either team, def not the Bruins, nothing could be more exciting than knowing next goal wins the cup. Can’t even fathom the nervousness that I’d experience if I was a fan of either team. Trying to figure out how Binnington would even have it in him to pull out a miracle on the road against a team with a lot more experience in this situation. I sure as hell hope he can but doesn’t look promising.
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    Amanda's real interview: Amanda: Who do you think you are? JB: I'm Jesper Amanda: What gives you the right?
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    The links for the merch take you to a site hosted by Barstool - I'm assuming they're probably behind the whole thing.
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    That's where I saw it too right when you posted it at the same time I did. Not that it really explains why they would get hate for it, BUT... in that same vein, I did say to someone else that I guess it's possible that a Boston fan could've created that in order to make Blues fans look stupid, which would be pretty hilarious. It takes some effort - more than I'd care to do - but it'd still be pretty funny if that was the case.
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    Very excited to see Boqvist this year or next. He seems like he'll fit in very nicely to the system we've established.
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    "See you in Newark!" - Scott Gomez
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    It has, I couldn't find it... Looks like the last was 1954 Edit: you beat me to it!
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    Upon further research... 17 times the Finals have ended on an OT winner, but only once has it been in Game 7 - 1954, Red Wings over Canadiens 2-1, 4:29 into OT.
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    Let’s just add, he doesn’t look like a guy planning to leave the organization when he’s making appearances with its most famous alumni and its most famous fan.
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    I’m not too sure so figured I’d ask...has there ever been a game 7 that went to OT in the finals? Would love to see that...with the Blues winning of course.
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    PK is coming to the Devils and after every game he’s going to give a special message to SD saying it’s ok to be in love with him.
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    I’m not sure if that makes it more or less for losers.
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    Player unknown battlegrounds (PUBG) its just like Fortnight but fewer kids
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    Thanks for posting MD. What the hell are they playing? Never thought I’d see Marty playing video games lol
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    So Hall and Marty hung out with Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes today....
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    0.50 is the magic number. 0.495-0.499 get rounded to 0.50, so 0.495 or better you win. 0.494 or below I win. We’ll only go that far in terms of decimal places. Agreed? I accept the other stipulations, though technically if he’s traded he could still be playing in the NHL. But it won’t be for us, so who gives a fvck at that point. I’ll add that if he completely blows up and scores 60 points, I’ll retire the “almost” meme.
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    I posted it in the off-season thread this morning, but Boqvist signed his entry level deal. Here’s a Q&A he did with Amanda: https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/feature-qa-with-jesper-boqvist/c-307786706
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    Can’t tell if this is a lazy comparison or just a fvcking stupid one. Josefson finished his NHL career with 64 career points in 315 games. Zacha has 76 points in 201 games while being an above average defensive player. All 76 points were accrued before he turned 22. How many current Devils can you name that scored 76 points before their 22nd birthday? I’ll give ya a hint, you can answer that question with one hand. Trading a 22 year old player because you think “he blows” is quite literally selling low. I am sorry if I upset you.
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    Right now, Matthews and Dahlin since the two of them are the more proven commodities. I’d take Nico and Jack right now over Dahlin and LaFreniere. However, if Jack is a top ten center in the league and Nico is like Sasha Barkov, which is plausible enough, I’ll take the for sure elite one two center punch.
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    Who would you rather have? Nico and Jack or Matthews/LaFreniere and Dahlin? That’s all I was saying when I meant consolation prize. It is hitting the jackpot, and your analogy is perfect.
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    What a tremendous young core we have developing. Even without winning the next Patrick Kane in the draft lottery, I would have been (and still am) absolutely over the moon to see Ty Smith and Boqvist suit up. Also would be very interested to see Nico, Bratt, Butcher, Anderson, Blackwood take the next step. Great time to be a Devils fan!
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    Verified account 29m29 minutes ago More The Devils have signed forward prospect Jesper Boqvist (No. 36, 2017 Draft) to a 3-year, entry-level contract. Boqvist had a solid season (13-22-35 in 51 gms for Brynas in the SHL) after breaking wrist in 2017-18.
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    If Hughes ends up in the tier of MacKinnon, Tavares or Matthews, we should be doing backflips. Crosby is arguably a top 10 player of all time
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