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    Kid's got such a great personality, hard to not root for him to make it.
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    Dear Mr. Shero, Please sign someone or make some kind of a trade ASAP. Not because I don't think you didn't have a solid offseason already, but because if you don't give us something to talk about real soon (as in RIGHT fvckING NOW), this place will continue to descend into some hellishly goofy cross between the Twilight Zone and Mean Girls. Please Ray...soon we will have no other choice but to cross the streams and hope for the best. Sincerely, CR76
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    Unfair. He’s Nordic. Throwing axes at sh!t is in their blood.
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    Do you even GO to this message board??
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    Hughes couldn’t even place top two? I bet Kakko would’ve won since he’s played against men.
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    If my work wasn’t completely insane at the moment, I absolutely would’ve taken my daughter to this...we would’ve had a blast. I really start to miss hockey right around this time...and there’s definitely some things to get excited about. Would’ve loved to get a look at Hughes, Boqvist, and Smith. But just seeing Devils hockey in any form probably would’ve made me jones that much harder for it. And admittedly I still want to enjoy all that summer offers first...it goes by fast enough as it is.
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    My brother was there. He said Hughes, Boqvist and Ty Smith (in that order) stood out. He said at times Jesper Boqvist looked like that AAA player playing in house league just for more ice time. He was toying with people.
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    I hope Bastian can build on the end of year flashes he had.
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    The team that has been putting the tweets and videos together for the last few years has been killing it.Star Wars night, 80s/90s night all great. I just watched the 90s night video and got pumped AF at the end. I wish it was fall already.
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    Pretty sure I know which one glenwo is...
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    I didn't know this was an award, I don't know who else was in the running, but this one was fantastic so I think the award is well deserved. I think I only liked the 80's one better.
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    “A lot of years” sounds good, Jack.
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    Hynes is starting to take after Shero: using a lot of words to say very little. You mean to tell me that Simmonds will be playing with one of our centers AND he'll get more ice time if he plays well?
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    Is Michael Ryder a JOKE to you!?? cuz same
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    That's very disrespectful to Tom Chorske.
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    It’s gonna be soooooo weird to see someone wear #17. Can’t disassociate that number from Ilkka Pikkarianen.
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    BTW it was interesting seeing an 89 on the ice not being Mogilny! It was Danny Weight.
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    This makes my nasty bits all tingly
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    Jesus he's fast out there. I know, I know - can't really judge anything from this meaningless 3v3 stuff. But.. he looks fast.
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    All things considered, that's not a bad deal for Ferland, but Vancouver is playing a real short sighted game here. With Boeser still unsigned and Pettersson, Quinn Hughes, and Demko all due for new contracts in two years, Vancouver has committed almost $18M to their cap over the next 4 years between Miller, Myers, Ferland, and the Luongo recapture, not even bringing up the absurd 4x3M contracts they handed to Antoine Roussel and Jay Beagle last summer. They're gonna be in a serious bind with the cap very soon, if they aren't already, and it's not like they're a cup contender. This is what cap mismanagement looks like when you're a rebuilding team, Shero has handled our situation the right way, Jim Benning hasn't.
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    I mean, at age 18, I would have been embarrassed to say that the meal I am best at preparing is putting cold cuts on bread.
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    now we're ragging on a younger generation for NOT shopping at WholeFoods? We've come full circle
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    AHHHH you beat me to it. “You don’t even go here!”
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    Some of these kids have a look on their face like they have never eaten something their mom didn't cook.
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    Did you just call me Regina George? Because I think I’m ok with that.
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    That settles it. BUST!!!
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    Anyone but Zacha, apparently. I feel you, Hynes.
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    Sometimes when you hear nothing it does mean something. May be this “investment “ is all we got. This article was typed from management position and spend much words for pour some water. I don’t try to start a panic on the ship, but I hope Shero has or think about plan b.
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    Yeah he seems like a good dude and he’s got some talent there. Hopefully he keeps developing.
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    That, it accomplished. I do appreciate that it was posted, as I wouldn’t have sought it out.
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    Ryder? But I hardly know her!!
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    Jeez, talk about bush league!
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    Mike Brown was fun. Totally polarizing, I’ve barely ever agreed with him, but he was so much fun and he didn’t even know it. MB3, well what do you say about that guy. So happy he could blow your star left winger one minute, ready to kill himself the next. What could be more fun than that? glenwo2 I totally didn’t understand at all. He seemed all right for a while, then he seemed like he was just here to pick a fight. Way too sensitive, not my speed. DevilMinder is typically my ideal moderator. You let things go. Old-school hockey. Then you have a day like today, I don’t really understand what happened. But I don’t need to, it’s not up to me.
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    I don't want to insinuate he's going to be a 30+ goal scorer like Simmonds was/is, but if Bastian can improve his puck skills he can be kind of like a light version of what Simmonds was in his prime. Big net front guy that can bang in goals in front and take the goalie's eyes away, if he can handle the puck better in tight like he showed today on that goal against Schmid he could become a valuable complimentary piece. I'm partial to speed and skill but you can always use someone who can play the net front on the powerplay, Bastian could be that guy.
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    I can't attest too much to the other teams because the stream was focused on each of Hughes' games and I wasn't there in person, but Hughes was legitimately dominant out there, he was phenomenal. Thought Tyce Thompson drove play pretty well when he was on the ice, and Walsh generated a lot of chances too. Boqvist and Smith I thought looked awesome together on their team, also thought McLeod was doing a great driving possession. Okhotyuk very noticeably can skate and had a nice wrist shot goal. Bastian made a nice move in tight on Schmid for a goal as well, liked to see that from him as I'd like to see his puck skills improve, he already has the power aspects of the game down.
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    You mean you were there today?! What the hell is the matter with you?!?! DON’T YOU WORK?!?!?!
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    This is the 2nd time I'm typing this. The original I can't find it, so if it is somewhere on the board i apologize. Smith is tiny. I kept thinking Rafalski with his skating and stick handling. Boquist is bigger than I thought. He impressed me today. Bastian is big but Popugaev is bigger. Hughes seemed really pleased to meet Elias. Schmid made a couple of nice saves.
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    I can't believe they all act this way. You try to bring the kids up right, and this is how they re-pay us...
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    All right guys stay on topic and let's get over the 5th grade antics. I moderated the posts, let's not progress to moderating users.
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    A thousand percent, there were like 2-3 deals signed after the first day that were of any importance. Tons of guys still hanging around without contracts, and I feel like its more so this year than in previous years. The glut of unsigned RFA's could be part of it, as I said above, maybe the teams really DON'T have a way to sign some of those guys.
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    Boqvist looking real nice too, I'm real excited for this kid
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    MadDog2020 On-Ice, 5v5 Snark For %: 62.3% Rel Snark For %: 15.7% xSnark For/60: 80.2 Jokes Plus/Minus: +1 Worth retaining and should be elevated in the lineup along with Eric Gelinas
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