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    Just snagged Restaurant Ledge seats for me and my daughter. She'll get to break out her new Hughes jersey for that one. And so it all begins again...
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    i honestly keep on forgetting how good Hall is... like... i "know" he's good but since he hasnt played for us in like.... YEARS its like a distant vague memory... then i just remember him finding a way to get a point every damn game 2 years ago, he was insane
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    you've had the same vote for two weeks; I don't think that's how it works papi
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    You’ve been killing it with the Freudian slips here. unless anyone is on their knees in Brodeur’s office at the prudential center, I don’t think anyone is blowing goats.
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    Nico is such a good kid. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/feature-hischier-reports-for-civic-duty/c-308439252
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    If boqvist looks half as good as people are saying, you don’t think twice in waiving a guy like Kevin rooney. Any reason they can’t just be healthy scratches?
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    I'll give it a go. Hall-Hischier-Bratt Gusev-Hughes-Palmieri Coleman-Zacha-Boqvist Wood-Zajac-Simmonds Greene-Subban Butcher-Severson Smith-Vatanen Schneider, Blackwood
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    You don’t see Ty Smith cracking the opening night lineup? I’ll be pretty disappointed if he doesn’t.
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    Yeah I thought the dumb early deadline would kill off most deals from the borderline teams, there were still big deals made and teams you'd figure would be sellers became buyers so maybe it actually added unpredictability at least. If they're going to have no waiver deadline at all then the actual trade deadline should be at least mid-August with all the wild card craziness. Not only did neither team sell but neither fired their inexperienced manager when they looked all but dead men walking. Although I'm still very wary of Callaway (and make no mistake, this run would buy him into next year if the Mets maintain this) it's good in a sense that firing the manager isn't always the needed spark.
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    In case the codes are unique, I’m not using this: NJD20TM
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    Pre-sale code from the Devils sent to me this morning: NJD20EA Feel free to use it - I doubt it's unique to me anyway.
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    Snagged 5 tickets to the opener yesterday during the AMEX pre-sale - I'm sure the number of tickets released was limited.. but they sold fast. Very fast. Think there's a real hype around us to start this season. Can't wait.
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    Nico Hischier: 30 Mackenzie Blackwood : 21 (-1) Travis Zajac: 20  P.K. Subban : 16  Jack Hughes : 16 Blake Coleman: 13 Taylor Hall : 15 Kyle Palmieri : 14 Ty Smith : 13  Pavel Zacha: 12 (+1) Damon Severson : 11 Will Butcher : 11 Nikita Gusev: 10 Jesper Boqvist : 11 Jesper Bratt: 12 Cory Schneider : 7 Sami Vatanen: 7 ELIMINATED: John Hayden  Mirco Mueller  Kevin Rooney  Miles Wood Connor Carrick Wayne Simmonds Andy Greene (+1)
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    Like “is the trade one for one”?
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    Oh I wasn't criticizing you making this thread. I just don't think I have enough information to make an informed post. To answer your question, absolutely I do. I'm way lower on Butcher than most.
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    It feels wayyyyyyyy too early to talk about that. I tried to make a list but there's so many what-ifs that I just deleted it. Is PK re-signed / still good / not in a ditch somewhere with SD at large? Is Gusev a stud and re-signed? Did my dad ever come back from buying cigarettes in the spring of 98? Is Blackwood the goalie of the future, meaning we need to buy-out Schneider? Does Vatanen bounce back and re-sign at a nice ticket? After Zacha wins his second Hart trophy and mfitz combusts in on himself like a dying star, do the Devils trade him for McDavid? So many questions.
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    We have 4 games on nbc/NBC sports this season. 2 fall on wed, one of those vs the rangers. Possibly is likely that we get 2 doc games
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