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    I hope you will all catch the most insane diarrhea to even doubt my omniscience.. (maybe i didn't read correctly in the coffee grounds... and it's due for tomorrow... but i highly doubt it ! ... )
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    he signs today. (Vous allez voir ! ) I know that will be for today. Be amazed by my omniscient all you want.... It's how it's going to be. Taylor Hall will sign his new contract today !
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    At least “Tayler” is on board with New Jersey. #HallWatch2019
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    i love the optimism that injuries won't answer a lot of these roster questions.
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    Yeah I’m with you on this. A secondary logo is fun for banners and merchandise, but not for our main jersey. If they wanted to make a true 3rd jersey, worn like 5-6 times a year, I would accept that because 1) it’s an excuse to buy another jersey, like I needed one, and 2) it would be fun to watch people melt down like they did with the Adidas redesign.
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    Imagine interviewing Ray Shero for ten minutes and not asking him about Taylor Hall. https://www.nhl.com/devils/video/nhl-tonight-ray-shero/t-277437418/c-68692603
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    Yes btw... we used to call them " helping our US friend to getting ride of british people" ... But it was too long so we end calling them " We are so awesome, for once it's ok to be arrogant " ... We realise it was also too long so we gave you a big statue, Audrey Tautou and some other stuffs... And and never forget that without us, you will speak english ! ENGLISH... brrrr... You're welcome (peasant) And i really don't wanna be called moosedick... What about " Quick but effective Italian Stallion " no ? Ok ok...
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    That totally count as a win... Just sayin'...
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    I can appreciate a man willing to stake his credibility on a gut feeling! Here's to your final few hours of being widely respected around here.
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    @MadDog2020's favorite player.
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    I’m on vacation and this does feel like the kind of thing that would happen when I’m away and paying less attention.
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    I'm with Tri - I'll bet he agreed to come on with the condition that he not be asked about Taylor Hall. Hmm I can't say I've seen it before - and as far as a second logo goes.. I'm fine with it I guess so long as they don't touch our timeless standard logo.
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    I had wondered why he decided to break his silence with the NHL network and that's probably why. He could ask them not to ask him about Taylor Hall and they would oblige.
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    That’s the first time I’ve seen it in my life tbh
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    The only thing I don't like is Andy Greene on the top pair, but who are we kidding...that is prob where he'll end up.
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    It feels wayyyyyyyy too early to talk about that. I tried to make a list but there's so many what-ifs that I just deleted it. Is PK re-signed / still good / not in a ditch somewhere with SD at large? Is Gusev a stud and re-signed? Did my dad ever come back from buying cigarettes in the spring of 98? Is Blackwood the goalie of the future, meaning we need to buy-out Schneider? Does Vatanen bounce back and re-sign at a nice ticket? After Zacha wins his second Hart trophy and mfitz combusts in on himself like a dying star, do the Devils trade him for McDavid? So many questions.
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    This is easily the worst Yelp review I have ever gotten.
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    You have an incredibly thin skin. That's why he thought you were a teenager. If you don't want people to disagree with you when they think you are wrong, you're definitely in the wrong place. If you don't like it here, stay over there. You won't be missed. Also I am fairly certain you don't know what a "glass ceiling" is if that's the context you use it in. This explains a lot. I wish we could give you infraction points. Can someone give him like a million infraction points? Obviously you must be a giant a-hole over there as well if you have so many infraction points. And I doubt @MB3 is scared. If you don't want people to think you are a teenager, using your post count as validation probably isn't the best idea. Would've responded sooner, but I don't visit this section of the board often. I should resume that.
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