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    Luongo is a Hall of Fame goalie who played for a Hall of Shame franchise. He did everything he could.
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    i don't really agree that you have to have won cups in order to get your # retired though. A cup is a team award. Getting your # retired should be based on personal achievements. I mean is there really a need to point out that great players never won cups and average players won it multiple times?... Chris Kunitz has 4 cups and guys like Stamkos or Joe Thornton 0. No one in their right mind would think Kunitz # should be retired vs the other 2
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    Your avatar has never fit more perfectly than this very moment
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    So he played well on a sh!tty team, so the team can’t retire numbers because they’re sh!tty? That makes no sense. He’s arguably the best retired player in the history of the franchise. That’s enough reason to retire his number,whether or not the team was good shouldn’t be a factor.
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    To me, the jersey retirement is about what that specific player meant to that specific team. Luongo was a huge part of the team and community, whether he had on-ice success or not. He is a hall of fame player who played most of his career with Florida, and played for them for nearly half of their entire history. We have been so incredibly lucky to have the Hall of Fame players and success that we have had and I think it allows us to hold the number retirement thing to a higher standard than a team like Florida.
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    can the season start already
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    And not just stats. Things like community work, longevity, etc. also factor in. Dano deserved it, so does Luongo.
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    Lou deserves it. It’s a team sport, it’s not his fault they never won any Cups. And if not for Marty, Lou would probably have won a couple Vezina’s in late 00’s. Certainly one of the best goalies of this era. Didn’t Vancouver even give him the C one year? I’m sure he’s a pretty beloved player. No issue here.
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    ...... Daneyko played 1300 games for the Devils and won 3 cups. there is literally zero correlation. It would be more like the Devils retiring Mogilny’s Jersey.
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    It’s a bit borderline, but I think deserved, akin to the Devils retiring Daneyko’s number. It would be one thing if out of nowhere they decided to retire Ed Jovanovski’s number just to sell some tickets and create an artificial buzz like the Rangers do when they retire numbers of players who retired more than 30 years ago. But Luongo is a Hall of Famer who spent roughly half his career in Florida who also has a connection to the area and to the franchise that’s more significant than a great player who played some games there.
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    The Panthers are retiring Luongo’s number on March 7- first Panther player to have his number retired. Well deserved. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/27372488/panthers-retire-luongo-number-march
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    Part of the game is voting for players to keep them on the board if you think they shouldn't be voted out yet. Obviously someone would give their vote for a player on the brink of being removed rather than another useless point to Hall or Hischier who are not in danger of dropping out if they believe they shouldn't be dropped yet.
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    Fine. It's sorta like if the Vancouver Canucks retired Mogilny's number. A fringe but not first-ballot HHOFer who had a few memorable seasons with the the team but is better known for his time in another uniform. I'm not saying it's allowed or not allowed, I'm just giving my opinion that it's stupid. You say "10-11 seasons" and act like he wasn't injured for half of them. He averaged 51 games played for his career in Florida. Went to the playoffs once and won 2 games. Wasn't drafted by the team. It just seems a little goofy and second-rate. But I guess that's also a good descriptor for that pathetic franchise anyway.
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    I up-voted Zacha because I like him better than any of the players that have been eliminated so far. Simple as that. Watching your exasperation at those of us that voted that way was just a bonus It's interesting that the defence has had four casualities so far and of all the remaining players the bottom two are the other two D that played last season and that Subban and Smith who haven't set foot on the ice for the team yet are more popular. I'm also quite surprised that Zajac is so high inn the list. It was only a two or three seasons ago that a lot of people were calling for him to be traded as he was getting too much money and not putting up enough points (much the same as Zacha is now, apart from the money).
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    I don’t need anyone to agree. Just be honest as to why they are voting that way.
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    The team sucked yes but this is a recognition of individual accomplishment. The team sucking made his play that much more impressive as a goaltender. Was their best player, was loyal to the organization, did a lot in the community, Luongo deserves to have his # retired there. Yeah, the old Dan Marino vs Trent Dilfer case. Give me Marino as my qb.
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    It's subjective so it's not really for you to decide who they like. You're just salty because you want people to agree with you, or you think everyone does but they're just doing it for the meme. Either way--still their choice.
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    Just my opinion, but disagree with the bolded. What are they honoring by retiring his number? What legacy are they cementing? A decade of mediocrity and irrelevancy? He's a legend off the ice and he'll be in the HOF for his individual accomplishments but that doesn't translate to a franchise retiring a number, in my opinion. This seems so amateur to me. +1 Seems ridiculous to retire his number, but what do I know.
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    Yeah and if you put those... while he was never amazing. Clarkson walked when he had the most value he could possibly get after 2 good seasons. We dodged a bullet there in a way but we also left some decent assets on the table holding on to him when he was never going to stay
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    More so because almost his entire career there was absolutely meaningless. Meaningless games, meaningless wins, meaningless stats. Much like 6 of the past 7 seasons that we have watched the Devils play. All rather forgettable. He's arguably their best retired player because they don't have much at all to even choose from to begin with. After him it's Pavel Bure and then a decent drop off in terms of all time Panthers players. I guess it still beats this at least lol... https://miamiherald.typepad.com/flapanthers/2010/10/panthers-honor-torrey-with-banner-gifts-team-also-retires-no-93-grabner-back-in-town.html
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    Pretty much. They brought in Taylor Bertolet who's been NFL camp fodder since 2016 and never stuck anywhere. Guess we'll see where that goes. Still I'd wish they'd just sign Matt Bryant and be done with it. The Jets will be playing a lot of close games this year and having a terrible kicker could swing the pendulum the wrong way for them
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    Terrible analogy. Mogilny barely played for the team, Luongo played 10-11 seasons.
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    Daneyko was on the first team that ever made the playoffs for this franchise plus won 3 Stanley cups and made it to 4 finals plus numerous playoff appearances and divisional titles. He still played in 13 games during that 03 run and 69 games in the regular season. I'm not arguing that Roberto isn't a good player but I stick to the mindset that winners and championships are the only reasons to have a retired number in the rafters. The standards have been lowered around the league for some time now. If we did something similar I would absolutely have a problem with it.
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    Daneyko was never a great player and more or less played no role in the third cup. His number is retired because of what he meant to the franchise and is deserved on that basis. Luongo is a bit of column A and bit of column B.
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    Roberto has been one of the best goalies these past 20 years in the NHL. He deserves this and then HOF. This isn't something to be ashamed of.
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    We’ll have to agree to disagree. The Panthers are a sad franchise, but he’s the best player they’ve ever had. He’s their all-time leader in wins and shutouts, and more importantly, he’s been huge in the South Florida community in terms of charity work and the like. He absolutely deserves the honor.
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    Yup I can support that one. Congrats to him.
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    Your first mistake was reading any of the cancerous content posted on Facebook and most of twitter. Too many people who watch 3 games a year and play NHL 19 but think they're fvcking experts on the team. Complete traaaaaashhhh.
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    Eh maybe. Some fans are certainly seeing it this way. Others are just opening up the conversation to trading him and discussing what the haul for a former MVP could be. Playing out scenarios of trading him for a key player whose timeline more closely syncs with Nico/Smith/Hughes/Bratt/etc.
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    What I've seen happen with the Hall situation on the fans' end is the echo chamber effect. Enough people in enough corners of Twitter or Facebook groups are projecting enough anxiety at Hall not re-signing yet (and louder and louder), that people are convincing themselves Hall is expendable and should be traded ASAP. Slow your roll, people, it's still early August. Obviously, some real questions can be asked by November/December if he's not signed yet, but let's get to there first. The amount of people beating the drums for reasons we *should* trade Hall is insufferable. First Hart Trophy winner in a Devils uniform, and one of the best wingers we've ever had (still, despite an injury last season). You trust that our GM will lock it up within the next few months, and if he doesn't, plenty of time to say the sky is falling and talk about trade scenarios; not sure where the absolute URGENCY has come from all of a sudden within the fanbase, other than self-inflicted as a point of stress and paranoia, and lazy/dubious reporting of the trade talks by people on Twitter who in the end don't have a great handle on the talks one way or another, but need to harvest "clicks" to their sites for ad money.
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