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    good for him, but thank god it’s not for us
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    Ffs, it was fine. Now we're going to do this again? Ain't Talking Bout Love by Van Halen, final 30-60 seconds or whatever. HEY HEY HEY on repeat.
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    All I know is, whatever song they pick I am most excited to see where our fans add in the “You suck”
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    I will once again request a special goal song for Rangers games. Use the chorus from this. Roughly 1:40 to 2:05 ish
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    not entirely awful suggestion I like this too but it smacks of the Rangers one which i fvcking hate. as was stated earlier, Howl is plenty good and has built up currency. i hate that they're changing it and i'm terrified of whatever hits1 drivel they choose
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    His stats compare well to Nico’s through 2 seasons. I’d lock Nico up with a deal like that with zero hesitation.
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    Confirmed. As we may be adding players; anyone who doesnt select the top available slot, I will do my best to accommodate your intentions. For example, devlman will pick last. Which is 14 currently, but might be 15 if we add someone. Any expansion teams will be slotted to the last spot that isnt "claimed"
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    He has averaged 29.4 G per 82 GP for his career...of course, the main issue is that he doesn't play 82 games year in and year out. Excluding the 2013 lockout-shortened season, he averages a tick under 65 GP per season. I've really reached the point where all I want is to hear SOMETHING from Ray, Taylor, or both. It would be one thing if it was obvious (through various quotes) that they were both far apart, or if Hall was making it clear that he has every intention of testing the market in 2020...at least we'd have some real info to discuss/debate. All we've got is radio silence. I'm not really annoyed with either party (I do believe in Ray and absolutely feel that he's the right man for the job in trying to build something sustainable), but so many scenarios have been discussed and re-discussed (with zero inside info) that I'm just sick of reading them all. I'm ready for something, ANYTHING from the people involved, no matter what the news might be.
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    Welcome to the NJDevs 2019-20 FHL! Invites have been sent out the other week, and the draft date has been set for Tues Sep 24 8:00pm. All rosters are current with only eligible keepers remaining (Thanks to Hasan for the legwork last year). The keeper deadline is Mon Sep 23 3:00am. You may keep up to 3 players in place of your round 21, 22 and 23 picks. Unfortunately, Yahoo does not support keeper tools on its mobile app. You will need to do it on a PC or using your phones web browser (not the Yahoo Sports App). I’d like to thank Hasan (NJDevs4978) for his strong leadership that has kept this forum league going since 2002. His commissioner efforts were only topped by his own steady hand as a GM – winning titles in 2002, 2003, 2009, 2010 and 2016… while impressively finishing 2nd in 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. It feels almost silly mentioning that he took third in 2007. It is an honor to follow in his footsteps; and I hope that he has a change of heart and decides to return in an upcoming season, but he has certainly earned his time away. Even knowing he was on his way out, he left a terrific franchise available that features 2 first round picks, 2 16ths… at a cost of only missing a 14th and 20th. The franchise also has plenty of terrific keeper candidates like Mark Stone, Ryan O’Reilly, Matt Duchene, Darnell Nurse, Shea Weber among others. This is a great launching pad for anyone looking to join. New for 2019! So with a new Commissioner, comes a new take. I have taken some time this offseason to really look at the competitive balance of our statistical categories and have made the following changes: Skater Scoring Total Points have been removed In past seasons we rewarded Goals, Assists and Points as three separate and distinct scoring categories. Counting points lead to over valuing assists; as assists would consistently drive your Points total more than goals due to secondary assists. Removing it allows you to reward goal scorers and play-makers... and players who are both, will contribute well to each category still. PIMs have been added With points removed, I have added PIMs. This is one of the counter intuitive categories; as you will be rewarded for taking penalties. This adds value to the higher scoring agitators who play with an edge. You can work to blend your roster by targeting players with middling PIMs; or go heavy with an enforcer who won’t put up many points... but will hopefully add some more hits as well. Overall, this will expand the player pool as some players who in the past were of little value can start contributing more to your rosters. There is no other category that Yahoo tracks that would capture this. These will be the scoring categories this year: Goals (G), Assists (A), Plus/Minus (+/-), Penalty Minutes (PIM), Powerplay Points (PPP), Shorthanded Points (SHP), Game-Winning Goals (GWG), Faceoffs Won (FW), Hits (HIT), Blocks (BLK) Goalies Scoring Save% has been removed / Replaced by Total Saves It’s easier to address this swap under one header. One of the issues with goaltending in a roto league is that your performance becomes tied to one or two players. You can ride an elite goalie, and if it’s his year to put up untouchable numbers… you can play him 60 games and pretty much win goaltending. So how does this change help? We will now be scoring goaltender by Wins, Saves, GAA and Shutouts. Wins is a team stat… good teams win. Shots can vary, but in general, bad teams give up a ton of shots. Both of these stats are cumulative that build up as you play more. If you only play 60 games… you may grab the wins needed, but you’re likely going to trail in saves. GAA is your standard measurement of a 60 minute game; and shutouts is the wildcard. These will be the goaltending categories this year: Wins (W), Goals Against Average (GAA), Saves (SV), Shutouts (SHO) Trades Trades will no longer be pushed through at the commissioners discretion immediately. I will allow the full day to allow any and all grievances and to afford ample time to discuss with the parties to ensure that trades are well intended. As previously stated, this league has been running since 2002, and as such, some GMs are emotionally invested and do not want to see players simply given away. At the same time, we will not be implementing any sort of trade value chart that dictates the terms of trades or forcing the use of the trade block, etc. I want things to be as transparent as possible with decisive decisions made with an even and fair hand. I would recommend putting feelers out if you are looking to trade away top talent or younger keepers with a lot of promise. Part of the issue we ran into last year was communication, as GMs thinking they could easily offer more if they only knew the player was on the block. Let other GMs know, and it’s very possible you might get a better return. RFA Keeper We will be allowing a 4th keeper starting NEXT year. However, this will be for player who has played no more than 100 games (100 games played = RFA eligible keeper, 101 games = RFA ineligible). Standard keeping rules apply; so the player would need to have been drafted in the 6th round or later. This keeper, just as all others, is completely optional and will be at the cost of your last available draft pick. So you can still trade your 20th round pick and later decide to keep a 4th player if you desire. Next Steps!!! Now's the time to review your rosters and figure out your keeper situation. Trades are permitted; but you can only trade this years draft picks and pick counts must be even. Remember, you can only keep 3 players and they must be from Round 6 or later. This is also the time to argue against rule changes or offer your own. I really believe the changes will help balance out rosters more, and I feel the RFA add will give us something new to mix things up a bit more, and to give some keeper picks time to grow. We will need to do a head count to make sure everybody is returning besides NJDevs4978... and fill in those rosters where needed. I'm looking forward to a fantastic 2019-20 Season! Thanks for making it through my first update Draft Order Selection 1 Zamboni Warriors - krunko7 --> #1 2 Hard Dump - devlman --> #14 3 Zajac-ing Off - Devilsfan118 --> #2 4 Palm on and SLAM - Ralliart90 --> #3 5 NeoThrashers - MantaRay --> #4 6 Nicoise Salad - Pacific Devil --> #13 7 Miles Wood Fightclub - NQDevil --> #5 8 Dynamo Nation - redruM --> #11 9 Squirtle Squad - Henriqued --> #12 10 Eaglejelly - Eaglejelly --> #6 11 Sworn Defenders - Aylbert --> #10 12 NJDefenders - NJDEVS1730 —> #9 13 One More Tank - LOTCB —> #7 14 Wolverines!!! - DevilMinder—> #8
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    They never learn, do they?
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    Like the Slade option, I’m on board with that. From the 18 second mark to the 34 second mark...short but sweet (though obviously it can be edited to be longer).
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    fvck Bon Jovi, ranger fan with sh!t music
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    I absolutely hated Howl. Why not do something jersey with a Springsteen song? I dunno; Born to Run? Singing tramps like us would be awesome; the whole motto of the team is speed. The only real answer is R&R Part II
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    I’ll take the guy who does nothing but score all the time. Will find a spot for him. Zacha is the same age, plays nothing but defense, and many people argue that we should keep him because he could still develop. But the same logic doesn’t apply to the 30 goal scorer? That’s stupid.
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    Frankly, I highly doubt the Devils will even consider it. I honestly think my Mambo #5 suggestion has a better chance of making it than RnR pt 2.
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    i will dump my seasons if it's mambo #5
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    This would be a perfect goal song and also one that would never happen because it's about teabagging someone.
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    And Cano came back and went 3-3. Which is pretty much picking up where he left off. Good to see. He'll need to keep this up because the only way we sneak into a Wild Card is if we slug our way to the point where the bullpen can't wreck things. And the bullpen will try extraordinarily hard to wreck things.
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    It's actually a shame that this horrible management and bullpen undermines what's otherwise been a resilient, fun team.
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    Like this didn't cause enough problems, Devils are yet AGAIN putting the goal song up for a fan vote. Personally, I was fine with Howl. I didn't love it, but it was alright enough. Right now Devils are taking suggestions through a link online. I already put my suggestion in with Mambo #5 by Lou Bega. I am dead serious about that.
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    Again, he scored 30 goals in a “down” season last year. That would have led the Devils. I’ll take a guy you can automatically pencil in for 30-40 goals a season, and possibly have a ceiling more around 50.
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    There is a lot of players who fit that bill. Scoring goals is what wins games and if that is the one dimension he is particularly great at, then I can live with the shortcomings of the rest of his game. I'd rather have a player who is a really good at scoring goals over a player who can do everything mediocre. We have had plenty of those latter types of players over the years.
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    Not just of hurricane impact.. over 20 hrs of cat 5 185mph wind damage, with gusts over 200. That's the same wind as an ef3-4 tornado. That type of tornado flattens everything in its path, so a hurricane of that strength would do the same. Add 20plus feet storm surge on an island largely under 20 ft, and you have not much island left, nor people who decided to stay left. And yes, they are STILL getting hurricane force winds, just 110mph instead of 185..
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    So the Laine thing got me thinking; as these things do. First of all, let’s state the obvious. That’s a trash blog of a website and that article means nothing. Period. But it’s summer so I’ll give my 2 cents. If we allow two assumptions for that trade — first, that laine agrees to a megaextension with the Devils, and second, that Hall has made it clear to Shero that he will not negotiate until he has seen Free Agent status, this makes sense. Step one I think would be finding a suitor for Hall. With a full year left on his deal, I think he can be had for two 1st’s. Maybe maybe a first and a second plus a prospect. If you have an understanding that you’re ready to pull the trigger with Winnepeg, you make this trade. Now you look at Laine. His handedness, age, and skill set flat out fit this franchise better than Hall. I love Taylor and I’ve made that clear; but Hall is a playmaker on a team of playmakers. A shot-first guy like Laine would be the PERFECT partner for a Jack hughes or Nico hischier. So if you can justify the trade to yourself as; rental-Taylor Hall, one 1st round pick and Damon Severson for 7+ years of Patrick Laine, I think you run to the phone and pull the trigger. But maybe that’s just all of the hurricane Dorian storm supplies I’ve been drinking.
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    Hello everybody! My name is glenwo2 and I've been a long-time Devils fan since 1998 so I missed the 1995 championship but got to enjoy the 2000 and 2003 wins to go along with Marty breaking records left and right. I am a big fan of Jesper Bratt and am absolutely FLOORED that somehow we landed Jack Hughes. (Thank you, Taylor Hall) Anyway, excuse me if I simply state my two cents in the regular threads as if I was a long-time poster (I actually am...on another Devils board). Nice to meet you all and LET'S GO DEVILS!! EDIT : Hello everyone again from the future (06/26/19).....It's become apparent that certain posters aren't making me feel all that welcome here. In particular, MB3 has been a real piece of you-know-what toward me. And mfitz hasn't been any better. Now I've got some guy named "Devil Dan 50-something" preaching to me on how I should be less defensive. Excuse me but I wouldn't feel the need to be "defensive" if none of you were OFFENSIVE toward myself and just let me post what I want without ridicule. And on TOP of that, I just got a snarky-as-fvck response from NJDevils1214 implying that I am a fvcking teenager. I"m fvcking 41 (going on 42) and I won't stand for that sh*t, ahole! Apparently, none of you have been taught the old adage "If you have nothing good to say about someone, don't say anything at all". See...THIS is what makes HFBoards superior to this place. It's not the board itself....it's the MEMBERS who show RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER. There are no CLIQUES and no Glass ceiling there. Oh and we have mods that actually.....you know....participate and make certain no posters are being snarky toward others. It's made for a very enjoyable experience there which is why I've been a member since 2008. And I thank the lord everyday since I was re-instated there 'cause I would go nuts with rage if this site here was my only source of NJ Devils talk with the type of members here. Now don't get me wrong, there are some good posters here that are RESPECTFUL of me like Sterio for example. But alas it's always the minority that crows the loudest that's the most noticeable. Whatever, though. I don't think I'm long for this board anyway. Maybe one day (after all my infraction points expire over at HFBoards; last ones expire on July 19), I'll get myself permabanned here by going after MB3 and let him know what I really think of him. In the meantime, I'm probably not going to post all that much here unless I see something interesting to talk about and post a reply on it. But the difference is now that if I see a snarky response, it's no longer me replying....it's INSTANT "IGNORE"! That's it. I've had it up to here with the clowns here. I have over 33,000+ posts at HFBoards...that's almost 20,000 more posts than Mr. Clique himself MB3 so really...this place is actually a fvcking Pond filled with Guppies while HFBoards is the fvcking ocean filled with Sharks (a place where I swim in). (I wonder if MB3 is a former HFBoards Devils member who was banned from there? Would explain a lot)
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    This is as of noon yesterday. There was 20 hours of sustained hurricane impact on this area after it was taken. Disaster of biblical proportions.
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