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    Hey everyone! Miles Wood Fightclub is raring to go! Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    Fantastic news, I wish they got rid of him completely though
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    I approve. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/report-pierre-mc-guire-removed-from-nb-cs-top-nhl-broadcast-crew-212256963.html
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    redruM does net need a burner acct but if he did, it would b undetectable
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    If you're a burner account for redrum so help me God.. Lol
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    https://youtu.be/I_OfO6aAq_Q I’ve never been so pumped for a season to start. LETSSS fvckINGG GOOOOO
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    Ray was just on with Matt in the intermission...basically said that everything has gone according to plan with Hall...the gist of it what he said came down to seeing how healthy Taylor is before making a huge commitment. Makes sense. Said he and Hall’s agent would be talking soon, and that he was looking forward to seeing Hall shortly. Made it sound like all parties have been on the same page all along.
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    Yep, I'm going the VPN route. It's just a prospects game so why they black it out in some regions is just plain dumb.
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    Thank goodness for VPNs. The blackout rules are ridiculous. Who do they benefit anyway?
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    Interesting that they have Smith on the right. I assumed he’d be playing on the left side. I mean I know he’s supposed to be able to play both sides, and this could just be for this game, but I thought it would be best for the rookie to get acclimated to the side he’ll be playing on with the big club.
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    Really excited to see Hughes and Boqvist. And Monday 9:30? I know how my workweek is starting... very unproductively.
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    To be fair, we've seen zero signs of anything, either way.
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    I feel like Hall may sign in the next few weeks or so, or even a few weeks into the season, and if/when it does happen, from his standpoint it'll be a case of "What were you guys so worried about? I knew we'd get it done. No rush, and it's all taken care of now." I know there are valid reasons for us to be mildly concerned, but I also feel like the off-season, with not much going on or to keep us occupied, has intensified the nerves to the point where we make it seem more dire and gloom and doom than it really is. I still have faith that he wants to be here and will sign long term.
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    I did my due diligence and he checked out. Or Red is really thorough
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    Are they? Haven't seen anything on that, outside of one really crappy amateur site.
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    Someone on twitter suggested "Hip Hop Hooray" by Naughty By Nature. Jersey guys, and its a catchy hook that people can sing too. Food for thought.
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    Not at all, in a perfect world, I would want it back as well. Could always just do this...and a "you suck" fits right at the end of the verse...
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    I don't find this credible, because we just inserted "you suck" into the new song and they left that alone for a while. I think this is something someone said online and people started to believe it. You have to know this, because at the very same time, they were eliminating weekend matinee games, which are of course, very family friendly. While clearly playing a song isn't an endorsement of pedophilia, I can certainly understand not wanting to support the piece of garbage who wrote/performed it financially. That's why I am ok with it being gone. There's a lot of stuff in history that we shouldn't bring back.
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    I thought the only reason was that Gary Glitter diddled children...
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    Devils trail 3-0 after one. Had some moments, but in general was a tough period. Hughes can skate.
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