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    Well, for however much it matters in a “kid scrimmage”...Devils did manage to score four goals of their own. At least 6-0 didn’t turn into 9-1 or something like that. Also fun to see some of these kids we all know about (especially Hughes of course) actually take the ice in Devils unis, regardless of the circumstances...or the results.
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    Seasons over, maybe next year guys lol
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    Ray was just on with Matt in the intermission...basically said that everything has gone according to plan with Hall...the gist of it what he said came down to seeing how healthy Taylor is before making a huge commitment. Makes sense. Said he and Hall’s agent would be talking soon, and that he was looking forward to seeing Hall shortly. Made it sound like all parties have been on the same page all along.
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    Right... I think our fan base has been burned too often with contract extensions that we just don’t allow ourselves to love Hall. I still think it’s a 3 way HHH race in the end. Zajac is cute, and it’s hard to take away points from him when focusing on lesser players... but I think he drops quickly when it’s the final 5 (with Blackwood)
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    They just liked another feed in chat:
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    I have been Stanning this boqvist kid since the end of last season and let me just tell you right now, he will be a MAJOR part of any success the devils will have in the future.
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    How does Boquivst not make the team this year? I just don't see him going back to Sweden.
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    I read the article at work and think my brain might have done that thing where the eyes read the first part of a sequence and the brain just fills in the second part. I saw Brian and my brain filled in Burke.
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    lol I just assumed from reading the thread that it was Burke that was getting hired in his place, I guess it is Boucher. Then again, maybe Boucher will get the hook and have to be replaced by the second period.
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    Let them be wrong Shhhhhh
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    Just Mickey and DIaz together...take Familia out of it for now. Diaz + Callaway have EASILY cost us 10 wins.
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    great video, a nice reminder of what an amazing offseason we had. Soon it will be time to drop the puck and win on the ice where it counts
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    Hughes! Come back is starting! Lol
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    You know -- I thought Okhotyuk was rrrreeeally bad nick name some one came up with for laughs. Glad to know he's a real person. $h*t sonofab --- I think this whole getting rid of the Stevens thread was a bad idea....
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    Come on -- that was lifted ages ago! So did the Sub-PK (get that? see what I did there?) send nudes? ANYHOW - it's cute that he's made himself semi-available to people. It's not the old school Devils fan way - but it's cute for the newbies and stuff. Hey and I DID ask Stevens questions back in the day when they did their question and answer sessions. and he answered like 3 of them To this day I wonder if he saw puck-poodle and thought "good god -- I know who THIS IS!" Ahhh the joyous torture of it all... it's so.... actually - it's pretty f*cking English truth be told in that Remains of the Day kind of way HEY! The butler was named Stevens in that! Never occurred to me... cute. Seriously. I'm just riffing here - I haven't thought of Stevens in ages thanks to Satan.
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    redruM does net need a burner acct but if he did, it would b undetectable
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    I'm counting down the seconds ......I cannot freaking wait!
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    Uh oh. Don't let Sterio see this
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