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    Can we please stop spamming a website labeled “nhl trade rumors.me” because that’s a 14 year old with a blog.
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    Looks like tanking will be the first thing the Dolphins have done well since the start of the millenium.
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    The Dynasty of Popugaev starts NOW !
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    Well, for however much it matters in a “kid scrimmage”...Devils did manage to score four goals of their own. At least 6-0 didn’t turn into 9-1 or something like that. Also fun to see some of these kids we all know about (especially Hughes of course) actually take the ice in Devils unis, regardless of the circumstances...or the results.
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    lol I just assumed from reading the thread that it was Burke that was getting hired in his place, I guess it is Boucher. Then again, maybe Boucher will get the hook and have to be replaced by the second period.
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    Fantastic news, I wish they got rid of him completely though
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    Off topic kinda, but I'm just going through the list of "Alumni Players" in NHL 20, and Dano is on the list but Marty isn't... lol am I missing something? EDIT: Terreri is listed EDIT: Holy sh!t so is Corey Schwab
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    I approve. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/report-pierre-mc-guire-removed-from-nb-cs-top-nhl-broadcast-crew-212256963.html
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    What have you seen signs of, then, in the other direction? I'm neither optimistic nor pessimistic about getting Hall signed. But I am confident as hell in Shero and I know that he'll make the best moves for our franchise.
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    And Kay makes his major league debut, and it’s a good one...2 ER and 8 K in 5.2 IP. Kay said that the reason he turned it around in AAA with the Jays was that in Syracuse, the Mets were poking and prodding with his MO, while the Jays just told him to do his thing. Way to go Brodie. Way to go Mets.
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