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    Ray should just go full on Soprano from now on and just wear track suits to the games and during interviews. Kappo Kakko? Get the fvck outta here. With the first overall pick we’re takin Jack fvckin Hughes.
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    saw taylor & gf @ cheesecake in SH Mall tonight - a bit far from Hoboken for dinner - maybe they're looking for houses in the burbs.
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    I am inclined to agree, I just read through their site for a bit and almost every rumor was wrong, like their Gardiner destination teams. Lets put a pause on links from there for now until they get something right.
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    "You are in a position unsuitable to give orders!!!
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    https://apnews.com/654752a1ecb542459e6fcd6890b7a6d5 Pardon the profanity DM, but I fvcking love this fire from Shero. fvcking right on. This is a bullsh!t move by Zacha and his dipsh!t agent - sorry. Shero's essentially laying this out very clearly for the two jabronis - either sign with the Devils, or you're never going to play in the NHL again. Your choice.
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    Zacha was picked almost exactly where he was rated by most scouting services. 10 other teams passed on Barzal before the Islanders selected him. I'm really tired of the "draft genius's" harping on this pick as proof that they know more than nhl scouting staffs. It's utter nonsense and confirmation bias. Drafting and scouting players is hard. I'd love to see the people who wanted Barzal admit just how many times they have been wrong about other players.... for every Barzal there's a Patrik Stefan etc. There would be a point this crap if we reached for Zacha, or 10 other teams didnt pass on Barzal. Clearly the scouting services thought there was something to Zacha, and alot of teams thought Barzal had some pretty huge holes in his game. That said, with the time and effort we have put into Zacha... if he really goes to the KHL I hope he stays there and rots.
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    I'm with you, this list is completely fixed. I don't believe that many people voted for whomp there it is. Nightmare that will be. I can't believe anyone voted for hey baby either..... And it's probably the easiest song on the list to put you suck into lol I also don't believe that many people voted for naughty by nature or even know they are from Newark..... But the vmas were just there and they performed at the arena a few months ago with Devils jerseys on so that also reeks of the front office putting that song on the list. fvcking hell I hate this list. I hope Howl wins at this point too.
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    i actually don't really blame Zacha (in a way) he's been pushed to the 4th line... all the moves ray did to get wingers is also pushing him out of the top 6 for that too... he knew he'd have limited ice time and not much chance to prove himself otherwize so i get he didnt want to commit to any money based on what he was worth... now.... and he knew he couldnt prove himself much more after... still really sucks tho edit: Obviously though it's clearly @mfitz804's fault... now we know players ARE reading this forum
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    well, if zacha is indeed working his way off the team, then 4th line C is truly up for grabs and now you've got mcleod, rooney and maybe maltsev vying for the position.
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    I don’t even need to, I got all my boys trained.
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    This is on Shero, not Hall. Hall is going to do what Hall is going to do. It's up to Shero to handle the situation in the best way for the team. I've got nothing but confidence no matter the outcome. Shero has shown he doesn't get jerked around, look at that quote on Zacha, and I'm sure that he won't let it fly if he thinks Hall is trying to start playing games.
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    Ray’s a fvcking gangster.
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    This is basically confirming exactly what I thought might have been going, which is to say, not much at all, but by design. Given his injury and the fact that our team/front office had a lot else going on this off-season, it doesn't really surprise me one bit to say that both sides seem to essentially have been giving the other one their space. It feels like forever for us, and we're all anxious, but really there's been no hard deadlines or anything like that, and pre-season hasn't even begun yet, so I can see why neither side is in a huge rush. I'm still confident a deal will be in place - when that happens, it doesn't really look like we have any better clues in terms of a timeline, but I think this news is either encouraging or neutral, but it's definitely not bad if you ask me.
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    Didn’t he score on that empty net? No? oh. almost.
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    Couldn’t agree more. Love Ray’s fire!
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    Sorry if already posted: https://www.nhl.com/news/taylor-hall-new-jersey-to-continue-contract-negotiations/c-308997402 "Sometime later in training camp we'll sit down," Shero said. "From Taylor's standpoint, I think he's dialed in on himself right now in terms of his game and getting back on the ice after only playing 33 games last year. I look forward to seeing him at training camp. Nothing has really changed since the end of the season in terms of how this is playing out." "There are different stages of negotiation and at some point, [Hall's] going to play for us and then we'll sort it out," Shero said. "Whether he's signed, we'll see. I look forward to sitting down with him and seeing him back on the ice with us, which will be great. I know he's looking forward to that, too. Ideally, we wanted to give him space this summer anyway, training wise. We've made some additions to try and improve our hockey team and hopefully Taylor will be a big part of this in the future." "It'll be great to see [Hall] on the ice healthy and that's a big step in the right direction for us and for him," Shero said. "We're looking forward to seeing where this goes, but it's going to be one of these things where once we get into camp, at a certain point, it's not going to be a daily topic, I'll tell you that." Some definite "Shero speak" there, but it sounds like they haven't really had any negotiations at all this summer. Which.. I mean I guess they're not in a bad place with negotiations which is good, but I was kind of hoping discussions were on-going.
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    Ray getting a little salty here: https://apnews.com/654752a1ecb542459e6fcd6890b7a6d5
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    Apparently east orange according to Wikipedia. Either way it would be an absolute horrendous song to have to hear that after every goal.
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    Here you go: https://www.nhl.com/devils/fans/devils-goal-song-fan-vote Frankly, I want Howl to win out of those choices.
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    What a little piece of sh!t. If he seriously bolts for the KHL I want you folks who defend this kid to let me go off without telling me how young he is.
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    Did you make a spreadsheet like I did? About an hour into my analysis I had a solid "what the fvck am I actually doing with my life" moment.
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    Unpopular opinion: I don't mind it. It gives something to talk about just for fun even if it isn't credible. There's literally nothing else going on right now. I feel like if eveyone is on the same page that it's Єklund (2.3% accurate) levels of bullsh!t it can be good for some laughs if nothing else.
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    Can we please stop spamming a website labeled “nhl trade rumors.me” because that’s a 14 year old with a blog.
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    Or you have room to bring back Boyle.
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    Holy sh!t. His agent is Patrick Stefan? The jokes write themselves.
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    I love Shero’s response. That’s some big d!ck energy right there. I think Zacha will be a talented player for us and I probably Stan him more than anyone on this forum, but he’s in literally 0 place to white-knuckle the Devils. And if he does decide to go over to the KHL I retroactively take back my 4729 Zacha votes in the survivor thread.
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    I just realized which song that DJ Otzi song is. That's what they already play at every game along with Born to Run, I wanna Rock, and pretty much all the others except for maybe Queen. None of these are songs they haven't played at the arena during stoppage of plays, etc. and clearly not chosen by fans. Epic fail.
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    i could not agree with this more, though fvcking Whoomp There It Is would be bad as well. I mean seriously, that's the list??
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    Lol. They make you sign up AGAIN. And you can’t even preview the song which is annoying.
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    So the goal song vote is now up for the next few days. Top 3 choices out of the selection below will be played at Devils preseason games before a final vote. IMO, the list below is proof to me these were pre-determined before they even asked for suggestions. Sorry, but no one chose Dee Snider and Queen. I love Queen and all their songs but Don't Stop Me Now is not a good goal song. The Devils did a nice job fooling a lot of people into giving them their contact info for their sales CRM. Ole - The Bouncing Souls Hey Baby - DJ Otzi Whoomp! (There It is) - Tag Team I Wanna Rock - Twister Sister Hip Hop Hooray - Naughty by Nature Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen Howl - Gaslight Anthem Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
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    Just to confirm, if I ever said I would pack his bags and drive him to the airport, it was said in jest and I’m not actually obligated to do it.
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    JJ's wife is a Swedish model. Much attractive. Her and TH gf both give the "girl next door" vibe which is way more appealing than the typical plastic blonde athlete SO. Coleman's wife was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader I think.
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    Zacha is such a drama queen. Hope he never wears a devils jersey again. Kid thinks he’s Gretzky.
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    It's total speculation on my part. However, his agent is Patrik Stefan...….
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    If that’s the case, Zacha’s camp has clearly pitched their tents in Fantasyland. And before anyone else makes a tent pitching joke, allow me.
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    That was my feeling as well. At least I hope so, I wouldn’t want to miss out on the bag of pucks we could have traded him for.
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    I couldn’t either, but I bet if I picked 10 blonde hockey wives, and one of them is JJ’s, even the people who claim she is the hottest wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a lineup. At least not unless his muppet looking ass was standing with her.
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