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    Had to use the flash to get the red lettering to show up so the pictures aren't the best on some of these... Outside of the box Inside... Inside cover... The pin The new credit card sized membership card... The ticket book cover... The 4 ticket designs, Hall, PK, Nico, Hughes... The scarf...
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    "I'm smaht! Not dumb like mfitz says, IM SMAHT! I WAS PASSED OVAH!"
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    Got my season tickets today, very nice job by the Devils. Nice red box with red lettering which is hard to read but says new jersey Devils and the we are the ones slogan. There's a pin and a really nice scarf, says we are the ones on one side and new jersey Devils on the other. Each side looks like the socks, so one side is the white ones and the other is the reds. The membership card this year is actually a wallet card size which is fantastic and something I've been asking about for years since I refuse to wear a stupid lanyard and a giant card around my neck. My only complaint is I wish they made the card the actual ticket that you could scan to get inside. I opted for hard tickets as a perk and they are nice and have 4 different designs, Nico, Subban, Hall and Hughes. Overall a very good job by the Devils and I like to give them credit when they deserve it........now just don't fvck with me with this stupid goal song bullsh!t and I'll be very happy lol.
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    not sure if this was posted somewhere else but i saw it on the tvs at the sports bar i was having lunch at today lol https://www.blick.ch/sport/eishockey/nhl-star-undercover-hischier-ueberrascht-junioren-als-eismeister-id15509528.html
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    I will be there with my sons. This is the most excited I've seen them for a home opener. Can't wait!
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    I'll be at opening night with my Dad, @Ralliart90, and our SO's. Can't. Freakin. Wait.
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    I would have probably disagreed with this a year ago, but present day? Yeah, I think Zacha has probably usurped Wood in value. He's more versatile, and Wood in general just really regressed last year. Here's hoping he takes a step forward this year.
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    All that list shows is that he is even dumber to turn down the 11 mil deal. He's rolling in cash, so why not sign the 'team friendly' (er not really) deal to try and keep the team competitive? Or maybe he doesn't care about winning. Seriously, I can't stand the Patriots, but just look at the model that Tom Brady sets of how to build a winner. Take a bit less cash, sign more and better players, keep winning, then make a second fortune with endorsements, and a third fortune with a model wife.
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    Well done by The Goose, he knows to kiss the ring before entering the family.
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    He’d be pretty stupid to hold out for $25m since it’s double McDavid’s and exceeds the max pay. Otherwise yes, he’s taking a risk with his health and hoping he can score a bigger deal down the line. I don’t think it’s a great idea, $11m guaranteed is a lot, but an extra couple mil a year times 7-8 years down the road, can end up being a lot of money. That said, he is being greedy where his two elite teammates are making $11m and $11.6m. Matthews could make extra money by renting out space on his enormous forehead.
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    At some point we switch to +1 / -3 and it drops pretty quick
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    Going with my 11-year-old daughter. Hard to believe how quickly it's coming.
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    Whose going to opening night? Not sure if I can yet. Was actually given tickets to a comedy show but may try to get out of it. Normally I wouldn’t be putting so much pressure on myself to go, especially if they didn’t have an offseason like the one they just have, but def want to be there for the introduction of this roster.
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    I do not like the new slogan. He’s an idiot until he winds up getting more money.
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    Wow love the pics, thanks for posting! Seems like a very high-quality package.
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    Thanks for the pics and that was more detailed than the ones I saw on FB! Scarf looks really nice and I dog the pin.
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    Yeah, my favorite Ray quote from that whole ordeal was, "If [the KHL] is the route he likes, it's going to be a long road back to the NHL." Vito Corleone is our GM.
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    Don't get me wrong. Hall loves Canada, I think if he had the opportunity he'd love to play for Toronto. But he's a bright guy, he knows what's up. I imagine the situation he's in re: negotiations with Ray is very reminiscent of the phone call scene from Catch Me if You Can, where Leo's character (Hall) pretends to be thinking about going to July 1st and Tom Hanks' character (Ray Shero) is just like, "You have no one else to call"...or in this case, "Nowhere else to go." NJ is Hall's best bet, he's bound to recognize that.
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    Imma take a leap here...I think Hall signs before the end of the month. If I'm Ray, I'm thinking to myself, I have a shot at pulling off the holy grail of GMing...the perfect offseason...and that requires Hall signing. Ray is a fvcking psychopath in the best way, and I gotta think he wants to complete the GM version of the 27 up, 27 down game.
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    Just needed to quote that again
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    i will never understand why America never picked up on the whole poutine thing. It's greasy, taste awesome and it makes you fat. That's america in a nutshell lol
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    And there is a camp to do... And really good players this year. People seems to put some rookie on the top 6 really quick. They will have to show they deserve this ice-time (including a really young and not strong yet Hugues). IF (yeah i know... so much if with him) it's the Pavel that play the end of the season that show up and camp & starting of the season, he will get more than 4 line duties, that's for sure ! And in my eyes (and not only mine) He is the new Zajac. And no surprise for everyone that follow the +1/-1 game, I love this kind of players. In the best word, I can see next year team having a strong first line and 3 almosts equal lines (with maybe the second one being slighty more gifted offensively and the third/fourth being more "Penalty Killerz Crew" ) Pavel will kicks some serious asses !
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    So basically you can't come up with an answer for what Zacha could've been traded for given his status, so now it's Deflection Time. That's what sucks about just throwing your hands up and saying things like "Shero shoulda" with nothing of substance to back it up. Zacha should have a more defined role this season than in years past...like it's been noted, he's not going to be asked to handle being a Top-6 guy (until some guys get hurt, anyway). Why not see how he handles Bottom-6 duty before just deciding he can't do much on the 4th line? Shero obviously sees something there, given the three-year deal...and though I don't think Shero is that much of a Zacha fan, he sees enough there that he's willing to take this shot with him.
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    Traded Zacha for what? He was a RFA. What's funny is some fans bitch all day about a guy, but think if you package him with other stuff you won't miss much, you can get something good. Other GMs are plenty aware of Zacha's iffy NHL track record to date too. What exactly do you think you're getting for a young unsigned RFA like Zacha in a trade? It makes more sense to keep him. I think it's 50/50 that he's still here by the end of this deal. I think there's absolutely a chance that he eventually gets dealt as part of a package for a high-profile guy down the line (provided the Devils have the cap space), but for that to happen, he'd have to be much more consistent than he's been so far...basically, he has to get better. The team that would acquire him would have to be convinced that he's a legit future piece who's only going to get better once they have him. I'm sure if Zacha was ever dealt for a rental, that Shero would like to know he has someone in the system who can step into Zacha's expected role as well. And Zacha's contract makes him plenty affordable in the short term of course, for a team willing to take a chance on him. But for the immediate future, I'm fine with this, and I want to see what kind of start that he gets off to in 2019. It's a bit of a "show me" deal, with some minor risk, but at that hit, Zacha's not crippling flexibility to make future moves in any way.
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    I'm really happy about it! Now Pavel.. Prove ALL OF THEM wrong! : )
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