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    Today also marks the first time I’ve actually used the web browser on my Smart TV.
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    Here are the highlights of the games from last night...
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    In two years you'll be 30, semi-healthy, work out once a week, play skate and shoot some pucks in between drinking sessions, get injured tying your shoes, and be in bed by 9 on Friday night. Enjoy it while it lasts.
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    Someone tell Taylor he can sign whenever he wants. I got a pen.
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    Hughes through the legs drop pass to Gusev who froze the goalie and sent a perfect pass to Bratt. Bratt didn’t have a quick enough shot and the goalie made a phenomenal save but that was pornography.
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    What a shot by Hughes. He'll ease into it, a goal should help his confidence here
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    Hughes vs Kakko makes this a much more compelling matchup, for a preseason game. Should be a good one.
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    Depth matters a lot - lets say it’s December 5th, there’s always going to injuries let’s say injury-wise it’s this just for argument’s sake: Simmonds, Vats, Zacha, Schneider the lineup could be this: Hall-Hischier-Bratt Gusev-Hughes-Palms Coleman-Zajac-Boqvist Wood-McLeod-Hayden Pk-Sevs Greene-Mueller Smith-Butcher Blackwood Still much better than whatever was rolled out in the years past
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    Jack and Goose. Sounds like a good combo on ice.... On a rink, and in a glass. You’re welcome corporate Devils office dorks.
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    I am still on board with Mambo #5 as our goal song.
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    Depth is a great thing to have. All it takes is one injury and you have Coleman moving up. Simmons is already dealing with issues. You just never know. We had that freak Bratt injury last preseason too
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    I think you suck didn’t become a “real thing” until the year before we moved. It absolutely, 100% was not a thing during the ‘03 cup run. I used to not mind it, but now I think it’s really dumb, mainly cause it’s almost the only thing our fans will chant. I’m hoping they’ll chant more now that we should be significantly better (how about “let’s go devils” for more than three times in a chant?). Like if fans would be into the game the entire way, I honestly don’t think it’d bother me as much, but when it’s the only thing that gets you involved, then I feel it’s a problem. But for fvcks sake, let go of R&Rpt2 already but I digress... if Gusev-Hughes can do that into the regular season, I’m going to look like Randy Marsh after he got on the internet for the first time in weeks.
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    If we weren’t so full of captains and alternates, that’s the kind of thing a captain does.
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    A little less than 20 years...I remember it becoming a thing more in the early 2000s (say, 2002 or so...I don't remember ever hearing it during the 2000 Cup run, or the deep 2001 run for that matter). But yeah, it's been around a while. I was indifferent to YS for a long time, but now I'm more amused by it, mostly because I find it funny that a few touchy suits decided that they were going to do everything in their power to squelch this thing (killing off R&R Part 2, etc)...only to fail at it in spectacular fashion...there's exactly one spot in "Howl" that fans can squeeze a "YS" into, and by Lord, they found it in record time. You even have the one upper section (forget which one, but everyone knows where it is) that "sings" the music to R&R Part 2, before launching into the same exact "You suck!" chant that the suits were trying to squash to begin with. In some odd way, I admire the dedication...and love the fact that some corporate lil' dweebuses were completely foiled in thinking they could just kill something off on their lil' terms, and couldn't just snap their fingers and make something they didn't like go away. Even if I'm not really that much of a YS fan myself.
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    On. fvcking. Repeat. Realtalk though, camera dude is ass. Couldn't follow the puck all night and then miss what could have been a great shot on that goal. Whatever, I'm not bitter or anything.
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    PK loved it, was doing the wave back and forth after the ot goal. There should be a stipulation if we end up getting stuck with this song that if we miss the playoffs it can never be played again in the arena forever.
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    This camera guy needs to go back to the Bing for a while.
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    Ok this is a message for all of my older folks on this forum. What the fvck is this nonsense with getting old? I’m 28. I’m healthy. Work out 5 days a week. Play beer league ice hockey. Very rarely get injured doing anything. I just hiccuped while reaching over to plug my phone in and now I can’t move my back. The fvck is this sh!t
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    This already looks more entertaining than the Giants season.
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    Someone already posted a video of it being done in 2006...
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    It could also be a career year. I like Coleman but I don't think we are missing out on a consistent year-in-year-out 20+ goal scorer here.
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    I mean look at him. LOOK AT HIM!! He screams NJ.
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    Another thing I really liked was Subban's reaction after the OT goal. He was pumped. That enthusiasm can go a long way with a young team
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    True. And like I said we don’t know how the lines will end up. I doubt Coleman plays 4th line all season, but if he does a lot went right.
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    Flip the names but yeah. but the worst, THE ABSOLUTE WORST, was when they tried to use the that Bon Jovi song. Cause, if I’m not mistaken, we tried to use the same one as the Patriots, only the wrong part so it had zero flow and was just dropped like a atom bomb on the fan base.
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    Kinda reminds me of Suicide Squad, when Deadshot starts taunting Diablo, until Diablo completely loses his sh!t and winds up torching a whole sh!tload of bad guys. Not a great movie by any stretch of course (except for any scenes that had Harley Quinn...)
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    I seem to recall it earlier than that, but even if you except that date, it’s been around for a long time. I don’t love it, I’m not one of the people who advocate for it. But I’m also not one of the people who takes it too seriously, and ask questions about how you can say the other team sucks. They are the opponent, they suck. Simple math. There are many things that are far stupider that occur at our games.
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    They didnt have any TV crew there... prob just gave it to an intern social media person and said good luck. Even matt took a break from calling the game on the second goal.
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    Yoooooouuuuu suuuuuuuuuuuck yoooooouuuuu suuuuuuuuuuuck
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    Just throw Hughes, Gusev and PK out and let's end this quickly lol
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    Hughessssss that was awesome. That PK pass earlier was sick too.
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