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    Friday night was a blast for me personally. While the end-result sucked, I had a great time with my dad. Before the game we stopped at a pizzeria in Vauxhall where we used to stop all the time when he used to take me to games back in the 90's. I've only been back to this place once before in the past decade and it's almost exactly the same as it was back then with some very minor changes. Pizza is still very tasty but greasy as hell. At the game we sat in the same section as where the players and their families sat. We were one row behind Lindsey Vonn (hard to miss a tall, good looking blonde wearing a leopard print outfit). I saw a few others like Hall's gf who sat two rows behind us and Coleman's wife who sat a row behind Hall's gf. My dad was really impressed by the new jumbo-Tron. He said they finally put one in that he could actually see and was made for senior-citizens. He watched about 1/3 of the game from the screen (mostly when it was the other end of the rink). We sat right next to Blackwood's family and they actually snuck a couple beers from the players lounge to give to me and my dad. That was really nice of them and Blackwood might now be my new favorite player. Anyways it was a blast. My dad is 79 and is in the very early stages of Alzheimer's. I got one of those new warmup-used pucks they sell for $40 with the date and teams playing as a momento. I just really hope this isn't the last game I ever go with him.
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    Nice to see Severson being more physical and assertive.
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    Just an FYI, Eliotte Friedman said today on Sportsnet that Taylor Hall's agents will meet with the Devils again in Calgary when they're there next week.
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    Good job on Hynes for rolling with those lines at the end. Finally.
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    If in 2002, I had told you that by 2019 the only team to have played at "Xanadu" would be the Ottawa Senators...
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    Thanks! its been tough to see but the silver lining is that physically he is in pretty good shape at his age. He has some minor arthritis but he is still very mobile. Hasn't had any joints replaced and still drives around town in his truck as well as work on the yard and his vegetable garden (his hobby). He is often mistaken as being 10 years younger by strangers.
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    That Nico goal was a thing of beauty. Hoping to see more of this from him. We know he has the skill and ability. He needs to be more dynamic.
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    They were better than yesterday, play hard in natural zone, yesterday they were better than game ago. Our wins will come. God save Bratt.
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    What a satisfying win. Great to see the big guns all scoring. Nico’s goal is right up there with the one Coleman had early this season for the best of the year so far, imo. Awesome that his first goal after such a long drought was such a beauty. Hope like hell this is the start of righting the ship.
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    Couldn’t participate due to a DVR delay, but I’ll do it Mike Brown style: RECAP: · I don’t get anyone’s objection to Miles Wood as a 4th liner. I do get the objection to Hynes using the 4th line improperly. Hayden is a different story, I was happy not to see him. 4th line as a unit looked pretty good tonight. · First Canes goal was on Zacha, he left his man right in front of the net. That’s the difference between a good defensive veteran and a good defensive forward with little experience. He’ll get better. · That move by Nico. Come on. · Third Canes goal was another missed defensive coverage right in front (Nico). When your goaltending is less than optimal, you can’t afford to give up goals like these. · Hall “almost”ed on the 3 on 3…I might have to transfer that title to him lol. · Sorry SD, that was an exceptional tip in by PK. He looked better tonight. And a great set up by Wood, who looked better on the puck tonight than Hall. · Blackwood looked great in goal despite giving up 3. · Good to see Zacha stepping in for Palmieri, but Dzingel mushed him to the ice instantly. Dzingel is still a funny name and my daughter and I made this meme. · Andy Greene’s grayed stubble makes him look like someone’s drunk uncle at a 4th of July BBQ. · Empty net goal reversed the trend of giving up leads and The good guys win. · Niederreiter made the best save of the game on the empty net.
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    Good, no goddamn storm surge tonight
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    Is it bad I still don’t feel comfortable?
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    Why don't you tell him? @Steve Cangialosi
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    Indeed. That was straight up playing the body and watching the player's feet - exactly what he should've done.
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    You asked, Nico delivered! Thank you Nico! Sounds like a great idea. We’ve never won ten Stanley Cups in a row...... Nico, do your thing.
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    Exactly what I texted my dad as well
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    Very reminiscent of Henrique it’s over lol.
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    The whole we're just getting mad over nothing because he's leaving anyway is a copout. Especially since Hall is the one MAKING something of nothing, not the fans. We were booing the team on Wednesday for their horrible performance this year and showing general frustration over the last few years, not booing him specificically. He's the one that made an issue of it without being asked. We weren't booing jack**** last night, and he still made an issue of it looking to hear boos that weren't there. If anyone's being hypersensitive here it's the player. This whole thing would have likely died down in a couple of weeks if he didn't double down last night and troll the fanbase when there was no reason to, players have been critical of the fans before and everyone's frustrated. There are bigger fish to fry overall. But going after the fans openly when you have one foot out the door anyway? Weak sauce. THAT'S going to invite boos where none would have existed.
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    I’m expecting him to be here for the duration of his contract.
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    Have to agree, I’d rather not pay him.
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    Curious what the corresponding move to Tennyson going down is. I can't imagine they're just going to carry 6 D on this trip.
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    Cause as much as this fanbase is losing its mind right now. We're not THAT terrible. We lost all our games by 1 goal. Our team is young and will get better. Honestly with a slightly better defensive system and average goaltending we'd already be a LOT better. We're so close
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    When the game can be secondary like that, you know you have your priorities in order. Glad you had a good time, like I said in my previous post, we should all make the most of such opportunities because they are so fleeting.
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    I didn’t see it. But I’m confident saying yes, yes it was.
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    Besides...everybody knows that 85% of statistics are made up on the spot ...
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    You’ve got no idea how much my tune would change if he put pen to paper soon.
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    Everyone trust him, he’s a CPA he would know.
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    Good win, lets see what they do on Tuesday.
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    I am still curious as to who this team is...
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    I thought the Devils were pretty good tonight - not amazing, but still good enough to win. They were weak for parts of it, but they got some breaks in this one, as all teams should hope for, and they finished strong for once. As for the fourth line, they've been a pretty standard fourth line the whole season - relatively passable. Miles Wood usually does a bunch of good things out there, it's just that tonight he had a particularly good game for what he is as a player. Ya'll are just ridiculous. As for Zajac, oh boy, does he look sllooowww.
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    We won!!!!!!!! We should start planning the parade Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    They showed the replay but I’m watching the canes feed unfortunately but it went Straight off the cross bar
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    Woods is having his best game since a while... And it shows immediatly !
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    PK SUBBAN YES!! where has this Miles Wood been all season
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    How the hell didn't Halls shot go in?
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    Don't even. We need him, we need him here, we need him scoring
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    Wood and Simmonds were great together. Let’s stay in fourth line, Wayne.
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    We’ve seen good pk without Zajac - good sign young guys growing.
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    Very focusing and aggressive power killing. Our special brigades are our trumps.
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    Nico play well without hall. And glad to see gibbons in nhl
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    Hey, a lead on the road. Maybe I'll just keep saying things we haven't done before
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    That’s exactly what I texted my sister haha Snipe city by Nico
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    Theres Hughes with a big goal tonight oh yeah
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    It appears I may have won this battle and my freedom is imminent. Thank you!
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    Listen - he can't be worse than Cory. And we didn't pay a thing for him. Can't complain I guess!
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    Punched the other guy in the face. Other than that, nothing.
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