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    I get not wanting to change things when you're on a winning streak - but they lost. Time for the Tennyson experiment to end and to split up Hughes and Goose. Hopefully Bratt dresses in as well. LGD
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    The two arrows on the right just merely indicate who both guys were responsible for picking up (I thought that much was obvious), the back two arrows of show, ideally, where they should have headed (Tennyson still going in the direction he actually went, while Butcher going straight back down the ice like you mentioned, rather than trying to cut off the pass to Gaudreau), but the real issue is the green line I drew, which is where Tennyson should have been playing in order to avoid an on-rushing Gaudreau, one of the fastest guys in the league. It really comes down to two things like I mentioned - either A) Tennyson didn't recognize who was coming at him and mis-judged where he was in order to not give up the boards and get blown by like a McLaren on a quarter-mile stretch, or B ) he understood where he was and mis-judged his own ability and thought he could keep up with him (goes back to my point about just not being skilled enough) …..but no matter the case, that goal is happening regardless of whether or not Butcher skates backwards or tries to go for the pass, and the reason is because of Tennyson's actions, and his actions alone.
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    So tonight: Bad penalties. Both taken and phantoms called by the refs Horrendous second period and zero adjustments by the coaches during the third. Who’s our next 7th defender? Because the Tennyson experiment needs to be over tonight. Hughes continues to impress, on the positive side. Dude plays balls out and keeps getting better each passing game
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    The answer was “exactly the wrong amount”.
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    Hall and Hughes belong together, let’s stop the silliness and just keep those two together.
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    I don't know how that emphasizes Butcher being responsible for that goal. He tried to cut off the pass most likely because he saw how flat-footed and poorly positioned Tennyson was and how he knew he was about to get burned, which he did. Even if Butcher doesn't cut along the red line there and instead skates backwards, his man is still the passer (I can't make out his number or who that is, but his guy wouldn't be Gaudreau). In this instance, Butcher is on the left side and would be on the passer as he skates down the rink into our zone, and Tennyson's job would still be to pick up Gaudreau on the right side, so nothing changes. The issue, and the only issue, with this play is that Tennyson didn't understand/respect Gaudreau's speed and simply got caught cheating too far up into the neutral zone. It's a product of not having enough knowledge/experience to know what's about to happen, and also just perhaps not enough skill (not being fast enough to keep up), but this has absolutely nothing to do with Butcher. Trying to put part of this goal on Tennyson's defensive partner is not just unfair, it's misguided.
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    I hope Tenny enjoys that ice time. Hynes reptile brain should even be able to tell that his time should be over now.
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    Gusev doing Gusev things. If he doesn’t have to carry the puck, he’s money.
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    https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/taylor-hall-swings-alberta-facing-free-agent-questions/ And he didn’t back down, cupping his hand to his ear after scoring his goal at home, as if to say, “Anyone booing now?” “I really didn’t mean anything by it — it was more in jest than anything,” Hall explains. “The fact that I wasn’t playing my greatest, I was hearing some boos, and you finally see a goal go in… “I’ve loved playing in front of the home crowd there,” he adds, “but anything you do during a contract year is probably going to make a little bit more noise than it would otherwise.”
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    Actually, @nessus started the Jets thread... I’ve brought this up before, but I don’t understand why the poster who started a GDT for a win doesn’t just immediately create the next GDT, regardless of how long in between games it is.
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    Time for the boys to put back on their big boy pants. I expect a bounce back. Let's go devils! you sh!ttin me clark?! i find this fitting.
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    Nothing about the goaltending or defense this season makes sense or shows any sort of consistency, so Cory will probably save 39 of 41 shots, and we'll lose 2-1.
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    I think Butcher was just simply trying to do too much, knowing his D partner wasn't up to the task. Edit: @NJDfan1711 did a hell of a job explaining it - great job
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    The Flames put on a skating and puck control clinic. Devils looked lost chased the puck all game.
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    Glad I'm not the only one that's noticed. NJ still have their timeout? Lol... Why do I even ask, of course they do. They're rolling over and our coach gives 0 fvcks about trying to rally the troops.
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    Was just thinking the same thing. Turned the game completely. Gotta hope they can get it back.
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    He’s playing like complete sh!t
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    Holy. sh!t. Swallow the damn whistle refs, or call an even game
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    “I dunno how much he got of it” Dano says as Greene directly scores on his own net, clearly proven by replay...
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    Well they fixed it with a sh!tty call the other way lol.
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    The fact that that is a penalty in today’s NHL is gross.
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    Wow what a game by Hughes and a great shot by Goose.
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    Glad you’re feeling better man!
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    I’m awake, feeling better, and have a sh!tload of laundry to do. I’m gonna try to watch this one. LGD
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    Thankfully, it sounds like he will make a full recovery: https://sports.yahoo.com/jets-forward-bryan-little-perforated-eardrum-005607040--nhl.html
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    I wish one of our reporters would have actually said to him "Hey Taylor you know the crowd was never actually booing you right?"
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    Lets Go Devils ! Wooooooooooooooo !
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    First you point how how Butcher should have headed back towards Blackwood and then you deny he should have done so. You should have stuck with your initial stance. I shouldn't have to explain how a straight line is an advantage over a curved line over the same distance - Gaudreau is very fast but it was Butcher's best play. There's not much to debate - it's one play, it's over, I'm not calling for Butcher to be benched.
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    Amazing how this team quits first sign of adversity in a game
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    What an awful period. Piece of sh!ts thought they could cake walk this. and what a damn shame because this was a winnable game
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    Is anyone’s audio absolutely atrocious on the broadcast? It sounds like the guys in Star Wars as they tried to blow up the Death Star and the jammers were messing with their signals But they roll over right? John Hynes obviously attended the Tom Coughlin school of timeout management
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    I have a very good feeling about Boqvist. Each game, he's looking better and better. He's learning to play a smart, safe game. Once he gets more comfortable, he'll be able to show some more of his skill.
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    Andddd there's the makeup call.
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    That is an atrocious call... holy sh!t
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    I don't understand Hynes putting Tennyson and Severson together. That was awful defense.
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    Tennyson is such fvcking trash
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    Dude drinks pickle juice, it’s totally fair to question his choices.
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    Anyone else just find themselves instinctively counting the shots on Blackwood that Schneider would have let in?
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    Not worried about this, mostly because I feel that Ray will get something done, one way or the other. The one thing I wish some fans would stop saying is “If Hall really wanted to be here, he would’ve signed by now!” That view has no basis in fact, and never did. Ray has NEVER MADE A FORMAL OFFER! Putting Hall’s lack of a new deal all on Hall just seems both ridiculous and unfair. I think it’s pretty obvious that both parties are at least open to the idea of an extension, but neither one is fully ready (nor in a major hurry) to get it done right away...there’s wait-and-see on both sides (not just Hall’s). If that ever changes and it looks like Hall is no longer considering the Devils as a real long-term option, then Ray will find a way to get what he can for him.
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    That may as well be the top unit - my god what a beautiful goal
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    No I’m sitting this one out, it’s in my contract I don’t do West Coast games.
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    So Brian Little suffered a brain-bleed stemming from that horrific slap-shot to the noggin. According to google that has a 44% mortality rate.... at the very least it's a possible career-ender. Say a prayer for him tonight ladies and gents.
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