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    Hall and Hughes belong together, let’s stop the silliness and just keep those two together.
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    Gusev doing Gusev things. If he doesn’t have to carry the puck, he’s money.
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    https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/taylor-hall-swings-alberta-facing-free-agent-questions/ And he didn’t back down, cupping his hand to his ear after scoring his goal at home, as if to say, “Anyone booing now?” “I really didn’t mean anything by it — it was more in jest than anything,” Hall explains. “The fact that I wasn’t playing my greatest, I was hearing some boos, and you finally see a goal go in… “I’ve loved playing in front of the home crowd there,” he adds, “but anything you do during a contract year is probably going to make a little bit more noise than it would otherwise.”
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    Actually, @nessus started the Jets thread... I’ve brought this up before, but I don’t understand why the poster who started a GDT for a win doesn’t just immediately create the next GDT, regardless of how long in between games it is.
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    The fact that that is a penalty in today’s NHL is gross.
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    Wow what a game by Hughes and a great shot by Goose.
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    Glad you’re feeling better man!
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    I’m awake, feeling better, and have a sh!tload of laundry to do. I’m gonna try to watch this one. LGD
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    Thankfully, it sounds like he will make a full recovery: https://sports.yahoo.com/jets-forward-bryan-little-perforated-eardrum-005607040--nhl.html
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    I wish one of our reporters would have actually said to him "Hey Taylor you know the crowd was never actually booing you right?"
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    Lets Go Devils ! Wooooooooooooooo !
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    Still prefer Hughes on the line with Hall and Palms and Hischier with Zacha and Gusev. I just think the players all had better chemistry with those lines. Plus with the amount of ice time they appeared to have the Hughes, Zacha, and Gusev line was more like a 4th line. Seems like a waste of talent.
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    That is an atrocious call... holy sh!t
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    Another fvcking dynamite play by Hughes
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    What a feed by Hughes!!!!!!
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    I don't understand Hynes putting Tennyson and Severson together. That was awful defense.
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    Tennyson is such fvcking trash
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    Dude drinks pickle juice, it’s totally fair to question his choices.
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    Coleman has terrible taste in tv shows. Had “Friends” on his cake...lol He does have great taste in women however.
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    Time for Jack be the permanent 1C imo
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    First 5v5 goal for Hughes.
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    Hall-Hughes-Palm Zacha-Nico-Bratt Boqvist-Zajac-Gusev Wood-Coleman-Simmonds Those should be our lines in my humble opinion.
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    Jack is looking comfortable
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    When you're reaction to a goal like that is to nonchalantly stand up and skate to the bench without so much as a smile - you've done that a lot before.
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    Sick move! Way to go Hughes
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    They are torture. Once you get it blasted, it’s all good. Just have to pee out the sand. Yup, that’s not a way to stay unscratched.
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    Just flat out stupid Goose
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    lmao dano. just roll it. not feeling this 2nd line. move nico down.
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    Thanks brother. Don’t ever get kidney stones.
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    I’d be lying if I said no...
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    Anyone else just find themselves instinctively counting the shots on Blackwood that Schneider would have let in?
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    He’s young and an athlete, that will aid his ability to recover. I’ve had quite a few cases where elderly people fall, sustain a brain bleed they don’t know about, and they pass away a day or two later. No joke is right, could in fact be the worst possible thing to have to recover from.
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    Erika bringing her A game...at reporting of course.
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    Normally don't do to well in Calgary either, go get 2 points.
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    Why would he make an offer when the guy says he is taking his time and he’s not in a rush to get a deal done? That’s bad negotiation. ”You don’t know if you want to be here? Here’s the contract you can expect so you can consider that. We’ll be here when you’re ready.” If Hall said today he wants to be in NJ long term, and he does t want to go anywhere else, a deal would be done by Monday.
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    Not worried about this, mostly because I feel that Ray will get something done, one way or the other. The one thing I wish some fans would stop saying is “If Hall really wanted to be here, he would’ve signed by now!” That view has no basis in fact, and never did. Ray has NEVER MADE A FORMAL OFFER! Putting Hall’s lack of a new deal all on Hall just seems both ridiculous and unfair. I think it’s pretty obvious that both parties are at least open to the idea of an extension, but neither one is fully ready (nor in a major hurry) to get it done right away...there’s wait-and-see on both sides (not just Hall’s). If that ever changes and it looks like Hall is no longer considering the Devils as a real long-term option, then Ray will find a way to get what he can for him.
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    let's see some hustle, lets jack it up a little! I got a feeling things are about to turn around for us.
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    That may as well be the top unit - my god what a beautiful goal
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    No I’m sitting this one out, it’s in my contract I don’t do West Coast games.
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    So Brian Little suffered a brain-bleed stemming from that horrific slap-shot to the noggin. According to google that has a 44% mortality rate.... at the very least it's a possible career-ender. Say a prayer for him tonight ladies and gents.
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    He holds guys like Rooney with "compete" way too high. When Bratt comes back Rooney better find his way out of the lineup and shuffle things accordingly. Something like this? I am not good at this sort of thing. Goose gets sheltered and Coleman's offense is a bit wasted on that line but it still carries the "energy" Hynes wants but with more skill and responsible players. AKA Not Rooney. Hall/Hughes/Palms Zacha/Nico/Bratt Goose/Zajac/Boqvist Wood/Coleman/Simmonds
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