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    tonight was the night. after 20 years - tonight was when i finally said - that's it on seasons. i have the rest of the season to go but i can't do this anymore. even if they had won this game tonight, it was the most boring slog i've ever seen. nobody wanted to be there. the sens. the devils. the fans - nobody. it was just not fun in any way. but of course they didn't win. they lost - just like they've been losing all year and pretty much for the last 5 years aside from 2 years ago. it sucks, but the team is rotten. taylor hall is as checked out as can be - between flying the zone - not back checking and waiting for a turnover at the blue line (which worked once in 5 tries and still he did nothing on the breakaway), and turning over the puck at every opportunity - he was just awful. there were no legs on anybody tonight. how do you only put 24 shots on an ottawa team that consistenly yields the most shots in the league. just gross - and so unbelievably upsetting. i wish i could just be numb to this but it still sucks to be so invested in this team when they don't give you anything to be excited for 6 weeks into the season.
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    The longer the Hynes experiment continues the more I start wondering about the Shero experiment.
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    I’d rather the Hynes experiment be over at this point...
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    i've been trying to, lately, sleep on all games and readjust in the morning as to how I feel about the previous night - and this one is really fvcking bad. No legs. That's coaching.
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    Our GM just can’t quit his buddies.
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    It is fair to point out that Vatanen being out of the lineup is definitely hurting right now. Also hope that this season is it for Mueller (he's only signed for this season). I know technically he's gotten "only" 94 GP (playoffs included) as a Devil, defensemen take longer to develop, former 1st-round pick, etc..but it just didn't seem like it's ever going to happen with him. And he'll be 25 in March...so he doesn't have the "still a kid" defense anymore. I get taking a shot at a guy like him (especially when there wasn't much in the system at the time), but when it doesn't work out, be ready to move on.
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    Well when you put Matt fvcking Tennyson on him, I guess you’re literally begging him to pot a trick against your squad full of eunuchs. What were the odds on Pageau potting a trick last night, 1,000,000 to 1? Someone check all of the team’s FanDuel accounts. They might have just gotten Christmas bonuses early. Pathetic bunch of bitches.
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    I suspect Shero values loyalty above all else, including winning hockey games. He did in Pittsburgh until ownership had had enough and fired him. We'll see what happens...
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    The only reason I will continue to watch with any interest is to see how Jack , Nico , Goose and Boqvist do for the rest of the year. How this team could have killed of any interest or possible hope of the playoffs by early November is truly spectacular.
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    it's absolutely absurd. absurd.
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    Surprisingly, I agree with you and you make a salient point
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    Not me...that shot of Hynes’ stupid angry yet somehow frozen expressionless face was enough for me. I can’t fvcking stomach him anymore.
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    Ewwwww. Coleman is doing his patented “I do not exist for three weeks” stretch already. give me a first round pick and a defenseman who’s marginally better than mueller. I’m starting to actually hate Taylor Hall.
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    Taylor Hall, probably: “you know it’s really not cool the fans booed my terrible turnover and all around horrible game again. This is their fault.”
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    how long before the gofunhdme for the FIRE HYNES McCarter Highway billboard goes up?
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    You can only hope to keep it close against such a great team at home.
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    I can't put into words how done I am with Taylor Hall
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    Take a fvcking timeout you bald fvck
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    Let the hate flow through you; feel the power of the dark side.
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    My favorite part of the tweet is all of the white knights rallying behind him, acting as if he didn’t literally hand the puck to Pageau for the trick. He made that goal easier than Daniel Jones handing the ball to the Jets defender on Sunday for the touchdown.
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    This is a stupid tweet by the team: Getting absolutely demolished in the replies..pretty funny and deserved ripping going on.
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    That's not what bothers me - I don't get if he doesn't give a sh!t about our opinions - it's the fact that HE doesn't believe Hynes should be fired that's the real issue here. If I sat here and said I thought, for whatever reason, that Mackenzie Blackwood was just the worst goalie ever, and I wanted him permanently sent to the minors, then yeah, Shero shouldn't give a damn because not only am I just a fan and my/our opinions don't matter, but that take is just flat our WRONG, because we all know Blackwood is pretty damn good. But in this case, it's blatantly obvious to EVERYONE, that Hynes needs to go. Shero should be able to see this, regardless of what the fans think. If we the fans wanted to keep Hynes, because he gave us a million dollars, it still shouldn't matter. If Shero values winning above all else, he needs to fire Hynes. The guy has been given ample chances, and this season is almost wasted, if it isn't already.
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    Simmonds is actually playing pretty good hockey as of late. I see way more effort and hustle out of him than Hall right now. It’s not even just the lack of goals.
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    The fans need to be heard, Boo the sh!t out them. and start wearing clown masks !
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    Man, another few hundred dollars to see a blown loss in person,so exciting. /S
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    Reporter: "Coach Hynes, what do you think needs to change to turn things around" Hynes:
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    Our fans will chant rangers suck 13 times a game, but can’t get one Fire Hynes Chant going? that better change Friday
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    That doesn't count leads blown in the other 2 periods.
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    That would just be such a terrible precedent. We don’t want our young guys like Nico and Hughes to get used to losing.
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    6th blown 3rd period lead of the season. These guys seem like they don't even have a pulse during these locker room interviews. They are their coach.
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    I still believe in Shero, but this is becoming a crisis...Shero’s first since coming here, really, because there were some real expectations and “right now” moves made. I want to see how he handles it.
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    Get ready to be incredibly disappointed in Shero then, because he ain’t firing him tomorrow.
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    The hype of the off-season makes this crash into our nightmare of a reality unbearable.
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    These losers have zero pride.
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    oh hey, dipsh!t finally calls the timeout with their guys tired...
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    Right John look stupid and angry like always you useless bucket of jizz. fvck off.
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    Fitzgerald: “Okay John, seventeen seconds to go. Defensive zone face off. Who should we put out there?” Hynes, ripping a line of coke off of his lineup card: “BUTCHER AND FVCKING MUELLER LMAO YOLO”
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    Yeah, him and Byram are gonna dominate.
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