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    Not me...that shot of Hynes’ stupid angry yet somehow frozen expressionless face was enough for me. I can’t fvcking stomach him anymore.
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    Ewwwww. Coleman is doing his patented “I do not exist for three weeks” stretch already. give me a first round pick and a defenseman who’s marginally better than mueller. I’m starting to actually hate Taylor Hall.
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    Taylor Hall, probably: “you know it’s really not cool the fans booed my terrible turnover and all around horrible game again. This is their fault.”
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    how long before the gofunhdme for the FIRE HYNES McCarter Highway billboard goes up?
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    You can only hope to keep it close against such a great team at home.
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    I can't put into words how done I am with Taylor Hall
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    Take a fvcking timeout you bald fvck
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    The hype of the off-season makes this crash into our nightmare of a reality unbearable.
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    These losers have zero pride.
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    oh hey, dipsh!t finally calls the timeout with their guys tired...
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    OH WE USE THE TIMEOUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Right John look stupid and angry like always you useless bucket of jizz. fvck off.
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    Can someone please send a letter down to the bench that the crowd was groaning because the senators tied it up and not because we hate Taylor hall? Just want to make sure things are clear. Thank you in advance.
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    Mueller and Tennyson. its time to start blaming Shero for the fact that mueller and tennyson are on the fvcking ice
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    Fitzgerald: “Okay John, seventeen seconds to go. Defensive zone face off. Who should we put out there?” Hynes, ripping a line of coke off of his lineup card: “BUTCHER AND FVCKING MUELLER LMAO YOLO”
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    I was on a Bulleit (bourbon, hate their rye) kick for a while. But someone gifted me a bottle of Baker’s and I’m obsessed with it.
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    Yeah, him and Byram are gonna dominate.
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    I’ve been begging for a fringe NHLer with experience for weeks. Tennyson and Mueller are 7th dman fodder at best
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    Just wait, the “wow how quick we forget the road trip” crowd is coming...
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    Give me 4 lines of coleman's on the ice all night long. Id be happy lol
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    "Ottawa really turned the table here in the 3rd". That. Is. COACHING. I want him fired or I'm done for the season. This coach cannot coach this team to wins. They have other problems, but he is their largest at the time of writing this. Nothing else gets fixed or repaired until he's taken care of. Do it NOW.
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    “It was a lot closer than the score showed” - John Loser Hynes
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    Nice assist Taylor...fvck you too
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    Pathetic Hall, absolutely pathetic
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    And man was PK trash on that goal
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    Damn it! Was supposed to be in overtime!
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    Ok fvck the steak, just line up in the locker room and let Blackwood punch each of you in the dick
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    He’s stocking them for Friday
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    Buy him a mother fvcking steak
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    Blackwood just went off script. EDIT: Nvm I forgot, they're supposed to lose in OT. He's on script.
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    I've seen this movie before. Come on, score another one.
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    Mueller Tenneyson Wood Rooney Simmonds line is getting dummied. I am shocked
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    Goose, Zajac, and Coleman look good. They should sit Rooney, and then swap Boqvist ontop that line and drop Coleman.
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    Hey tenneyson; try getting a puck in the general vicinity of the net next time
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    Gusev is looking better every game
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    We're talking about Tennyson and Mueller. I agree Blackwood should have gotten it.
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    Good start! Keep it going boys!
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    Was Steve a little ahead on that call or just my feed? Nice goal there.
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    They won two Cups in short order after that firing, so its pretty clear you’re right. If firing Hynes in 2019 meant we win the Cup in 2021 and 2022, I’d be ok with that.
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    Which would mean he learned absolutely nothing from his time in Pittsburgh, because his downfall there was that he waited waaaay too long to fire Bylsma.
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