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  1. Thought about this thread a lot today. Had Christmas Eve with my girlfriends family and the last 5 years have felt "off" since her father took his own life. Something feels missing and it is. And we all have to dance around the fact that he's not here anymore and it kills me to see her mother sit in the corner and watch us play with his grandkids who may not remember him someday. I lost my father almost 8 years ago to kidney failure and I know Christmas will never be the same. You get used to the loss, but you're never really over it. The only thing that helps me through the holidays is knowin
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  2. A beautiful reminder. My nana who passed away 7 years ago just after Christmas always used to inundate us with “please pose for this photo!” We’d roll our eyes, it took away from the fun, we thought. this year someone asked why we have so many photos of our family Christmases from the 90s and 2000-2010s but hardly any since. wish we didn’t groan so much.
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  3. Thanks to everyone who used the links above and purchased either those items or other stuff, NJDevs made $73 for the month!
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  4. Thanks for the kind words, all of you. One of many reasons that I love this damned place as much as I do.
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  5. Well that was a nice gift. Awesome to see 7 different Devils get a goal. That Hughes goal was sick and Gusev looked great. I loved Nico talking sh*t at the end of the game too. I feel bad for the Boqvist's parents, fly all that way and both your sons get hurt early on in the game. Hopefully it's nothing serious for either of them. Just wish that was a home game so we could have celebrated all those goals and a great win! Lol
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  6. I didn't know Canada was playing today. Went to the sports memorabilia store to buy a gift to my sister and the game was on. Right in time to watch the shootouts. We lost but Smith is the only one who scored in the SO for Canada. so thats that
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