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    So no Ottawa players are scoring tonight you are saying?
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    Good, hope he falls to us at #5 because I don’t want one of the first four picks.
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    Please leave Mueller and his giant head in Ottawa.
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  5. 2 points
    LGD. Wish McLeod was playing this one. Want to see this kid’s development.
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    Switch the Jets for the Dolphins, and our afternoons are the same lol.
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    I’m not going to put that OT goal on Mueller. Yes, he got beat, but that didn’t result in the goal. That was Severson’s stupidity.
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    I really do hope we can keep Vatanen.
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    His shot went in Dano. Right in. Our broadcast team is blind.
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    There was a lot of negative talk about his overall play but 22 points in 35gp is fine by me. He is adjusting well.
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    how hard that was for his Mom. and after that he doesn`t even try.
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    Might be tough playing with Wood and Simmonds...
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    Anyway, the AFC championship game should really be KC at Baltimore. Those are the best and most compelling teams in the AFC right now. They deserve to be there.
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    It is MD2020...the QB that was such a huge part of all of this is finally showing his age. It’s so important to have that one constant that you just know you can rely on...in Brady’s case, he often had to overcome his team’s shortcomings (for a while it was the Swiss-cheese defenses that the Pats ran out there for a number of years). He can’t do it any more, especially with this current receiving corps. The D is pretty good now but they didn’t look so good against top teams, and came up minuscule during the Dolphins’ final possession.
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    Just how I wanted to spend my Sunday!
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    NY jets and nj devils back to back...6 hours of failure , great! LGD,
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    After watching these 2 clips I want to punch Mirco Mueller in the face.
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    That’s going to be their 4th lIne center.
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    Costa Rica is too nice. I’d move them to Detroit.
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    Was a fun game to be at. All of my highlights happened off the ice. 1) NJ Devil pie-ing a Rangers fan in the face. 2) The PK chant included a guy yelling HONK in between each “Kill” because nobody had a vuvuzela. 3) The guy in my section that saw Cody Ceci get high sticked and yelled “Take that you pizza buffet motherfvcker!”
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    For a bonus, here's a list of my favorite DEvils teams of the DEcade 2010-2019 2011-2012, because duh. 2010-2011, because there was a long stretch in the season that felt like it was impossible for the Devils to lose. And it set up the next year. 2017-2018, the only other year where I could pretend to like the hockey team. 2012-2013, because there were a few fun moments and my misery was only short lived. 2013-2014, we sucked but at least we didn't embarrass ourselves. 2019-2020, because I still naively think we'll turn the season around and be in that "we suck but I don't totally hate every single player". 2018-2019, ugh and ew but at least it got us Jack 2015-2016, ugh and ew but at least it got us Nico 2014-2015, it is undoubtedly impossible to like a Devils team any less than this miserable group.
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