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    LGD We went from making the GDT the night of 1 hour before the game to making it 1+ days in advance. It's throwing me off lol. I see the GDT and think we got a game.
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    Agreed whole heartedly, let him recover, get everything sorted out that he needs to, and if he wants back in the league & the job, I hand it to him on a silver platter
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    https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/stars/2020/01/03/former-stars-coach-jim-montgomery-checks-into-rehab-for-alcohol-abuse-says-it-was-appropriate-call-to-fire-him/ Seems Jim Montgomery was fired for issues related to alcoholism. I say hire him as soon as he steps foot out of rehab.
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    He came back and saved a goal lol.
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    one of our up and coming 32 year old hidden gems
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    Guess who scores for Canada...
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    Definitely let us know what you think! It's always great to hear what people's impressions are since it's tough to get much direct exposure to our prospects.
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    I'll be keeping a close eye on Smith and Bahl today in their semi-final game against Finland. I expect a big game from these two.
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    Let’s not turn the ATL thread into debate 845,345,978 about Kovalchuk, eh? Thanks in advance.
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    Hey this team is actually interesting again!
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    Montreal is hit with injuries and he is a warm body. I don't think there is much more to it than that.
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